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  1. The alarm in the real aircraft can be silenced by pressing the G/S button that is probably lit during the alarm. Don't know if it is modeled in the sim, haven't tried it.
  2. Thank you for bringing some sanity to this discussion. It has been a few years since I have flown the aircraft, and I only have a couple hundred hours in it, but I KNEW the values weren't THAT far off. Yes, I think the Carenado model is a little short on power or heavy on drag at upper altitudes, but it doesn't climb well when heavy and high.
  3. No one needs 400 pages of data to fly anything. I thought Beaver was looking for the tables that provide power settings and V1,Vr and V2.
  4. This will be too much information for some, and I understand that. For those of the community who would like the numbers for takeoff as well, they are in this simple checklist from FlightSafety. If anyone is interested in the full checklist that would include emergency procedures in the event of systems failure, let me know and I can make that happen as well. http://www.filedropper.com/citationsiinormalchecklist
  5. Sorry ray. I'm not trying to bust your balls, but if you are typed you should know about the tabulated data I am referencing. In the data you posted above, nowhere could I find specific takeoff performance data. I should note that I am on my iPad so maybe it is not showing everything you posted above.
  6. Pilot's checklist. All jets that I have operated have tabulated in this checklist for quick reference in determining power settings and airspeeds based on flap settings, weight, altitude and temperature.
  7. They are reference tables in the checklist. I will get the data digitized tomorrow.
  8. I believe he is looking for the tabulated data regarding weight and temperature that give reference speeds for takeoff and landing. Do you have that data handy? You must have edited while I was posting..... Still some specific takeoff data missing.
  9. I might do it anyway for the community's sake as I did for the Phenom. I don't know why we are so surprised each time Carenado releases a jet at this point. They are not known for systems modeling or performance accuracy. Overall I am OK with the purchase. I am yet to fly a flight by the numbers to see what oddities arise, but will probably do that tomorrow.
  10. I don't see them either with the included documents. I can get something together in the next few days if no one else has them readily available. I do have an old FlightSafety checklist on the SII handy. I will get it scanned tomorrow and try to put something together. This checklist does not have emergency procedures, but I can come up with that also in a little bit of time.
  11. Below is a link to what I'm referring to. So it isn't a ban, but it is a little more complicated now than just making sure you meet the requirements of issuing a "position and hold" (being able to see the departure end of the runway, daytime, etc.)http://www.avweb.com/newspics/genottiph.pdfAlso see http://www.faa.gov/atpubs/atc/Chp3/atc0309.html#3-9-4 for bookworms.
  12. At this point it might actually be unrealistic for ATC to authorize a "taxi into position and hold" because the last I heard they were more or less doing away with this instruction due to safety concerns. I'm not positive whether it is a complete ban, but from the article I remember reading no ATC facility was authorized to use this instruction without petitioning to the FAA for approval. Again, this is just what I remember reading, and I rarely fly out of airports that use position and hold anyway, so I haven't heard the instruction for a while now...
  13. I did both my Commercial and CFI in a Lance and would die for one. No one has made a Lance that I have found since FS98.
  14. I agree with the statement I quoted below. I think this is a huge step for this particular upcoming release because it will allow all developers to dig in as deep as possible from the first day we all have the sim. Previously developers were forced to find keys to the new sim on their own (or wait for SDK release entirely) which obviously slowed development time exponentially. Hopefully we will see FSX advance to a much greater degree in the same 2 year period of the previous versions.>If the SDK is well documented and more powerful than FS9 then>third parties will be able to add a lot of value to FSX.
  15. I thought I read somewhere that FSX was going to be the first release to be completely and only available on DVD?
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