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    Issue with 777 and Topcat (N1 discrepancy)

    Yeah it's too bad, such potential with that program. I guess there is no profile out there for the -300ER is there?


    Oh now I feel like a dolt, haha... Answer was right in front of me... "Show all variations" was not selected.... Ok fixed now haha... Thanks guys


    Ok so long story short. I was advised to delete my fsx.cfg file for it to re-generate a new one to fix a certain scenery I have installed (which didn't work BTW) and in the process I have all my add-ons affected by this now. They all seem to work normally, but I'm missing pretty much all my re-paints for every add-on. For example my PMDG series It only has 1 or 2 repaints showing up in FSX. Everything looks good in the folders as if they're installed. I've even tried uninstalling/reinstalling my PMDG aircraft to get to the same result. It also affects new installs with multiple liveries. I am wondering if it is because I have FSX installed in my Program Files x64 folder, I've heard that it can cause issues. Any feedback would be taken on how to resolve this, hopefully without having to re-install FSX if possible. Also, I unintentionally emptied my recycle been so my original fsx.cfg is long gone. I did this several months ago, but I've been quite busy so I'm just getting around to playing around with this again.... Thanks!


    There was file here on Avsim that changed it.. it was like replacement file... I think maybe johan dees make it, I searched his name and nothing saw :-hmmm Viktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN


    I just re-installed FS9, I know of that file that makes less friction in FS. What is the filename for that? I cannot find it here.ThanksViktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN

    Erick Cantu's 737-200

    used to be but they closed I think...:-hmmmViktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN

    New Yak -18T in the library

    Kruto! :D atlichno samolet!Viktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN

    Forum Dead?

    Well I would say most flyers of the Russian FS planes are Russian and use the Russian language forums since so little of the non-Russian simmers use these planes :-hmmm just a thought, but it was good idea in the begining I think :-) Thanks Tom Viktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN
  9. Spasibo! :DViktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN

    Sunken bridges

    I know there is a "floating" bridge that goes accross a lake in Seattle, that could possibly be it? :-hmmmViktor <> PetrovinPROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN
  11. Here are some pics I took going from Edmonton to Calgary (no pics to Abbotsford as it was 10:00pm) Not the best quality, but you get the idea :DA319 going to YYZ North 737-200's 737-700 going to YYZ as well plane arriving (note the winglets) FL270 enroute to Calgary :D into Calgary, love the leather seats and the satelite tv! final to Calgary rwy 20 I beleive thrust, we used most of the runway :-lol 737-200 sitting waiting for a gate, as we taxi past. I had more pics, but I was busy lolFseevo Samava Luchsheva! (Best Wishes) PROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN!
  12. Cool! haha what a contrast, B-17, B-24? B-2 :-lol Fseevo Samava Luchsheva! (Best Wishes) PROUD RUSSIAN CANADIAN!
  13. Trust "jwenting" :-roll to say something like that. If people would notice anything about it they would know that Captain Sim is based in Canada not Russia (main office is in Ontario) so to start bashing my mothering country is quite offensive, and it doesn't take alot of balls to say it on a forum, but say that to a Russian face to face and I doubt you would feel the same opinion ;)Fseevo Samava Luchsheva! (Best Wishes) RUSSIAN CANADIAN!
  14. Well it is possible, Many European country have done this with Tu-154 and MiG-29 im sure you can do it for An-14. Or teach the pilots Russian? :-lol I am interested in your venture, drop me line sometime :-)Fseevo Samava Luchsheva! (Best Wishes) RUSSIAN CANADIAN!


    Just download 1st and last files, the rest are different model varients :-)Fseevo Samava Luchsheva! (Best Wishes) RUSSIAN CANADIAN!