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  1. I am assuming that you do not have any problems in terms of directional control on either take-off or normal flight. This sounds like some sort of either exaggerated cross-wind behavior in the simulator itself, possibly a reality setting that RFP is over-reacting to, Try an autoland and see if it does it there. Also check your nose wheel steering ( should be locked) and directional braking. Can't think of much else, but will monitor the thread. Ed
  2. Latest FSUIPC for FS9 is 3.999z ( I just checked.) I would suggest that you start with that. If that doesn't do it, try a manual landing rather than autoland, autobrake OFF and see if the swerve is still there. Remember that this is an old aircraft that actually goes back to FS98 and was updated from there through, FS2000, FS2002, and finally FS2004. The more specifics that you can give us ( system, settings, weather, other add-ons running, etc) the more help we're likely to be. Ed Green
  3. Are you using FS9? Do you have current FSUIPC? More information please.
  4. greeneg

    RFP v3 somewhere?

    Aboslutely, the shiney side is up and the dirty side is down....Glad to hear all is well on your end. Ed
  5. greeneg

    RFP v3 somewhere?

    Hi Chris. Long time, hope everything is well. Ed
  6. To change the payload you cannot use FS9's configuration utility, you have to use the utility that was an accessory for RFP. It should be available same place as the files. Attempting to change either fuel or payload with FS9's utility will give you a crash every time.
  7. greeneg

    FFRATS - analogue panel

    Be certain that the speed bug is centered when you engage EPR Mode. Other than that, I can't see where the problem is. Have not heard of this one before.
  8. There are two buttons at the upper left and upper right corners of the Lower Left Fuel Panel Section next to the fuel dump. Clicking on either should open that section of the panel. Note that you will have to have established electrical power to the aircraft in order to use it.Hope that helps.
  9. greeneg

    Looking for Aircraft Loader

    Rick, It might be well to point out that without the efforts of Ralph and Chris Koegler, there would be no RFP. So thanks, and a tip of the hat to all those who put forth so much effort and talent into making the Whale a reality, with Ralph and Chris at the very top of the list, along with Goran and Bob who have kept it going. Thanks everyone, and the very Happiest of Seasons and the Best of New Years to you all.
  10. greeneg

    Looking for Aircraft Loader

    Goran, remember, "Sic Transit Gloria Mundi". Happy Holidays, my Friend, and thanks for all your efforts in keeping the Whale alive. Bob, thanks and best wishes to you also.Ed
  11. Bottom Line: The Freeware Version of RFP as supplied is not FSX compatible. It won't work, most of the gauges fall in the category of " this gauge was created for FS9 or before and is no longer supported." There are no currently available addons which will allow it to become FSX usable. It would require an extensive re-work, a very large amount of programmer time and expense, and would be pretty much a new project.Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but my advice is to use it in FS9 and enjoy.
  12. I might add that if you have a specific question or problem that you go ahead and post it here. Several of the members of the original development team do follow this board and you will find them more than willing to try and help out.Do you have a specific problem or question?
  13. greeneg

    Rfp Files

    Sorry, Goran,have been out of town and just got back. I thought that Chris was going to move to a new server and take the files with him, but guess that didn't happen.Nice of you to do that and I'm sure that the Community does appreciate it.Best Regards and Wishes for a Healthy, Happy, Prosperous, and Peaceful New Year.Ed Green
  14. greeneg


    Thanks, Peter, that makes sense.Ed GreenKCLT
  15. greeneg


    I thought of that one and I suppose it could be, but really couldn't find any information per se and hoped someone would know for certain.Thanks, though.Ed GreenKCLT