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  1. noisy

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    OK, on the weekend I installed 4.5 client again and did some testing. So far it seems I only get the FPS drop with ORBX Germany. I have ORBX FTX Global, Vector, OpenLC Europe and NA, Germany North & South, Norway; i7-8700K, 1080Ti. I did a direct FPS comparison of v4.4 and v4.5 for two scenarios, at Aerosoft EDDF and FlyTampa KBOS, default aircraft, just sitting on ground. For each I tried once with my normal config, once with autogen disabled, and once with ORBX GEN/GES disabled in scenery library. At KBOS I always got comparable FPS in v4.4 and v4.5. At EDDF I got 30-40% less FPS with v4.5 and GEN/GES enabled (also with autogen off), but about same FPS with GEN/GES disabled. I also found that it's sufficient to disable the SCENERY entries only for GEN/GES to get back FPS (removes buildings, windparks, etc., but keeps terrain). I then did several takeoffs and landings in v4.5 with that setting and PMDG 747-8, and found performance very smooth. I also did a bad weather approach into KBOS with PMDG 747-400 where in v4.4 FPS went down to 22, got the same 22 FPS in v4.5. Finally I did one approach to EDDK with GEN/GES enabled, FPS was much lower than in v4.4, but I noticed less long frames than in v4.4.
  2. noisy

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    I'm using a single monitor (2560x1600) and also have the FPS loss.
  3. noisy

    P3D v4.5 FPS down

    I have the same problem. At Aerosoft EDDF with ORBX Germany my frame rate dropped from more than 35 to less than 25 with PMDG 747-8 (and from 55 to 30 with default aircraft). Nothing I tried did help, went back to 4.4.
  4. noisy

    P3d 4.5 is out!

    I'm getting bad frame rate with 4.5, and when I try to change graphics settings P3D just disappears.
  5. Version 1.3 final is now available for download on .Changes since beta 2:- In the advanced VC views you can now use the cycle chase view commands to track an AI aircraft.Regards,Matthias
  6. The second beta of version 1.3 is now available for download at fixed two small bugs affecting recording during traffic playback- added multiple virtual cockpit views- view title display when switching between advanced views can now be disabledIf you find any bugs, please report them in the recorder module support forum.Regards,Matthias
  7. Hi all,version 1.3 beta of the Recorder Module for FS2004 is now available for download at features in this version:- simultaneous playback of multiple recordings as traffic- recording a new flight during playback as traffic- recording and playback of AI traffic- option to start/stop recording without dialog interruption- options to enable/disable keyboard controls and playback control window during play as traffic- key shortcuts for stop recording/playback are now customizableDue to the lots of changes in the code, there might still be a number of bugs in this beta. If something does not work as described in the manual, please report it using the support forum at (preferred) or to the support email address. Please also report, if you find any errors in the manual.Regards,Matthias
  8. noisy

    Recorder Module 1.2 released

    Hi John,>I saw you implemented the "fix" for the clipped wing views by>swapping out the default spot view values with zero then>swapping them back.Right, good you mentioned this in one of your posts. I was aware of the clipping problems, but didn't know it can be fixed that way before :-)Regards,Matthias
  9. Version 1.2 (final) of the Recorder Module for FS2004 is now released and available for download at and in the AVSIM library.The module adds improved recording and replay features to FS2004, including playback as (AI) traffic, and additionally advanced tower and spot view options, like multiple tower/spot views, manual panning of the view direction, simulating cameras attached to the aircraft, etc.Also the website was completely updated and now includes a support forum.Regards,Matthias
  10. noisy

    A simple yes or no question about wing views

    Hi,>Honestly i never used the default controls so i have no clue>what they are, ive used another tool to walk around. >>Now which docs are you talking about, the ones from Matthias>do not show fs controls example shift-backspace etc.? Maybe>this is why i'm puzzled i kind of got a view i like by trial>and error with the numbers direction height etc, it took me 2>days :(You will find the move eyepoint controls in the FS control assignments dialog (where you set all keyboard shortcuts and joystick buttons). I think the defaults are shift+enter/backspace for up/down, ctrl+enter/backspace for forward/back and shift+ctrl+enter/backspace for left/right.Regards,Matthias
  11. Hi,>Matthias>>i really am enjoying your recorder software just a>suggestion,>>is it possible when replaying the flight to have it go back to>'normal' mode and then i can take over from there normally,>this would be handy to redo those bad approaches or even to>practise and improve on manually flying the plane from a>certain point.>>whereas now i have to press escape and the replay ends and i>cannot go to a point back in the recorder phase of flight and>take control from there.That feature is already available since version 0.72, press Shift+ESC to stop playback at the current position. I admit the description in the manual is a bit hidden, have to change that.Regards,Matthias
  12. >Could we have the choice of whether to use this or not please?>...while I would like to record AI also ...sometimes it is>advantageous not to. :-hahOf course this will be optional. There will be settings to turn on/off AI recording, playback, set the maximum number of recorded aircraft, etc.Regards,Matthias
  13. >>Great utility!>>Just wondering if there will eventually be a version that will>also record AI planes' positions for replays too...?I plan to add this in one of the next versions. Will take some weeks, however.Regards,Matthias
  14. Version 1.2 beta 2 is now available for download.Two bugs have been fixed:- when turning on loop during replay, without setting the loop start point before, this often resulted in FS to crash- leaving the 'Edit tower view' dialog resulted in a wrong tower position for all western and southern coordinatesThe following settings have been added to the 'Advanced view settings' dialog:- Max. tower distance: If the distance between aircraft and tower position exceeds this value, the viewpoint will follow the aircraft. This prevents some strange effects, which can occur, if the aircraft is hundreds or thousands of miles away from the tower position.- Max./min. autozoom: Limits the zoom range used in autozoom mode.Some users reported, that sometimes in an advanced view the zoom gets stuck and can't be changed using the plus/minus keys. After pressing the reset zoom key it should work again. I think it happened to myself one or two times, but I couldn't reproduce it. If you observe this problem and have any idea, under what circumstances it happens, please let me know.Regards,Matthias
  15. Hi,>No big crashes or anything here but question, in a newly>created tower view, should I be able to zoom in or out? I>don't think I could.Actually the zoom in/out, zoom in/out fine and zoom reset controls should work in the advanced tower and spot views. On my system it works, if it doesn't on yours, please contact me on the support email address, so we can try to find the problem.Best regards,Matthias