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  1. Does anyone know if there will be any support for the old PFC equipment thats comm port based? Thanks
  2. I've been out of flightsimming for a while, just reinstalled some of my stuff... Does anyone know if there is a fix to make the PFC flap switch work with the 747?? In my PFC driver, the switch is working, but won't budge the flaps.. I have to use the F keys.Thanks
  3. Got the X800, it was the cheapest and it will hold me over til XMAS when I upgrade the whole box... actually quit impressed with it.. 10fps more than the 9800 in FS9! I can only imagine what a 1950 would do!!
  4. The Radeon 9800 finally quit... I am not looking to get a 1950 right now because I intend on upgrading the whole computer at the end of the year.. I just need a good card that can run FS9 (and limited FSX) like my 9800 did..I don't want to spend more than $200 CDN I've narrowed it down to what I can get here.. whats my best option, I was looking for a 1650XT but cant find any in the city.BFG Geforce GS OC 512MB AGP Video Card (7600GSOC) $189Sapphire X1650Pro 512MB $199ATI X800GT 256MB $120Im leaning more towards the Geforce right now... I need a card NOW, so mail ordering out of the question.Thanks
  5. I changed the driver back to ones that were a little older, and the artifacting stopped (I guess thats what you call those triangle shaped thingys popping up) But I still get the sparkles all over the place..I really don't want to dump $200 CDN on a video card right now when I'm looking at upgrading the whole computer in 6 months.. I'll try blow the fan out though.
  6. Windows XP finally decided to die on me so I had to reinstall.. I am using a ATI Radeon 9800 128MB card (don't laugh its still holding up!)Anyways most current drivers 6.14 DX is current. I am getting all these little white dots all over the ground, and on the aircraft, and I also get these textures that just fire up like jagged triangle shapes all the time.. something is obviously way wrong... I honestly forget all my settings from FS9 as well... I have AA turned off in the game, and onthe card have AA and AF set at 4X right now.. all the settings I have tried do nothing.. Also in fullscreen mode, when I press the ALT key to get the menu, the menu fonts are not clear at all, they almost look like ink thats smudged...I also was getting these weird texture problems with Tiger Woods 07... Ideas?Thanks!
  7. Out of curiousity, what was the exact increase with the 1950 AGP for FSX.... you say a little help... alot for for FS9. I am running an old 9800Pro 128MB card, and not looking to upgrade my entire system right now, a new vid card and another 1GB of Ram (giving me 2 GB) this is as far as I am going for another year... I can't get the 1950 AGP in Winnipeg , but they have them across the border in North Dakota (2 hour drive away) or I can go with a Nvida 7800 OC model locally... can anyone comment on that card and FSX/FS9 (I will be using BOTH sims on my system)Thanks, and Happy holidays!Chris>Hi,>well, I recently replaced the ati 9800xt in my Dell 3.0Ghz>system with 1Gb ram with a x1950 pro AGP. A little help for>FSX, but FS9 sees a great increase in performance. I'm running>everything maxed now in FS9, and wish I could increase autogen>more so more houses and trees appear. I also have another 1G>of ram in the mail so enthusiastically hope that will make FSX>and FS9 better yet. I'm holding out for a new system for a>while also. Does anyone know how the AMD 5000-5600's run FSX?;>wondering if this may be a cheap way to upgrade for FSX, but>really think systems available in a year or so may produce>good FSX experience.>Matt
  8. I started my initial training on a "Kraptana" back in 1999... its a glider with a snowmobile engine in my opinion... The thing likes staying in ground effect, and the T-Tail makes it incredibley SCAREY in spins... I hated my instructor and switched to a Buck Seventy Two at a different school and stayed on that through my Commercial License... If you're considering aviation as a career then I'd just find the cheapest rental with the best instruction and do it that way... When you're applying for your first job no one is going to care what your first 250 hours are on. I went from a 172 to a Cheiftain FO to Aztec Captain to Cheiftain Captain, and doing a Metro III Captain ride in a few weeks... no one cared what I did my intial training on.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-UeN7ABWBU
  10. Would have nailed it if it wasn't for my computers frame rates crashing me... its probably the hardest mission on there... a little unrealistic if you ask me... All i recommend is don't start chasing needles or your hooped!
  11. Hmm made it in.. no bear though... then again I landed way long :)
  12. Yeah.. this ones kinda weird.. my computer isn't the best so I'm getting stutters and it crashed me grrrSecond time I was doing it, I crossed the beacon and the atc/cojoe voices went dead.. so I just turned outbound myself... never heard anything so I only assume something bugged out in the mission so I called it quits for the day...
  13. >Brian do you believe performance will increase 6-8 times more>with DirectX 10...As Microsoft have claimed...>>6-8 TIMES increase or 6-8 Frames increase.... I highly doubt ANY kind of tweak be it hardware or software is going to do that... essentially if I get 20 frames I can expect 120 to 160 frames with those M$ claims...
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