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    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description: HiFly A330NEO


    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter




    Flight Information





    Flt Time




    BI 008



    DXB Dubai, UAE

    BWN Bandar Seri Beg., BRUNEI



    BI 007



    BWN Bandar Seri Beg., BRUNEI

    DXB Dubai, UAE





    For the 3rd time, HIFLY has once again granted full access to aviation enthusiasts by allow us the opportunity experience a flight onboard their brand new A330NEO. This video features a roundtrip flight in the cockpit from Dubai to Brunei. At the beginning of this video, we start off with a few clips from the Airbus factory showing how this aircraft was built and delivered to the HIFLY. The opening comments by the management of HIFLY and Airbus executives, highlights the ultimate goal of HIFLY and any other airline who operates the A330NEO to be an eco-friendly operator while lowering the cost of travel to all passengers. The opening segment was an outstanding highlight of this video and it instills a high level of respect for this airline.

    As we transition to our featured flight, we begin at the Dubai International airport where our flight will be operating on the behalf of Royal Air Brunei. With the Captain in the right seat being the pilot flying on this flight, we begin with a departure briefing which outlines all of the procedures and precautions that will be taken to ensure a safe takeoff. Once airborne, there were many memorable moments which included communication procedures while flying through the airspace of various countries, a basic review of the benefits and differences of the A330NEO vs the previous version and a presentation on the interesting career history of both Captains. During the approach, the briefing was quite extensive given that there were factors such as weather and NOTAMS to consider. Also noticeable during this briefing is the high level of professionalism and humility shown by both pilots in an effort to ensure the highest safety standards.

    Despite having to navigating around a few thunderstorms in the area, the landing in Brunei was uneventful. For the return flight to Dubai, some of the most noteworthy highlights included a presentation on the cockpit of the A330NEO and a detailed discussion on the differences between the A330NEO and the previous version which I am sure will peak the interest of many viewers. Overall, I thought that this video presentation offered the best insights on the A330NEO and it was pleasure learning about the aircraft from the professional and capable pilots of HIFLY. If you would like to learn more about the A330NEO or learn more about the unique operations of HIFLY, this video is certainly worth it.





    Video Preview


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