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  1. greenland

    Gradual Transition

    Hi IdeoplasticYes there is.Go to View options from spot plane view, and uncheck the Gradual transistion check box. :-wave :-wave :-wave :-wave RegardsHenrik KorningGreenland
  2. greenland

    Loading 737-800/900 from Default flight

    Hi RonThanks for the information. Some of that was new to me.I will give your suggestion a try and let you know what happens.RegardsHenrik
  3. greenland

    Loading 737-800/900 from Default flight

    Hi MatsIts not a big problem. I am just Curious.The Default flight I mean is the MS-FS9 Default Flight with the Cessna ready for take off in Seattle. When I load the 737 from there, I get the mentioned problem. It didn't use to do that beore my reinstall.I have a few saved Flights with the 737. They load fine.I just wonder what can couse it. Is there an ini-file or like, containing load parameters for the PMDG 737/800-900. Can it be a memory problem? As said,When loading the plane a second time everything is fine!RegardsHenrik
  4. Hi GurusI have a little problem. Some times I don't have much time simming, so I load the 737 from the Default Flight with engines running. Recently I made a reinstall and it now happens that when i load the 737 it i starts with both generators off, and the thrust in reverse mode. Disabling joysticks gives the same result. The strange thing is if I load it a second time it comes up with everything running just fine. :-hmmm :-hmmm Any ideas what can cause this strange problem.SystemWinXp homeDell Dimension 8400P4 3.4 Ghz2 Gb RAMATI Radeon X800XT 256 MbRegardsHenrik KorningGreenland
  5. greenland


    Hi EdStrange - Now it works for me too. :) Henrik
  6. greenland


    Hi Mad dogThanks for the info.When I hit the Previous button I get the "The Web site cannot be found" message screen.RegardsHenrik Korning
  7. greenland


    Hi EdI have been looking the Website and had a look at the Propliners screenshots. I saw 40 external shots, but no panels. Do they have panels at all?Do you know if there is any rewievs of the Product?RegardsHenrik KorningGreenland
  8. greenland


    Hi Rick & DavidSorry to hear that he is retired.Thanx for the info anyway.RegardsHenrik
  9. greenland


    Hi AllI have AFCAD 221. Is there a newer version? When I try to do a search I get one zillion hits.RegardsHenrik KorningGreenland
  10. greenland

    Dash 7 AI aircraft

    Hi KJThanx a lot.I found it with a google search by the authors name.RegardsHenrik
  11. greenland

    FS9.cfg phrase: OpenATCOnCreate

    Hi DavidThanks for a fast answer.RegardsHenrik
  12. greenland

    Dash 7 AI aircraft

    Hi allI need help with a Dash7 AI aircraft texture I downloaded from avsim library today - "".The readme file states that I need the original AI model which can be downloaded from is the link is dead.Anyone has that file?RegardsHenrikGreenland
  13. Hi allI am wondering what this phrase i my fs9.cfg file mean:OpenATCOnCreate=0Any guru know that?RegardsHenrikGreenland
  14. HiYou are probably right. I didn't know FS have to load the gauges first.I actually use the default flight, but moved to another startup airport, and now without loading the gauges etc.I have used the RFP 747, F1 ATR72-500 and Aeroworx Kingair without any problems so far!So I think I will give it a chance. It is easy to change back anyway.RegardsHenrik
  15. Hi allYesterday I got and tried an idea to spare some loading power.I always start with the default Flight, though moved far away from Seattle or Chicage to a little remote place with very sparse scenery.I use the C-172 as startup Aircraft.In the Aircraft Folder I made a copy of the Panel, Sound and a texture Folder, replaced these copies in the same Folder and renamed them to Panel.none, Sound.none and Texture.none.Next step was to delete all files within these 3 copied Folders.Last step was to edit the Aircraft.cfg file. I copied the [Flightsim.0] part to the top of the file and made the steps to point at the 3 new empty Folders. I named the variation "No nothing", and made the other nessecary editing to get this thingy to work.The result is a startup situation with No sound, no panel, and an exterior look showing a textureless C172 parked on the Runway - I even removed the Tailnumber.When I goto the Aircraft selection box to select another aircraft, I start with a grey textureless C172 picture in the Aircraft selection Box, and I now go on from there.Just an idea to share with you.RegardsHenrik KorningGreenland