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  1. Before i buy this airplane, i need to know if its hard on FPS , smooth and stutter free . I use p3d 1.4 , cpu ovc 4.2 GTX 970 Thanks for your feedback.
  2. Hello allJust wondering if anyone tried ai aircraft such as AArdvark,FSP,CDAIetc.. into FSX and if the actual flightplan format works as well..Do they behave strangly or everything is ok?Cosmo
  3. Is this possible..Tried but got a error message when loading the aircraft.Anyone...Cosmo
  4. And i'm running this bird with a decent system:Intel P4 2.8HT1024 ramsAti 9800 ProWin XP SP2Have no problem at all with the default King Air, There must be something wrong here ! has anyone having this problem !!Besides that , this plane runs smoothly...Cosmo
  5. cosmo

    1900D & VC gauges

    HelloI have the same annoying problem and i'm running a P4 2.81024m rams ATI 9800 pro XP id like to know what can be done to get smooth gauges reaction...Thanks
  6. Hi allI know that this airlines use the 200 series but I need some ZIP AIR textures for the defaultBoeing 737-400, have been all around the file library but could not find anything.Thanks Louis
  7. Im upgrading my system and i need your advice aboutthe video card.these 2 are about the same price butare they offering the same image quality ?how about the drivers? advantage NVDIA ?Here are my future specs:INTEL P4 S478-800 2.8 512 HTKINGSTON KVR 400 MHZ DDRNO-ECC 2X256MBP4 S478ASUS PAP 800865PESB AUDIGY X-GAMER360W POWER ATX P4 ALPHA HIPOWER...Louis
  8. This message is for all Geforce 3 titanium 200 64 mgsowners..Which driver are u using for best performanceand quality ?? Im now using 29.42 i have good performancewith FS2002 but poor image quality (lots of jagging)using RivaTuner,s tips.I,m in preparation for FS 2004 and i want to have the bestsetting possible.AMD 1900 XPGF3 TI200512 MG RAMThanksLouis
  9. when i fly the FS2002 , no matter what aircraft , where and how , the FS2002 will crash at one point or another. i'v got an microsoft error message. Any hints ?????
  10. If so, comments on weather effects, graphics, VCs, airportsdetails, performance would be appreciated :)Louis
  11. Hello allWhat i'm actualy trying to do is: use the king airpanel and virtual cockpit with the fs2002 dash 8-100i can use the panel itself by placing the panel folderinto the dash8 folder but wont have the VC.I heard that the answer is in the MDl file, is it possible to use that Vc on another airplane ?Help appreciated....Louis
  12. Hi allJust downloaded here at avsim the cfg and a air fileto make the original dash 8 flyable, also copied the panelfiles from the king air , 2D panel is fine but the virtual cockpitdoes not appear, why ? am i missing some files (vc shows on the king air)or maybee a line in the panel cfg (same as the king) ???I need help !thanks.