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  1. For what it's worth, I cannot currently get to their site either...
  2. I fly that way as well -- and have had the same thought. I think I may have even sent something like that in as a suggestion several version ago. Since FS is getting so visually stunning, it would be cool to taxi up to and around another plane you parked there previously (then get out and pre-flight it and take it up for a spin as well:))Perhaps the MS developers can tell us if the concept is possible with the current architecture??
  3. Lee,I have just found my first CTD location recently myself. I was doing a flight from New York to Washington DC. I had autosave working and no matter what I try I cannot get past a certain location without a CTD. I tried changing seasons, aircraft, times of day, addon dlls (including autosave), etc -- but haven't had any luck yet. I don't have much addon scenery or textures apart from Simfliers KIAD, but I was still over New York -- perhaps too far away from DC for thier scenery to be causing the issue. I haven't had a chance yet to disable it and try again.If I find anything out I'll post it here -- perhaps someone in the community will figure something out...Steve
  4. Peter,I am running WinXP Pro, FS9, PFC throttle quad and a registered version of FSUIPC with no prolems. Actually, my PFC stuff has worked pretty flawlessly even with FS2002. I wonder if they changed the hardware controllers -- perhaps the newer version have fewer issues. Hope you find the answer.Steve
  5. Rob,Good News! Turns out it was a simple issue: on the "main options" page of the pfc setup, there is a checkbox entitled, "suppress possible interference from Game Port throttle assignments". It was checked by default. If I uncheck that, your guage works flawlessly!Thanks again for the great work!Steve
  6. Rob,I've been able to narrow it down to the pfc.dll -- when I remove it completely from the modules directory, everything works as you describe.Aside from removing it, nothing I do seems to help. I've tried calibrating the throttles to have a large "dead zone", but that didn't work either. Even unchecking the throttle axis doesn't solve it -- only removing the dll works.The exact behavior is as follows:Aircraft: Default 777Target speed: 15kts1) When I release the parking brakes, throttles go to ~70% (seems correct)2) Speed goes by 15kts fairly fast -- up to 19kts (+4kts as you described)3) Throttles go to idle (0%) and brakes applied until speed reaches just under 15kts4) Speed coasts down to 0kts at which point the cycle starts againI'll keep trying different things with the pfc stuff and post again if I have any success.Thanks again,Steve
  7. Rob,Thanks for the great guage! I have one issue with the taxi speed. I added it into the stock 777 panel and have the following symptoms:It moves the throttle about 75% up, the speed goes racing past my desired speed, then it closes the throttles completely while braking. The brakes release when the speed is around my desired setting, then the aircraft coasts to a stop, only to repeat the above process.I have a registered version of FSUIPC (3.11) and the PFC driver (1.72) for use with my PFC throttle quadrant. I've disabled the PFC, but that didn't help.Any ideas? I have a P3.2 system with 1GB ram, fast frame rates, etc.Thanks in advance,Steve btw -- the pushback works great!
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