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  1. Managed to sort this out. After trawling through a number of other sites, I found that a dll file (Traffic.dll) had to go into the root FS2002 folder as well as the Modules folder. Very strange as even after a full reinstall as per MS install process FS wouldn't start until I copied that file.I post this in case it is of interest to others.David
  2. This is very odd - I did give it a try, but no difference!I can run FS from Win98 OK, but from XP no. Any ideas?David
  3. JohnThanks for that idea - I'll give it a tryDavid
  4. This is a bit strange...I am upgrading from Win98 to XP (fresh install on new drive), and gradually getting my system back to normal.I didn't want to do a major reinstall of FS (I am still on FS2k2), so renamed my FS2002 folder to FSold, and did a minimum install of FS to folder FS2002 in order to set up the registry entries. Then renamed my new fs2002 to FSMin, followed by FSold to FS2002.But when I try to start FS it won't - says a serious error, did I want to report to MS?Module Name: main.dll.I tried the old trick of removing FS2002.cfg, but same result.Also edited out every scenery addon from the scenery.cfg.Anyone have any ideas on this?ThanksDavid
  5. Yes that was it.I had mistakenly thought that as my test island was well away from land, I didn't need to do the surrounding LWM Polygon.Thanks for all the help.RegardsDavid
  6. Good question EdgarI am still running FS2K2 and am waiting for FS2K6!!!.I believe the V5s are for FS9 only.RegardsDavid
  7. Hello Dick Yes it should be very simple.Attached is my test island.I'll follow up with the other one.Thanks for your speedy response.David
  8. Still have a couple of problems:1. I fill the small areas with Landclass 130 (Rock) and extend this around my test island. When I show this in FS, the bottom half fills to the coast, but the top half overlaps. I attch a pic to show what I mean.2. With my real island, I can't seem to exclude the default island. I have surrounded the island with a 'Poly without shore', and set a LWM of water. Shouldn't the resulting exclude 0_xxx.bgl remove the existing island and cover it with sea?Sorry if these questions seem very elementary.RegardsDavid
  9. Sorry - bit of aproblem with my attachment size I thinkDavid
  10. I'm afraid I have a further question....Around one side of my island the Landclass fill borders along the coast perfectly, but the other side not so. I attach a couple of images to show what I mean.When I created the coast I was careful to go round clockwise, and extend the LC fills beyond the coast as seem to be advised.I guess there is another very simple explanation for this too.RegardsDavid
  11. Hi HolgerYes that was it!I remember reading something about spaces in path names early on, but I hadn't realised how important it was.I moved my Ground2k directory up under the root, did a search in the registry for all occurances of Ground2k which I then modified, changed the .inf file in the temp directory, and finally edited with notepad the .lwm files to change the paths there.Then suddenly.... LAND.Thanks a lot for your help (and others too of course).Best regardsDavid
  12. Hello HolgerThere is a LC file generated but it is not a bgl, but a .raw.I haven't done anything with this, as I assume it is used internally by Ground2K.Thanks for your help.David
  13. I have, I think, followed all the steps outlined, but I still get a water-filled island!When I generate the bgls, I get:Test_3.bglTest_9.bgland a couple of .asm files.I copy the bgl files to my scenery folder, but as I said I can see the outline of the island in FS, but no land.I tried extending the LC 'fills' to well outside the island (the inside is of course totally filled) but no difference. The procedure seems so simple, so I must be missing something pretty obvious - but it isn't to me.Getting desperate!RegardsDavid
  14. Thanks Wil and LuisI looked at the thread that Luis referred to a few days ago, but have decided to print it out and study it more closely as it seems very relavent to my problem.I'm determined to get this sorted out.RegardsDavid
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