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  1. Hey we could go when the flow is southbound, 12's, and watch. Then pile in some BBQ at Pappa's and send @skully some Q pics!
  2. Tasty pics, #1 though! @Steve Dra The tail logo light will be brighter if it has a LED lamp in it. Most new aircraft come that way now from factory and many exsisting are being replaced/upgraded to LED. These LED have a kelvin 3000-4000 and a cri of avg 82. More vivid color and brighter too compared to the incandescent/halogen lamps. They are warm yellowish color. If you go into a retail clothing store, ie Nordstrom for example, they use LED lamps, high kelvin and a high cri 90+ to get the color on clothing to really pop. Then you get it home and go, gee just doesn't look like it did in store. High cri LED are quiet expensive too. Oops, I got off rambling...
  3. Lovely! Did you hop the fence and get a coffee at Magnum?
  4. Nice pics! Who's partying kisq-kcli? Looks like you in the crj and @phantoms, in his ghost Bandeirante are running shadow ops!
  5. @Steve Dra... I said "livery". Neither of those you speak of were liveries, flat out messes! BTW, yesterday was 43 years ago for PSA flight 182. RIP...
  6. Great 3-holer shot! No livery looks bad on her!
  7. Very nice shots of the Bandeirante! The Bandit lives between the layers.
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