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  1. Sorry guys. Just having a recent bad experience with a couple payware companies. Their work is breat but lack in service.

    Anyway..... HELLO ALL.Mike.

  2. Hello all,I usually run FS in full screen mode. I was trying to use the FSFlying School demo so I had to go to windows screen in order to open FSFlying School and hit the "connect button". When I tried to go back to full screen the screen went "black" and never did open to full screen. Any help on this?Thanks,Mike
  3. Thanks Rob, I'll try that next time I have a problem or get senile again forgetting what I did.
  4. Thanks Joel, that got rid of the blacked-out screen. I used to be able to set the antialiasing to 4x to get rid of 90% of the "jaggies" but now only can set at 2x or I get the black screen again.Again, thanx.
  5. Hello all,Haven't been with FS9 for awhile and I've done something to cause a black screen (where you would see the aircraft rotating) on the "Create a Flight" window when starting FS9.Can anyone help with this problem?Thanks in advance.Mike
  6. Kendall,Thanks for answering. I'll try your suggestions and hope for the best.Mike
  7. Hello all,I have a Dell Dimension 8300, P4, 1 gig DDR SDRAM memory, 128mb DDR GeForce FX5200 video card, 120gb hard drive, running XP home edition.FS9 was out 2 years give or take before FSX. The first year of FS9 I had no problems with it or the computer. The second year the computer started freezing up whenever I used FS9. I just spent a considerable amount of money having the computer "fixed"?? to prevent these freeze-ups. My computer is absolutley empty except for the usual anti- virus/ spyware programs just so I could use it for FSX. Now it freezes up with FSX. I've yet to complete one flight.I was just wondering if anyone else was having a similar problem. My computer doesn't freeze up while I'm surfing the web or reading e-mail, etc., just when I try to use FSX.Any suggestions would sure be helpful.Thanks,Mike
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions.Yes, I do have a Nvidia card and yes, I had the AA settings at 8x on the card(not the program). Went to 4x and everything is fine.Mike
  9. Hello all,Just purchased the FS2Crew 747 and Cessna. They both come with a ddf file. What is to be done with this file?Thanks,Mike
  10. Hello all,For whatever reason I had to re-install FS9. Now at the "select an aircraft" screen it's black. I did nothing to the innards of FS( other than install.Could someone help me get my screen working?ThanksMike
  11. Hello all,A few questions on how to fix a few things.1. Centering default splash screen when starting FS.2. "Create a flight" window and "Select Aircraft" window are blank black screens.3. AdvDisplay, when checked "on", I lose all screen (black) except about an inch at the top in Full screen mode.Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Hi all, I'm recently having problems with my flights automatically going to my flight log. All I did was make up a new log from the default to make it more personal. Now when I end a flight and enter the pertinent info it's not there when I go to where the file is located. I have to enter the info manually.Any help is appreciated.
  13. Hello all,I used to have a little program I think was named End It All to shut down programs running in the background. I can't seem to find it now. Can someone help who might know where to look. Or, tell me how to shut down programs when installing a program it tells you "to shut everything running before proceeding". Thanks,Mike
  14. Never mind, I see it's right above my post.
  15. Hello all,Whenever I scroll through the file library I always stop and read what's new in Orbiter.I thought I would give it a try and was wondering if someone out there (or UP there) could lead me to the original version, any updates/upgrades,etc., just anything to get me started.Thanks,
  16. Thanks, Jim, will do and let you know.Mike
  17. Hello all,I recently purchased FSDestinations VFR and IFR flight plans. When I went into Select a Flight and chose one I immediately got a crash to desktop. Or I would get a blank flight briefing screen and within 10 seconds get an error report that MSFS 9.0 encountered a problem and needed to close followed by a request to send an error report.The author and I have had discussions about this and neither one of us has had an experience like this. Let me make one thing perfectly clear...THIS IS NOT THE FAULT OF FSDESTINATIONS. I randomly tried the default flights that came with FS9 and some work and most do not.For the heck of it I just installed Godzilla and it crashed to desktop. I'm just looking for some of you smarter than I am about FS9 (I'm sure 99% of you are) and see if you could be of some help.Also, can anyone tell me how to center my default splash screen> Somehow it moved up to the right hand corner.Thanks to all,Mike
  19. Hello all,I've d/l most of Vistaliner/Eric Cantu's 727-200(F) and am having a problem opening the cargo door on all of Steve Drabek's cargo aircraft. I've used all combinations of Shift+E and none of them work except for opening the main door.Any help is appreciated.Thanks,Mike
  20. Thanks to all of you for your quick and great help. Makes sense to me.
  21. Hey Jim,No need to get confused. I know the figures I mentioned are correct default. It's just when I was stuck on this I happened to remember someone having a heck of a lot more airports, etc. Maybe something he programmed himself and I saw it here in the library.NO, I don't need anymore traffic. Was just curious.Thanks to both of you, I'm right where I want to be.P.S. While we are on this subject of My Traffic 2004 v1 (were we?), I notice a conflict between MT and EditVoicePack. EVP doesn't want to work correctly with MT installed. I know I can go to their forums, but since I had yours eyes, thought I would mention it. Do either of you have both their products installed?Thanks again,
  22. Thanks Jim. I just renamed it to traffic030528.bgl and TTools recognized it.Another question... After de-compiling and re-compiling it shows I have 5520 airports, 59 aircraft, and 29743 flight plans. Right after FS4 was released someone had a program, that when using TTools, resulted in figures well above what is listed above. Would you remember what that program was/is and who the author would be?Thanks again,Mike
  23. Hello,Just switched over to windows XP and installed TTools and my Traffic030528.bgl file is called Traffic030528.bgl.passive and of course is located in sceneryworldscenery folder.When I ran TTools for the first time, it doesn't recognize or the traffic 030528.bgl nor the source files show up in the TTools window.I have My Traffic 2004 installed whether that makes a difference or not.Could someone explain why I have these oddities?Thanks,Mike
  24. Thanks Allcott,gettin blind in my old age.
  25. Hi all,I just recently installed fs4 on a new computer. Everything is going fine except one problem.I went to my favorite airport, set all the parameters of the aircraft, weather, settings, etc. I made sure I UN-CHECKED flying tips. Then I saved the flight, BUT, I still get those irratating flying tips,i.e., "your engine is not started", "your altimeter is not set". No S_ _ _! I haven't got to that point yet.So, can someone tell me where I can permantly remove this unwanted inconvience.Thanks,Mike
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