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  1. steffenpelz

    Error when trying to run 744 Installer

    >Drop an email to and we will do>our best to get you successfully installed :)>>Best,>>Vin Scimone>PMDG>> did that.SP
  2. Folks.I just purchased your 744 Queen of the Skies product. In trying to install the product, I get the following error:An Error (-5003 : 0x5) has occurred while running the setup.*Please make sure you have finished any previous setup and closed other applications. If the error still occurs, please contact your vendor: Precision Manuals Development Group (##ID_String1##).Detail:Error Code: -5003 : 0x5Error Information:>SetupDLLSetupDLL.cpp (1971)PAPP:PMDG747_400 Queen of the SkiesPVENDOR:Precision Manuals Development Group (##ID_STRING1##)PGUID:97679567-0095-464E-B5F2-E218A1CF3421$ XP Service Pack 2 (2600) BT_OTHER 232.64*This is the first installation of this software I am attempting and all other programs are closed. I used to have your 737NG product installed, but it has been removed for ages by now.Please let me know how to proceed from here.Thanks,SP
  3. >Hi,>>Any error messages?>Video drivers up to date?>>Hope this helps,>Jim>ActiveSky Support> error messages. Drivers are a couple of months old, but have been running very well. Only happens when I hit Ctrl+F12 in FS9.SP
  4. Yup. You read right. Once every now and then, when I try to bring up or close the Active Radar screen by hitting Ctrl+F12, FS9 shuts down immediately altogether. Extremely annoying as I was 100m away from landing after a 5500nm flight...twice today. Anybody else experiencing this andf any advice as to how to fix it?SP
  5. Greg,I have had the same issue. I believe it has nothing to do with the settings. For me, it only happens when I tab out and into FS2K2. All you have to do to get rid of it is to hit the "alt" button twice and it's gone. Everytime you tab in and out of FS you'll have to repeat this. Try it. It worked for me.SP
  6. Ladies and gentlemen,Nvidia released their new forceware 52.16 drivers today. I downloaded them and saw a much smoother and better performance in FS2K2. The graphics are notiumproved as far as I can tell, but the performance is and most importantly, the sound stutters are a thing of the past! Hope you'll like them too.SP
  7. Gary,Welcome to the club.....Today, because another poster on one of the avsim forums claimed that the 9600Pro beats just about all Nvidia cards except the 5900 Ultra, I went and bought the 9600Pro, uninstalled all old drivers and software, installed all the ATI components and software. Then I went to FS2K2 and dadah! much lower frame rates. I tweaked all settings and since that still didn't work, I uninstalled all ATI compnents and started from scratch. I did pretty much the same punaround as you. Finally, after 4 hours, I had enough, returned the damn piece and reinstalled my GEforce FX5200 successfully. Now I'm playing at nice FPS again. Needless to say that my next card will definitely not be an ATI card.SP
  8. I tried it, but still no working tail lights...Any other ideas?SP
  9. Steve,Same here. I did the tweakign as talked about by Geof and crew, and I too got gorrible stutters. I'm running a P4 2.4 with 1 Gig of Ram and a GeForce 5200. I reverted the settings back and sure enough...nice and fluid...SP
  10. I don't get any tail lights on ANY of my aircraft. Also, the fuselage lights don't seem to function properly either.SPP.S. Hope you have the answer.
  11. Has anybody got a clue regarding how to fix this?Please let me know soon, because flying at night with practically no night lighting is little fun.Thanks,SP
  12. steffenpelz

    YEEEAAAA!Finally working ok!

    Svein,How do you disable the AGP texture acceleration? Also, is there anything else one can do to increase frame rates without having to buy more hardware?SP
  13. I am using the 757/767 panel by Terblanche Jordaan with file name "" I think it's a beautiful panel.SP
  14. The problem with using active camera IMHO is that it totally messes up all the positioning of oneself in the plane. If I move back, it is really difficult to get back to the cockpit. With the views generated from the panel cfg, I have the views available anytime without having to reposition myself after viewing the wings for example.SP
  15. steffenpelz

    Help......ActiveSky 1.5/FS2K2

    I bought it. Was definitely worth it.Thanks y'all.SP