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  1. NWATech

    Calling it a Night

    Very nice pics. #3 looking up...
  2. Excellent pics! cv580 w/allison 501, power!!!
  3. NWATech

    True Earth Netherlands

    Yes, more pics!
  4. NWATech

    Heavy Metal (RDR - MSP)

    Noice set of pics! Why you park on the UPS ramp?! lol 😁
  5. NWATech

    NWA 787 Walkaround

    Nice work sir! The cp window frames and posts are normally painted. Back in the day when this livery was previewed to employee's, it created a roar in relation to the leveraged buyout by Alfred Checcki and crew. But I won't go into that...
  6. NWATech

    Touch n Go then Onwards

    Nice pics. Better get to the prop shop!
  7. Looks pretty good, yep! Liking that paint job too.
  8. NWATech

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    In the a/c cfg file of, the A320, what is the toe_brakes_scale = value? Back up your KSLC afcad and try this one here.
  9. NWATech

    Champion Air 727

    I'm surprised at you brother, being the metal loving hugger you are, no AA love? lol 😛 Love me sum 3-holer!!! Nice pics, last one is lovely!
  10. NWATech

    I love FTX Norway

    Looks good!
  11. NWATech

    I'm so tired of the AI engine...

    My AI is all custom made from freeware, 9.4 gigs. Continuously updated and backed up. So in the pic, are you using the FAIB A320? Looks like a CRJ700 too, which model? Are you using the airfile and aircraft cfg that came with each model with all your AI? Is the KSLC AFCAD the one that came with the scenery? Have you looked at the KSLC AFACD in ADE? Those are a few ?'s to start. Most likely you may have multiple problems, A/C and AFCAD.
  12. NWATech

    Albuquerque Inbound

    Yo fella, hopefully you got this one slowed down over the numbers. Last one was a real roaster! Lighting looks great!