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  1. The alarm in the real aircraft can be silenced by pressing the G/S button that is probably lit during the alarm. Don't know if it is modeled in the sim, haven't tried it.
  2. Below is a link to what I'm referring to. So it isn't a ban, but it is a little more complicated now than just making sure you meet the requirements of issuing a "position and hold" (being able to see the departure end of the runway, daytime, etc.)http://www.avweb.com/newspics/genottiph.pdfAlso see http://www.faa.gov/atpubs/atc/Chp3/atc0309.html#3-9-4 for bookworms.
  3. At this point it might actually be unrealistic for ATC to authorize a "taxi into position and hold" because the last I heard they were more or less doing away with this instruction due to safety concerns. I'm not positive whether it is a complete ban, but from the article I remember reading no ATC facility was authorized to use this instruction without petitioning to the FAA for approval. Again, this is just what I remember reading, and I rarely fly out of airports that use position and hold anyway, so I haven't heard the instruction for a while now...
  4. I did both my Commercial and CFI in a Lance and would die for one. No one has made a Lance that I have found since FS98.
  5. I agree with the statement I quoted below. I think this is a huge step for this particular upcoming release because it will allow all developers to dig in as deep as possible from the first day we all have the sim. Previously developers were forced to find keys to the new sim on their own (or wait for SDK release entirely) which obviously slowed development time exponentially. Hopefully we will see FSX advance to a much greater degree in the same 2 year period of the previous versions.>If the SDK is well documented and more powerful than FS9 then>third parties will be able to add a lot of value to FSX.
  6. I thought I read somewhere that FSX was going to be the first release to be completely and only available on DVD?
  7. I was just explaining to them that from what I know about aerodynamics that this looks like a bug. Maybe it isn't, I don't know. However, the aircraft's attitude would not indicate to me that it is actually in an assymetrical flap condition. Hopefully I wasn't being too geeky or nitpicking a pre-beta screenshot. :)
  8. Well, no. Actually a lowered surface on a wing (aileron, flap) increases the camber and providing additional lift (and associated drag). There is drag as you mentioned, but the drag would cause the left wing to move backwards, causing what I would think to be a more severe form of adverse yaw. I have never had an assymetrical flap condition, but in the situation seen in the screenshot, I woud expect a similar result to turning the yoke right (the left aileron lowers a bit)...a raised left wing.It is really cool to see though in hopes that it is not just a pre-beta bug they are working out.
  9. There are some really good suggestions here, I will submit my list. Some will obviously be repeats....Saab 340b (where is it Greggory?)More detailed Lear 35Turbine Legend (I want to fly one SO badly, although it is doubtful someone will let me fly their million dollar aircraft single-pilot :))The Bellanca is an excellent suggestionShorts 330/360Also, I would like to see a program that randomly selects any airport in the US database to simulate charter or cargo operations. I was on the "beta" list for one, but it didn't work properly and the developer didn't have time to continue progress. Another one I found in the library really didn't have the depth of function I was looking for. I think there is a program out from Abacus that does something similar to what I am looking for, maybe it was a fleet manager or something. The great thing about charter and cargo charter is that sometimes you go to different places all the time. Places that you would have never thought of going on your own.
  10. I would like to know if any of you payware gurus know of an aircraft (freeware will work too!), preferrably a turboprop, that closely models cabin pressurization? I need a model that has a cabin altitude controller that would move similarly to the real thing regarding differential and isobaric range, dump valves, etc.I understand everything except how a normal op would take place using the system. Thanks for any help you can provide.CraigEDIT: After a little research it looks like the aeroworx B200 would work, but I'm not buying anything before I get some feedback about other aircraft. And, I know my subject line could have been less obtuse. I apologize. :)
  11. In my own humble opinion, Abacus has, over the past few years fallen behind big time. Their products used to be right up there when FS98 and 2000 were hot. To be completely honest, the models don't look all that much better than they did back then. I saw many of their products on the shelf at CompUSA a few weekends ago. I'm not sure what their business strategy is, but I think they have a much higher capability than what they are showing through their current products in the FS arena. If I didn't know any better, I would say it looks like they are pumping out aircraft as quickly as possible to get on with other projects or save money. Who knows...Craig
  12. >Guys for 15 bucks its a great addon. I am a picky person when>it comes to stuff like this. I was just referring to>attainable torque at certain temps. Not a big deal. If you>liked the D model they put out, you will like the C.I wouldn't be surprised if this was more related to a limitation of MSFS than a limitation of the design capabilities or experience of PMDG.Craig
  13. Not really a bug, but I would like to see native 5.1 surround support. My 5.1's can emulate 5.1 surround sound, but it does sound much better if the program outputs this natively.Craig
  14. I noticed the thread was deleted also. I have written an email to Ken Salter and Tom A. about the subject. I feel the deletion was wrong due to the fact the original poster was not the only one to experience such problems and since this policy is not posted on the FSD website that I could see, the deletion of the thread doesn't allow fair warning to other future customers of FSD's products.I hope this was a mistake by a moderator and not a policy that is endorsed by Ken or Tom. If so, I will hang up my moderator keys effective immediately.Craig
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