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  1. Just downloaded it from my FSS account. Thanks Steve. Dave.
  2. Thanks for this Ryan! The plug-in is free but do I need a subscription to ForeFlight? Dave.
  3. That looks really good Trevor. Do you edit the xml files to achieve that? Dave.
  4. Hi Ray, I nicked the air file out of the S550. This has given me much better throttle response at altitude. Now when I throttle back at cruise the aircraft doesn't act like it has flown into a brick wall. However the fuel burn is a little bit light. @FL250 FF should be 1334 by the book, I'm showing 1116. Dave.
  5. OAT -53c, TAT -34c, FL320, Gross Weight 10800, TAS 378, CAS 237 and throttle full. Time from brake release to FL320 was 16:38 min. The high speed cruise table says TAS should be 410 knots. This is in FSX too.
  6. I may be doing something wrong but it seems under powered or over dragged. FL320 full power and just nudging past 200kt indicated. Is anyone else seeing this. Is this right? Regards Dave.
  7. Cheers Nathan! Thank you for these numbers. Dave.
  8. I've let Carenado know about the problem. They say they know what it is and will fix it. See how we go. Dave.
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