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  1. Well, that's a known fix since FS9, and it works for many. Bye!Stultorum numerus infinitus est.
  2. By default, in FSX (same as was in FS9), when sensitivity sliders are pulled left, the controls are dampened instead of making them proportionally less sensitive. This can be changed by adding the following line to the {controls} (square brackets) section in FSX.cfg: stick_sensitivity_mode=0 Then, adjust null zones and sensitivities to taste in the FSX menu (I have null zones set to almost zero and sensitivities to middle with my CH yoke). Otherwise, if sliders are lowered, the effect is felt as more sensitive (actually because control surfaces react with a delay to your inputs, which is for some reason specially noticeable with a yoke and not so much with a joystick).
  3. Dear all,Well, I DID finish my FS9 upgrade some time ago. But when I still was testing it for backwards compatibility with FS2002, before releasing it, I started receiving e-mails claiming about "my FS9 version" not working properly...So I discovered that sombebody had modified my FS2002 aircraft to make it compatible with FS9, and uploaded to avsim library. Honestly, I wouldn't have had anything against this: if the "author" of this modification had told me before uploading, I would have given permission (although I would have preferred that he'd told me in advance, so I wouldn't have been spending my little free time in making my own patch). But he didn't. He didn't make separate patch for my aircraft; instead, he took my pack and modified it. He did not even leave any contact info to get in touch with him: In the files, no other contact information is given except my e-mail adress, so people is continously contacting me about the visual glitches described, as if I was responsible for them.As we say here, this has been the last drop which made the glass overflow. Frankly speaking, since I started making freeware aircrafts I have spent more time replying to people who complained about versions of my planes, made illegally by other people and containing numerous mistakes, than replying to questions related to my own models or developing new ones.Now I've given up. Let the FS9 "version" (WHICH IS NOT MINE!!!!!!) be there, for anyone who want to download it; I took MY FS9 version and made an agreement to sell it commercially on a CD. To be honest, I do not think I'll ever be back to the freeware "business".F. S
  4. Hi,That problem occured with version 1.0. Try downloading version 1.01, available in the library section.Regards,Paco (F. S
  5. Hi,The aircraft's pitch at level flight will be influenced by airspeed, altitude and aircraft's total weight. The pithch increases with altitude and weight, and decreases at higher speed. Can you give us some data (altitude, indicated airspeed and weight) so that we try to reproduce the same situation?PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  6. I'll upload a paint kit for anyone interested in making repaints, of course. I chose this livery 'cause there is an interesting story with this particular aircraft: it survived a mid-air collision, no one on board the connie died! (the other aicraft's occupants werent's so lucky).PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  7. Yes pleeeeeease!! :-jumpy PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  8. > (Is it intended to be a full package, or just the 3d model?)Well it depends on how much time I'll have available. My intention is, in principle, to make a full package with virtual cockpit same as on the ATR's but... making gauges and the vc takes a loooooong time. PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  9. I didn't know there was a 749 with radome... I suppose that it will only be the radome and the landing lights (they are at the nose on the one I'm making).PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  10. hehe, be patient! the interior is not painted yet, that's why it looks so brightPacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  11. Hi all, I've been working a bit in this project, there's still a lot to do, but here's one more pic:http://www.telefonica.net/web/fscastaner/connie.htmFrancisco "Paco" S
  12. Hi, Thanks for the tip. I think I'll also need to resize bitmaps.PacoStultorum numerus infinitus est.
  13. Hi,Any help will be TRULY appreciated! I'm a bit desperate, as I can not find any systhtematic on what to change: some gauges I have been able to correct by code, some by resizing bitmaps... inside the ADI, some bitmaps did not need resizing, some did; repositioning one bitmap moves other not linked to it... So far I have been able to correct the ADI, the arspeed indicator and the HSI, so still there is a long way.Because of this, I also had to postpone the work on my Connie project.Paco
  14. Hi,I bought FS9 recently and have not yet been able to make an update. I'll upload it to the library when ready.With respect to the "10 degrees increments bug", it is in fact a kind of bug in FS since 2002 version. Can be corrected by using FSUIPC and activating the "fix control acceleration" option.Paco
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