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  1. How big is that file ?B.Adamski
  2. adams

    US livery final

    Thanx,I'll have to visit these places, and others of course.B.Adamski
  3. adams

    US livery final

    Could you show on the map where is this small lake on last screen ?B.Adamski
  4. If someone often uses ResViewer it's easy for him to download files and make changes but for those who do it from time to time it's better to download complete plane.B.Adamski
  5. This is very popular airplane in Poland.B.Adamski
  6. adams

    FU2 no longer available

    Time is running & FU2 is 10 years old almost. I was watching the SFO area in Google maps and I could observe some changes in this area since FU2 was created.New photosceneries are created for FS with more recent photos.B.Adamski
  7. adams

    Up up to new horizons...

    I was just thinkig about full (day+night) region. I'm not going to rebuild the SFO region because of the amount of work. I'll rather use FS to fly there.B.Adamski
  8. adams

    Up up to new horizons...

    There are 26 letters and 1 megatile is 16.192 km, so 26*16.192 =421 km only for 1 region. How big is the UK region ?
  9. adams

    Up up to new horizons...

    I was thinking, if it would work, if we only rename maps and .mod files from aaaa to bbbb. In that way we could move the (0,0) point and it would be possible to expand the region not only north and east, but west and south too.Now I see, it's more complicated.B.Adamski
  10. adams

    Up up to new horizons...

    Good news agtim !Do you plan to expand SFO region ?B.Adamski
  11. ...for everything :
  12. Airports and sceneries can be made independently IMO. You can freely move airport folder between main airpots folder and package/airports folder when the airport is done.It's good idea to create each area in separate package because it's easy to remove it in the future.It' bad idea to create different packages in the same area because you can set two models in the same place. It's immposible to open 2 packages at once so you can see the models set only in 1 package.B.Adamski
  13. These clouds look very realistic. Some informations ...?B.Adamski
  14. I've got an email adrress from Ansgar some time ago. I sent you a post.B.Adamski