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    Publisher: JUST PLANES

    Description: MIAMI AIRPORT 1 & 2

    Format: HD Download

    Reviewed by: Marlon Carter










    While Just Planes is well known for their cockpit video series, they are also known for producing a popular airport series which has documented decades of aviation for all to enjoy. Their Miami airport series features some 8 hours of nonstop aviation action, which may be appealing to many of you who slow down while driving past an airport to get a glimpse of or your favorite aircraft. For many aviation enthusiast, the thought of sitting near an airport runway all day might be your perfect idea of rest and relaxation. If this is the case, then this two part video will be your perfect escape. While the thought of looking at videos of aircraft land and takeoff might be boring to some, I have to say that the editing and camera angles featured in this video made it an enjoyable experience. Additionally, one of the most impressive aspects of these videos was the overall sound quality. Hearing the rumble and subtle sounds of the engine of each aircraft made each landing and departure an exciting experience.

    Finally, another outstanding aspect of this video is the ability to see classic aircraft such as the 727 and the DC-10 (to name just a few). At a time where aircraft such as the MD-80, 727 and DC-10 are being retired, being able to enjoy seeing these aircraft in action is an increasingly rear occasion. As a result, videos such as these are invaluable in capturing and showcasing the history of aviation. If you’ve never had the opportunity to view any of the Just Planes Airport videos, I would highly recommend their Miami series as a starting point, but of course there are many others to choose from in the link below



    Just Planes Airport Series






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