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  1. Mark, I think your reply is a little harsh. In the first place, at the time of the original post (7/12) I had no idea about your surgery. I know better than to assume a post will be answered in a day or two, so I waited 6 days before posting again. During that time, other people's posts were getting responses, but not mine. Hence, my puzzlement.Nevertheless, I am delighted that your surgery went well. I always enjoy your posts on this and the DC3 Airways forums and I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  2. I have gotten confirmation that the bug in the fuel selectors happens on more than just my computer. I'm a little surprised that no one from the MAAM team has responded to my post. Does this mean that you do not intend to fix this? I can understand, with your working for FSX compatibility, that you may not have the time but I'd kind of like to know one way or the other.By the way, FWIW, one other item I have noticed about the new VC is that if you change the cowl flaps in the VC that this change does not show up in the 2D panel pop up window. The selectors in that window remain in their original position, which makes it kind of difficult to know what the actual cowl flap position is. I believe this may also be true for the fuel tank selectors, but I haven't checked this recently.I don't intend these observations to come across as complaints, just information for you in case you want to fix it.
  3. First, I'd like to say thanks for this latest expansion pack. I like to fly from the VC and this really enhances things. I'm looking forward to the passenger versions when they are available.On minor problem I have been having is that I cannot select the right auxiliary tank from the VC. It cycles through right main, left main, left aux. and then off (as the read me file said), but there seems to be no way to select the right auxiliary tank other than from the main cockpit.Bill
  4. Reinstalling the MAAM aircraft didn't help, but forcing FS to rebuild the FS9.cfg file did the trick. Strange that the corrupt .cfg file only affected the MAAM aircraft.
  5. Thanks to those who responded, but I think this thread has gotten a little derailed.Tonight I decided to bite the bullet and I removed all MAAM R-4D, DC-3 and C-47 files from my computer (aircraft, gauges, effects etc.). I reinstalled from the CD. I also installed the louder R4D Gauges 277 and Patch 1 as well as the C47's. I made no modifications to any of these.Result -- The R4D startup flight at Reading works. The BEA startup flight does not -- the engine turns over but doesn't catch. Even using Ctrl-E will not start it. If I replace it with the R4D in its new location, the R4D doesn't start.Other non-MAAM aircraft start normally.I have no idea why location should matter or why the R4D startup works, but not the DC3's. Can someone who knows about the gauges etc in this aircraft please give some insight?Thanks.Bill
  6. I recently developed a problem where the MAAM DC-3's and R4D won't start. The symptoms are that the engine turns over, but never catches. (Battery, magnetos and master start switch are on, there is fuel in the tanks, fuel selectors are correct and the usual fuel pump/prime/vibrator etc sequence is followed.) I fly these aircraft almost exclusively, so I'm pretty sure that I know how to start them.Now here is the crazy part. If I load the default MAAM R4D startup flight at Reading, the aircraft starts fine. I can shut it down and restart it over and over. If, however, I use the "Go to airport" feature to move the aircraft to another airport, it won't start. It doesn't seem to matter what the other airport is. After verifying that it won't start, I move it back to Reading and it starts fine. I can't for the life of me figure out why this would happen.The turning over without catching problem happened maybe 6 months ago, so I completely reinstalled all my MAAM aircraft, repaints and modifications (such as the Beaumont/Bitzer autorich gauge for the DC-3). Last time that took care of the problem for a number of months, but it's back. I tested the R4D because it doesn't have the modified gauge in it.It is a royal pain to delete and reinstall all the MAAM aircraft etc, so I am hoping that there might be another solution.Bill
  7. Hi Bryan,During the final cockpit preparation checklist, the FO says "Memo Panel" to which the Captain replies "No smoking, Seatbelts, Prop Brake." This happens whether or not the prop brake is actually on or not. Is FS2Crew able to read the actual state of the memo panel or is this a set response? I usually like to set the prop brake when I start Hotel mode, but if this announcement cannot be changed then I'll set the prop brake before calling for the checklist.Bill
  8. Hello Bryan,I can confirm this also. I have the ATR configurator set to display the fuel weight in pounds, which it does correctly. The transition altitude is 18000. FS2Crew gives me a number that is correct for kilograms, but the FO says that it is pounds.Bill
  9. Thanks, Lars. I was going nuts trying to find the radar altimeter. I was about ready to look in the lavatory.
  10. Where is the radar altimeter in the ATR? I know about the normal and the standby altimeter, but I can find no mention of the radar altimeter in the ATR manual. My FO has reminded me to set it on both flights but I guess I don't know where to find and set it.
  11. Hi Bryan,Thanks. So far everything went well with my flight tonight until I got overloaded during the approach. Each try gets better. By the way, it does say in the manual that the FO will set the flight number in the pedestal, so you might want to revise that sentence. I just thought of another question -- is there any other way to get rid of the takeoff data sheet and the landing data card other than right clicking and choosing "close window"? That was how I did it.Bill
  12. Thanks, Bryan. From reading the manual I got the impression that the flight number would be changed on the pedestal. I also got the impression that for the tutorial flight the FO would be entering 400 feet. I haven't checked the actual elevation of RKPK, but I will do so. Maybe things are working as they should.Bill
  13. Hello Bryan,I started with the cessna in a new flight. I do have the horn sound. However, the FO is still not setting the correct flight number nor is he setting the landing elevation to 400. The FMC was programmed before he started his checklist. Any idea what's going on?Bill
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. I had opened the config manager and pressed save, but I had not reset the settings first. I also discovered that my name as pilot had been entered, but for the house colors model, not the one I was flying in the tutorial. This time I reset first and made sure that my name was entered for the correct model and then saved. I'll see tonight if this fixes the problems.
  15. So far I am liking the program very much, but I did have a few problems that I'd thought I'd mention.1) Although I had the FMC programmed and activated, the FO did not change the flight number to 1201 and did not change the landing elevation to 400 (it remained at 100). I am 90% sure that the FMC was activated before he started his checklist, but I'll have to try again to be sure. However, I am positive that the FMC was activated long before he got to the landing elevation part of his checklist and yet he did not change this value. The takeoff data card was OK so other FMC info did get incorporated.2) I do have my name entered in the Flight Information Placecard Menu through the configuration manager. However, when I "sign" the loadsheet what appears is the generic phrase "Captain's signature".3) Although the MECH call button does summon the ground crew, there is no horn sound as described in the tutorial.All of these are small issues, but I thought I'd bring them up. I'm looking forward to making it a little farther up the learning curve tonight.
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