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  1. mganz121

    Germanwings 4U9525 dissapears over the Alps

    In my years here I have seen it many times, including online "tribute" remembrance flights. Morbid? I personally find it sickening and certainly of "poor" taste. Why do you think the airlines never use the same flight number again? Not sure who is worst, the pilot or the lawyer.
  2. mganz121

    Farewell to Flight Sim

    Piddle Brook is in the UK, so easier for you to get there than I. But I know the area reasonably well and try to get back there every two years minimum to see family and friends (if only for a decent beer).
  3. mganz121

    Farewell to Flight Sim

    And keeping your idea to where this thread has headed with regards to names, may I suggest a beer in the parish of North Piddle in Piddle Brook. The famous (well at least for locals) Wyre Piddle Brewery produces some beautiful beers with such names as - Piddle in the Hole, Flying Piddle, Piddle All Over, Piddle in the Cold and Piddle in the Dark ...... (too name a few). And if you don't like those, you can always have a Piddle in the Pub! Oh and if you like a little culture with that, I can also recommend Piddler on the Roof. I also seem to recall that KingGhidorah likes a drink, so would imagine him to be enjoying Piddled as a Parrot reasonable quickly. He obviously was last time I exchanged messages on this forum with him
  4. mganz121


    You talking about me? Last time we exchanged any correspondence was indeed this time of the year and I seem to recall that you were so rat faced you couldn't spell . Anyhow Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Have you treated yourself to P3D yet? No, no, no ............ don't go there!
  5. mganz121

    Why Is Avsim Very Slow To Load/503 Error?

    Why be logged on 24 hours a day? Do you not sleep? Is access so slow to Avsim for many of us because others choose to stay logged on 24 hours a day - even when they are sleeping? I have never understood why this site is (for me at least) the slowest site in the world. And no Jim, changing pages can be just as painfully slow as trying to log in at times. I hope it comes right one day. God knows it has been promised for a few years.
  6. He did !!! But only for the lifetime of HIS business and in a manner that HE could control. IF the new owners have a obligation then so be it - one would expect them to stand by that. But I suspect they don't because only a fool would do that. Most of us are in business to make money, pay taxes, contribute to the economy and environment while hopefully having some fun on the way. Businesses are not charities. Hey look, I could be very wrong but I suspect his "lifetime clients" were not part of the deal and your issue should be with Justin, NOT the new owners of fsgenesis. As I said, wait for the full facts before assessing your risk and judgement. In fact I am now editing this because I have had another thought after looking at some stuff before replying to "brubros". Having just read the faq on the fsgenesis website, I could not happen but notice words such as "we" and "us" when relating to older business decisions that were made regarding the Galaxy Membership offer. That suggests to me continuity and an involvement with past decisions. Also what struck me as very odd was the words "financial collapse of the original fsgenesis company" followed by the words "there is now a new management team". In fact nowhere can you find anything to my knowledge that indicates a new company was set up. Maybe that's a starting point for you guys. Is Justin still involved. Is it all smoke and mirrors?
  7. The question that nobody has answered yet is under what terms did the new owners acquire fsgenesis. 1. Did they simply purchase the name, web presence and IP? 2. Did they acquire the full business including existing debts and client obligations? - this would of course include such things as outstanding taxation and "negative" customer obligations (i.e customers who show you an ongoing negative return). Certainly if I was to purchase an existing business, like any "savvy" businessman I would do everything I could to avoid the second option, especially if it is a hobbyist business and had not been run as professionally as it could have. Trust me, there are many like this coming up for sale on a regular basis. I think it would be fairer to the new owner to try and find out what the terms of sale were. Then and only then will you know where you fit in the grand scheme of things. Your calls to name and shame without knowing the full facts I believe are a little premature and at this stage unwarranted.
  8. I seem to recall that at the time of this offer there were a number of threads discussing this issue and that the overall consensus was that this would end badly. "Lifetime" memberships are a farce because the same applies as this simple question - "How long is a piece of string"?
  9. mganz121

    Al Jazeera and the Boeing 787

    Just like the Lexus and BMW problems? ............ and Toyota recalls? ............ and? ........... and............... ? We obviously live in a different world, you and I, but I really do wish that I could continue to think the same way you do ........... because I used to
  10. mganz121

    Al Jazeera and the Boeing 787

    I for one would not like to be part of "it's" safety record. With regards to Al Jazeera, I can think of many media outlets that are worse, some of them western and some of them eastern. Sadly politics, aspirations and cultures tend to get in the way of the truth in so many ways. Interestingly in the 2000s, the network was praised by the Index on Censorship for circumventing censorship and contributing to the free exchange of information in the Arab world which I think was long overdue. Regardless, it was an interesting documentary so thanks to the OP for posting this.
  11. mganz121

    Wide-view Aspect Ratio: on or off

    The answer to your question and the reasons why are in this video below. It is 13 minutes long, but very comprehensive and detailed. It really should be compulsory viewing for any FSX or P3D user. By following this very logical and correct conclusion, you will get a better sense of not only the correct in-cockpit view as seen by a real pilot, in real life, but more importantly the sense and simulation of depth, speed and distance (again as experienced by a real pilot) when looking at the view from inside the cockpit to the outside world. Having said that, I do understand how many users who have got used to a zoom factor of 30% to 50% over the years (in order to see more of the panel at any given time) could find this difficult to accept and adapt to. The reality is that in real life the pilot sees only a small part of the panel and requires substantial head movement (the pan switch) in order to scan the whole panel. It really is worth watching the whole 13 minutes.
  12. Rob Always enjoy your videos, but have never understood why you use such a low zoom factor? I have found that when using anything lower than 90% to 100%, the cockpit looks distorted. But more importantly distance, depth, height (and thus the impression of speed) is exaggerated somewhat, especially with a zoom of 30%. Try nailing some landings at the correct zoom factor and you may find it more realistic and closer to what a pilot actually "feels" with relation to distance, position and depth. Certainly not a criticism, but I have often wondered why so many people use a zoom factor below the recommended 90% to 100%. Cheers DB
  13. mganz121

    UK subscribers Channel 4

    Loved it !! Many thanks for the heads up and looking forward to next week. Another one to look out for is Flying Wild Alaska on Netflix, - very similar but, well, a little too over-dramatised in its storyline.
  14. mganz121

    UK subscribers Channel 4

    Thank God for geo(un)blocking tools. Will keep an eye open for it to be shown on 4oD.