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  1. Ah, thankyou, it makes a lot more sense now. 13GB+? That's probably too big for (almost) anywhere :D
  2. Thanks, yes, I looked at that - I can see, the megatiles and maps but it seems that it's an update for a previous version. It's probably obvious, but where can I get the original?
  3. Heh, I've been away from FU from, err... about four years, and I was just about to ask about that too. I can see a lot about 'FU3-UKS', UK scenery areas and megatiles but I can't really find anything explaining what it is or how to get/use it. Last time I looked I the only regions were SanFran and Seattle :(
  4. Andy29

    Test Plane scenery

    Does anyone remember the 'Test Plane' scenery for FS98 and 2000, with the airport in Lake Michigan? Obviously it is not being updated any more because I can't find it anywhere. Does anyone still have it?
  5. >I don't believe they would be very similar, given the major>differences between DOS and Windows. For example, the former>would have no access to the DirectX functionality of the>latter. I had a small suspicion that you'd applied the Windows>ver. 2.4 patch to the DOS game, which wouldn't work at all as>they have such different coding.Heh, that's not what I meant! I meant that both versions have the same features, aircraft etc., except one is made for Windows, and the other for DOS.>For grins, try deleting your>DOS game and reinstalling it, but do not apply the patch. Then>try running it. If it's going to work for you at all, that is>the way it will run. Good luck.I'm afraid I tried that. It came up with the error befere I even found the patch :(
  6. I've downloaded the Windows version from HOTU too. Thanks for trying to help, but I think I'll just give up and stick with the one I downloaded. Of course I'll keep the one I bought for DOS, but it seems pointless trying to get it to work when I've got the Windows one sitting there ready to go. They're the same anyway, aren't they, except one is for Windows and one for DOS?It's certainly no demo. I looked at the exe and it's the size and date that you said. It came on the original CD in its case, with all of the manuals, and even the registration card. I think it's hardly been used. Sadly, I got it off eBay for 99p. Obviously no-one's interested in it any more :(At least now I've got the original versions of FU 1, 2 and 3.Here's a couple of pics:
  7. Hi, I'm trying to run the DOS version of Flight Unlimited 1 under Windows Me. I have installed the patch (from Avsim), but I get a page fault after the loading screens every time I try to run the game. The exact error message is:Flight Unlimited vF2.4S has CRASHED.(Someday you will ache like I ache.)Page faultEAX: 00000000 EBX: fe000000 ECX: 3f5f8000 EDX: 00000003 TXT: 00000207ESI: 0000000e EDI: d01e0000 EBP: 847f1498 ESP: 848ebe40 DTA: 0000020fEIP: 8475726f ERR: 00000006 EFL: 00010216 EXC: 0000000e EMN: 846d583cCS: 0207 DS: 020f ES: 020f FS: 0000 GS: 02cf SS: 020fDoes anyone know what's wrong?
  8. >I don't read anywhere where they state they can put any file>they want on to their site. All I read is don't defame>fsplanet in text files etc.This is all I can see too. From my dictionary..."defame v - to damage the good name of (a person or group)"There's nothing about asking people not to upload your file to FSPlanet in the text file, just don't make comments about the site in it.>It's YOUR property, not theirs.Exactly!
  9. Andy29

    Mutliplayer Problem

    I have now re-installed DirectX 8.1 and FS2002 (several times), but it still does not work. I have also tried renaming my fs2002.cfg so a new one is created, and again that doesn't fix it.
  10. Andy29

    Mutliplayer Problem

    Thank you, but I refuse to install 9.0 on my system. Last time I tried it it screwed up my display and joystick drivers, and Windows needed to be completely re-installed. Obviously it works for 99.9% of the people that try it, but I am not willing to go through that again :(Anyway, it has always used to work with 8.1. Nothing has changed since I last used it.
  11. Andy29

    Mutliplayer Problem

    I'm having this problem too, with a fresh install of FS2002 (except for SquawkBox) and DirectX 8.1. Does anyone know why it is happening?
  12. Andy29

    Tu-114 : A Flying Palace

    Gavin wrote:>I don't suppose it'll work in 2K2? :-(Will it? It looks absolutely amazing. I hope it will...
  13. Hello, after a time away I have just re-installed FS2002 and Super Flight Planner 2.81. But whenever I try to create a new database in SFP, the program seems to leave out fixes and airways (Victor and J-Routes) every time. Airports and navaids are imported fine.Does anyone know why it's doing this? Thanks for any help :)
  14. Andy29

    Can't use my 3D card?

    Thanks, but I've just found the problem - it was my card drivers! I downgraded to the version 43.45 drivers ( and now it's working fine.What a great sim! I'll start trying some of the addons soon...