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  1. Keep in mind Vista has lots of "eye candy" which I personally don't care for. I'll bet that Vista will run on much lower spec machines once those "eye candy" features are turned off.Even in XP, I turn off useless things such as minimize/maximize and menu animations. When I click to minimize a window, I want it gone, I don't care to see it slide down to the taskbar. Same for when I click the start button, I want access to my programs, not to have to wait for it to slide up or fade in.
  2. Some of the fixes on GPS approaches seem to be random letters, but most of the established intersections and fixes that have been around are usually named after local landmarks. One intersection/fix on an approach where I did my instrument training was SKENE intersection. When practicing the approach, when you reached SKENE, you could look down and see a water tower with Skene printed on it. Skene is just some little farm town in the middle of nowhere, there's not much there other than the water tower. I always thought it was cool how the intersection was right over the water tower. I wonder if it was just a coincidence or if the put it there on purpose.
  3. I thought it was something I had done. I'm still re-installing stuff for FS, and it was working fine the other day. Whenever I try to do get real weather, it gets to 1% or 2% then FS9 quits responding and I have to kill it.
  4. I should have mentioned that I need to stick with freeware right now since I just dropped quite a load of cash on the new computer. I saw a video of FS9 with the 6-DOF TrackIR and I'm probably going to pick it up. I've got plenty of payware aircraft already, but I do plan to purchase the DF Baron.If I remember, I had FS Sky World installed for clouds, but I can't remember what else. I know I had some replacement ground, runway, taxiway, water, night textures etc. I wish I had kept a backup.
  5. I just built a new computer and I'm ready to get back in to flight sim. The only things I have backed up are my payware aircraft.I'll be starting from scratch, so besides reinstalling FS9 and patching it, what cloud textures, water textures and other enchancements are popular now.
  6. Why was this moved here? I only mentioned what hardware I use, but the question is related to configuring Microsoft Flight Simulator, not the hardware.
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...7&topic_id=6741
  8. I bought the CH twin engine throttle quadrant a while ago. I've created different configs for flying piston singles, piston twins, and turboprops. I'm having trouble finding things to set all of the switches to.For single engine planes, I've just been flying without the TQ plugged in and using the throttle, prop and mixture controls on my CH Yoke. Eventually I will get to the singe engine config for the TQ. I don't fly very many turboprops, so I haven't even started on the config for it yet.I'm mainly working on the config for piston twins right now. Here's how I have it set up currently:On the Yoke:left trigger = both brakesbottom left thumb button = AP mastertop left thumb button = FD masterleft rocker switch = elevator trimright trigger = spoiler toggleright rocker = left/right differential brakeshat swtch = view controlleft switch = gear up/downright switch = flaps up/downOn the TQ:[pre]Lever | Throttle1 | Throttle2 | Prop1 | Prop2 | Mixture1 | Mixture2------------|------------------|------------------|-------|-------|----------------|--------------Switch up | Cowl Flap 1 up | Cowl Flap 2 up | Empty | Empty | Mag 1 Decrease | Mag 2 DecreaseSwitch down | Cowl Flap 1 down | Cowl Flap 2 down | Empty | Empty | Mag 1 Increase | Mag 2 Increase[/pre]As you can see, I haven't dicided what to do with the two switches under the two prop levers.I also just got the Saitek gaming keyboard with the programmable button pad (9 buttons + 2 shift buttons = 27 functions). I can't even figure out what to do with all of the switches on my yoke/TQ, now I've got more buttons to program. I'm just looking for ideas, so for those of you with the CH TQ and/or the Saitek Gamers keyboard, what have you programmed all of the buttons to do?
  9. Ok, I tried that, but still don't see the 3D cockpit. When I look left, I see part of the wing tip. The only view that works is the back-right view.http://img198.exs.cx/img198/1527/screen001...IS_TEXT_TO_VIEW
  10. How can I have the 3D cockpit views instead of the bitmaps when I look left, right, etc.? I tried removing the bitmap's for the views, but when I look around all I see is black.
  11. If I remember right, the original release date was June 30, and they keept pushing it back. I had kind of given up, but I thought about it today. I noticed they've changed their web site, with the throttle quadrant being displayed on the main page now. They've also released new Control Manager software, and the readme says it has support for the throttle quadrant.I've looked at a few places online, but they are still not available. Some places are shoiwing a November or October Est. ship date, some haven't been updated and are showing September release date.Has anyone heard anything?
  12. It depends on alot of things, aircraft, wind, weather, terrain, etc. You do not have to stay below clouds, you can fly above anything but a broken or overcast layer.For flying in the US, this link will cover basic VFR weather and clound clearance in different airspaces:http://www.faa.gov/aim/Chap3/aim0301.htmlAs for performance, if your flying non turbocharged aircraft, it's usually not worth flying above 10,000 ft. unless you have to fly over some terrain or there's a really nice tailwind up there.
  13. Where did you find GaugeClean4? I've been using GaugeClean3 since FS2002 without any problems. It will remove some of the default gauges, but they aren't used. Most of the default planes use gauges in .cab files now, but MS left the old .gau files for compatibility with older addon planes. With FS9 I get alot of reports about missing gauges, but that's because FS9 now supports gauges in the aircraft folder. All of the new aircraft that came with FS9 have the gauges in a .cab file located inside it's own panel folder, that's why you get the error.
  14. I guess there aren't any trees where you live.
  15. >Thanks for that. I couldn't read any of the text on the>site, but the link was fairly obvious :)http://babelfish.altavista.com/
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