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    Norwegian 787 by Just Planes


    Norwegian 787 by Just Planes

    A review by Marlon Carter









    For a third time Just Planes has once again been given the opportunity to film the operations of Norwegian and their new 787 flight to Bangkok. This program features the destinations of Oslo, Stockholm and Bangkok.


    Other features of this program include:

    Cockpit filming using 6 cameras for great views on takeoff & landing!

    Pilot Presentations (5 Captains!)

    Briefings & Checklists

    External Walk-around

    Departure & Arrival Airport Charts

    Detailed Cockpit Presentation

    Boeing 787 Systems

    Special look at what’s new in the 787 Cockpit

    Flight Planning & Fuel


    Decompression Charts & Procedures

    Great scenery en route and on approach & landing

    Cabin service


    Let’s have a look at some of the highlights of this program.










    In a previous program Just Planes took us onboard Norwegian’s fleet of 737s for a thrilling adventure to the most northerly destinations. This time around we will be flying onboard the 787 on an exciting journey from Oslo to Bangkok and then back to Stockholm. We start off as usual with an introduction to our Captain and his crew as they complete their briefing prior to boarding the aircraft. When the briefing has been completed, the crew makes their way to the aircraft where one of the Captain’s flying in the right seat does the external walk-around. The walk-around presentation was very thorough and it afforded the perfect opportunity for the viewers to see this magnificent aircraft in great detail.


    Prior to our departure from the gate, the Captain walks us through the cockpit preparations, which include FMS setup and a brief overview of the map display. One of the interesting things that took place prior to takeoff is the deicing of the aircraft, which was a first for this crew flying the 787. From this point on this program progressively gets better with stunning views from the 6 cockpit cameras in the cockpit. While in the cruise phase of our flight, there were many other presentations that included an overview of various systems and displays, Electronic Flight Bag, IPad, Overhead Panel and much more! In short, this segment features everything you wanted to know about the 787 and shouldn’t be missed! The landing in Bangkok was uneventful but visually appealing due to the use of multiple cameras and a replay of the approach.


    On our return flight to Stockholm, the presentations continue with a closer look at the HUD used by both pilots. Also discussed in this segment are flight plan alternates and an explanation of the flight dispatch paperwork. If you are interested in the 787 in its entirety, the cabin presentation will definitely be a highlight although being very brief. In a similar manner to our landing in Bangkok, we safely land at Stockholm with amazing views from the cockpit cameras and a replay of the landing from different perspectives. This program is definitely going to appeal to fans of the 787 and anyone in general who is interested in one of aviation’s newest airliners. We certainly hope that Norwegian continues open its doors to Just Planes for a unique look at the operations of its growing fleet. – Highly Recommended.


















    Video Preview

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