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    Download speed gets worse and worse

    While I agree that a first class style membership would bring more money to the site, to help pay for bandwidth, that opens a giant potential for a perpetual headache for Tom, et al.There is complaining now due to low download speeds, and the site is FREE! I personally think that is absolutely idiotic that someone provides a service, for free, and people still whine, and complain that it is not instantaneous downloads 24/7 no matter the bandwidth cost to Avsim, or whomever, because it is free for them (the consumer)The complaining would be thousands of times worse when 'paying customers' are making demands because their speeds are not up to their standards, or because they did not get some special treatment that someone else got, or who knows what else.On top of that, if it works like the 'other' site, those that chose not to pay would be stuck with horrible download speeds, which would drive away the user base, which lowers ad clicks, which lowers the additional funding to provide the still overwhelming amount of bandwidth purchased to keep the pipe open from to the users.Yet another issue, the forums, if I am a paying customer, do I get some special thing, privilege, or whatever? If I don't, am I going to demand one now, because I am paying for Avsim (and you know that is coming, I work for the government & every 10th person I encounter that doesn't like something I do thinks they personally pay my salary.)I could go on forever. People are greedy, needy, and down right mean when it comes to them giving a few bucks for something & then feeling entitled to something special, and I would really hate to see the staff have to put up with that, on top of the BS they already deal with daily with the complaining now.I imagine I will be called a kiss butt, or something, but that is not the case. I learned my lesson about people long ago, and especially those masked by the internet when I put together a PMDG 744 file for FSBuild, and got blown out of the water with requests & complaints, despite putting in a readme that I offered no support after release...Just my opinion on this, though I am just one person, and your idea may work out very well here, if they decide to implement it.
  2. Hey...I was in the process of downloading 3 files (luckily) from the library, when I lost internet connectivity. After I got back on, I was only able to download 1 file, and if I tried a second, I got the Error 530, only 4 concurrent downloads...I have shut down the browser completely (using Firefox with no additional plugins, or download managers). I have tried rebooting my PC, and still no luck.Any ideas? This obviously stems from the connection loss while the server still thinks I am downloading those other 3 files. I also re-downloaded those files, and still am getting the error.Thanks for any help.**editWell, if I had waited about 15 more minutes, I could have avoided this post. I assume (& we all know about that) that the server finally realized I was no longer connected x4? Anyways, I can now download multiple files at once.edit**
  3. I just reinstalled everything from a fresh reformat, and I cannot find the 1.40 version of the gauge.Any ideas?**edit** I found it @ another site. Oddly enough, when I searched for it, it did not come up, but I then found the file name in another addon,and got it that way.
  4. Daniel,Thanks for the information, and yes, I am looking into a super telephoto lens for my camera. I appreciate the suggestion, and have looked at several 300mm lens'.I can get a whole lot closer to the airport, but it is just easy to hop outside on lunch & snap a few, since I really have no desire to submit them to or such.Thank you again, and appreciate the suggestion.
  5. Hey everyone,I took my new camera to work, we are about a mile off of the end of runway 02L & 02C, on Harding Pike for those familiar with Nashville.I have honestly never had a decent camera, thus I have never posted before, and I apologize for the quality, but a 30MB image compressed into 150kb or less causes some issues.Here are some I took sneaking out real quick, of approaches about 1/4 mile away from me, give or take a few hundred feet.This American 737 is on approach to runway 02L Northwest is inbound for 02C Southwest is inbound for 02C hope you like them, Take care...
  6. Yeah, I too use flightaware for flights originating from the US, but if they come from outside the US, into, then flightaware does not have them, unless they are filed within the United States.I hope they change that, but I really doubt they will.I would also pay the money for fbo or one of the others, but I do not fly long hauls often, since real life, and kids tend to cut short the time to spend 8-10+hrs staring at the monitor & flying/talking.Thanks again for the info, and help.
  7. Hey.As stated in the Subject, I am looking for a plan from EGLL-KBOS, and EGLL-KATL. I would like them to both be todays plans if possible, but I certainly understand if you cannot find one for today.Thanks in advance,
  8. ls25


    The above looks like a KATL-KLAX plan. Saez-katl, I will look for it.
  9. A current route that Cathay Pacific used today is:CPA885VTU5 RZS J88 PYE J143 ENI FOT BOXER B453 KANUA B453 MDO J804R ANC NODLE R220 NEONN G349 MARCC G583 BESAT G583 BISIV G583 MVE CHE V30 ESANN V30 JEC V54 HKC A1 BULAN A1 APU MKG A1 ELATOfiled as 28,000 cruise, but I am sure they stepped up several times as fule burned off.There is also:CPA882 V3 ENVAR M750 ANLOT M750 MJE PETAL OTR14 VACKY OTR13 SEALS 3600N 15000E 4000N 16000E 4500N 17000E 4600N 18000E 4600N 17000W 4500N 16000W 4400N 15000W 4200N 14000W 4000N 13000W DACEM PAINT PIRAT AVE FIM SADDE6on the return trip, filed 29,000 as cruise.I will try to find you an old route that you are looking for.Good luck
  10. Hey all.I have seen other posts, but I have yet to see anyone bring this up:I would love to see uneven runway elevations, and airport elevations in general, to say runway 32 end might be 599', but the center might be at 610-625' or more, and then falls back to 599' or so at the runway 14 end.Otherwise, everything else is just glitter, for me.Anyone else that would really really like this? I think it would add a very very significant realism effect, because if you have ever flown in the real world (for yourself) you probably have taxied up & down hills on taxiways.
  11. ls25

    TrackIR 4

    Honestly, I have been waiting to buy the TIR4 as well.However, I bought the E-Dimension 3D glasses long long ago when they first came out, & I have used them 2 or 3 times. I could never get it to work correctly, & when I did get it going somewhat well, it just was not very '3D' or even as good as the 2D image.So, I personally would not use them even if free, and with an LCD monitor, I cannot use them now, as I believe I remember them requiring a CRT monitor.Just my opinion
  12. ls25

    First shots of FS10...?

    Hey all. I am not posting to contest, or help prove the validity of the photos, screenshots, whatever they might be. I just thought I would offer a loose translation of the first post on the forum linked above. Mind you, my french is not great, but I think it will get by in this case...Hello,The simulation newspaper FlightXPress published an issue on FS10 containing the 2 pictures below:In the 1st picture note that the runway is wet, in the 2nd one note the reflection of the batiments (buildings or clouds?) in water...These pictures would have been presented by crosoft at the time of the demonstration of blackpool... some of you can read German and can obtain a copy of the magazine in order to light up our lanterns that will be sympa. (check out the details?)Cordially.I will state again, this is a VERY loose translation.