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    Glide Slope Warning

    The alarm in the real aircraft can be silenced by pressing the G/S button that is probably lit during the alarm. Don't know if it is modeled in the sim, haven't tried it.
  2. Thank you for bringing some sanity to this discussion. It has been a few years since I have flown the aircraft, and I only have a couple hundred hours in it, but I KNEW the values weren't THAT far off. Yes, I think the Carenado model is a little short on power or heavy on drag at upper altitudes, but it doesn't climb well when heavy and high.
  3. CraigC

    Fix for Anti-skid

    Ray, put your cursor over the dial and use the mouse wheel. It works.
  4. I'm not going to disagree that there is something wrong with the engines/dynamics of this simulated aircraft, but one thing I will state as a fact and I know first hand is that this real life airplane can not always do 500fpm in the mid 30's and up. I've already stated that somewhere else in this subforum. Several calls to ATC notifying them of the rate of climb which was less than 500'/min. And no, they don't always give you lower whether you like it or not. Sometimes it is as simple as a vector for climb.
  5. I have already stated that the real airplane isn't a super great performer at high altitudes. I'm not saying nothing is wrong with the flight model to some extent, but I think some might expect a 1,000'/min climb in the 30's and it isn't realistic. I will say that my test to 350 the other day wasn't looking very good when compared to the book. Really slow indicated airspeed to keep the climb going at all.
  6. Yes, I did do a backup. Thanks for your help. Hope you get it running again.
  7. CraigC

    Reality XP 530

    Is it hard to put that 530 up in place of the radios on the main panel? That's where this would go if it were retrofitted into the real aircraft.
  8. I do see they have the correct poundage of thrust set at 2500. So would changing the thrust scalar to 1.1 give the aircraft 2750#/side? If so, that is not the right approach to whatever the problem might be. Whatever the problem is, I don't think it is too far off. This airplane is not a Lear or other super performer. It does okay in the jet category.
  9. Ok. Did a quick flight to 350. Now a few things are coming back to me. The digital portion of the N1 gauge is not modeled properly. After you get above 100% N1, it is supposed to drop the 1 and display 01.0 for 101% N1. The tape portion of the gauge looks correct. I still think there is something not right with the throttles/thrust. I did a quick little flight out of Aspen this morning where I should have needed 100% or more and was not getting it per the gauge. The people that have been stalling the aircraft out at the mid flight levels are probably climbing too fast. This is addressed in the checklist I uploaded this morning. I remember now having to report slow climbs in the flight levels to ATC (report any climb less than 500'/min). I remember some really slow climbs in the summer. A lot of vectors for climb because some hotshot lear is climbing up your butt. The airplane was climbing a little slow compared to the data in the checklist. KIAS climb speed at 30,000 feet is supposed to be 195 or so. I think I was indicating 150 or less. And I believe that was a 300'/min climb. This is probably one reason they don't publish too much data, because it will show how far off their model is. I would like to tweak their flight model a little if I knew how and was still flying the airplane enough to be certain of what the values are. However, we do have book data to support these claims.
  10. If you are referencing the controller knob not working on the ground at startup, that is indeed strange. I must have changed it when airborne if that is the case. I was able to get it to work on the ground at startup. It didn't work initially, I had to move the mouse back and forth or maybe just to the right first, then left. But it worked.
  11. I'm sure someone in the community can make the adjustments if Carenado doesn't soon. I would have already done it if I knew how. I would like to see the appropriate changes on the N1 gauge reflected as well.
  12. I've been to 410 in an SII. Half way through a 4+ hour flight. It can be reasonably done. I don't think the power output is there in this model. Can't pull more than 99.5% or so N1 on the ground.
  13. The controller is working. I have used it twice now. Grab the knob and move your mouse left.
  14. No one needs 400 pages of data to fly anything. I thought Beaver was looking for the tables that provide power settings and V1,Vr and V2.
  15. I did something wrong with the resize. All exterior textures have a blue tint or haze on them. There were some options when saving the file that I didn't have instructions on. Maybe something there?