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    Prepar3D® Version 1.4 Update


    Reported by Doug Horton. After receiving great feedback from Prepar3D users, Lockheed Martin has implemented new application enhancements and made fixes to improve stability and usability of Prepar3D®. Here is the complete list of updates from version 1.3 to version 1.4, courtesy of Lockheed Martin. We’re glad to see continuing development of Prepar3D, and we look forward to continuing progress.


    New Simulator Enhancements

    • AMD EyeFinity Gold Certified: the simulation will now start with WideViewAspect enabled on EyeFinity-supported resolutions.
    • Windows and panels are now saved and loaded from multiplayer and multichannel flight files like they are in single player flights.
    • Panel-only camera views now save and load from flight files in single and multiplayer/multichannel flights.


    Performance Improvements

    • Fixed several issues that caused stutters or performance issues in certain cases.
    • Bathymetry is now disabled by default in all performance profiles.


    User Interface Updates

    • All user interface windows and dialogs now remember their last known position and what screen they were last on – see Learning Center User Interface Configuration section for details.
    • The Apply button has been removed from the user interface, and the Accept and Cancel button locations have been swapped.
    • Time of Day and Season are now accurately updated based on user input updates.
    • Advanced weather now accurately updates the simulation based on user input.
    • The flight map now saves all visual settings last set by the user.
    • The Observer Management user interface has been refined and streamlined.


    Standard Vehicle Library Content Updates

    • The Mooney Acclaim M20TS is provided courtesy of Lionheart Creations Ltd., in multiple liveries.



    • The IRIS T-6/A Texan II is provided courtesy of IRIS Flight Simulation Software, in multiple liveries.



    Scenery Content Updates

    • Fort Rucker, Alabama scenery is expanded, with three new airports with custom scenery objects on top of over 5km of aerial imagery, including custom autogen tree placement.
    • New airports (heliports) are added at Fort Rucker: KHEY (Hanchey Army Heliport), KFHK (Knox Army Heliport), and HEY (Hanchey Auxiliary Heliport).
    • Cairns Army Airfield (KOZR) is updated: all new layouts of buildings, taxiways, runways and airport objects that match 2010 aerial imagery – color corrected and blended to match the surrounding terrain.
    • Fixed dozens of other legacy scenery and database issues are updated in the existing scenery database, as reported by forum users.


    SimConnect and Software Development Kit (SDK) Enhancements for Developers

    • Updated the Camera Configuration SDK, adding a LinkGroup parameter to allow linked camera views to move concurrently and correctly with a single input
    • Engine sounds are now supported with ExternalSim implementations.
    • Reverted the “fs9gps.cab” file back to its previous version, and renamed the new GPS with SIDS/STARS support to “p3dgps.cab”.
    • Added functionality to support changing of a camera’s colorization/sensor mode and updated the CockpitCamera SDK sample to show this capability.


    Known Issues Resolved

    • Snow and other mainly white textures will now properly render at their correct colors.
    • ShowATCText in the Prepar3D.CFG file now properly toggles the ATC text.
    • Fixed an issue where certain 3rd party aircraft had their mouse-picking disabled if water reflections were enabled.
    • Fixed an issue where SimObject context menu IDs were not being recycled, which could cause menu.dll crashes in certain long-distance or heavy traffic flights.
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases if bathymetry was unchecked, the reflection slider could be disabled.
    • Fixed an issue where in some cases the menu system instrument panel labels would have incorrect names .
    • Fixed an issue where render-to-texture views created via the SDK could cause menu crashes in certain cases.
    • Fixed an issue where in certain flights users could receive a g3d.dll crash with 3rd party add-on scenery.
    • Reintroduced flight file documentation in the Learning Center.
    • Several Learning Center articles were clarified.


    Prepar3D Pricing


    At time of writing, pricing of Prepar3D was as indicated in the following grid.



    Professional License

    Academic License

    Developer License

    Civil or law
    enforcement training




    Private pilot use




    Military training




    Flight school








    Air traffic control




    Graduate student




    student instruction




    K-12 student




    K-12 after school




    Individual student
    use, K-12 and









    Prepar3D® is a registered trademark of Lockheed Martin Corporation.


    Prepar3D® logo, update contents, and aircraft images are provided courtesy of Lockheed-Martin Corporation.

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