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    Aerosoft Buys SimWare Simulations


    Aerosoft GmbH announced that it has bought the Brussels based company SimWare Simulations, specialist in hardware and software for advanced simulations of aircraft, busses and trains.


    Aerosoft CEO Sascha Baumhoer, who will take the position of CEO of SimWare explains: “For nearly 20 years SimWare has been a company that has proven to be loyal and dedicated to its customers. This is a characteristic that Aerosoft feels very strong about and that is why the combination of the two companies will be good for both customers and employees”.

    SimWare Simulations will remain independent of Aerosoft and will continue to service its customers from Brussels using its online store and its show-room/shop. It will focus more on the international market.


    Fred Goldman, former CEO of SimWare, comments the sale of his company to Aerosoft:

    “After 20 years, I have decided to leave SimWare Simulations to focus on Wilco Publishing activities, the company I founded in 1997. My knowledges and know-how have been given to the current team. The management and logistic teams are highly qualified, full of ressources and new ideas. The acquisition by Aerosoft will allow SimWare to ensure and enhance its leading position in the simulation market”.



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