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  1. Hi thereI am new to X-Plane 9 and have also FSX which I also enjoyI brought the Version 9 DVD and Global Scenery bundle and and working my way through all the setups but one thing is puzzling me and that is the Thunder sounds. I have a 5.1 Sound system and every thing checks fine with 5.1 speaker tests so I know its going in that department.What the issue is is that I set it up for storm conditions and see lightning flashes and the ground lights up and all but I hear no thunder even in the distance , all the sound files are there so I don't know what the issue is because in my experience if I see lightning not to far away I hear the thunder rumble shortly after as usual so is there a parameter change that can be made so the thunder can be heard when its closer or something. I have heard it in this version but only once though-- I have seen the lightning many times with no thunder soundsI do remember trying the 8,6 demo and got some really great thunder soundsAny help appreciated ThanksGreg
  2. You are rightI did get what I ordered and that was my mistakeI was just fumming when I looked at the Instant Scenery demo and for all intensive purposes it looked like the same developer had been behind the design of that as well as EZ scenery ---not certain of that thoughand it was less cost than Ez scenery for doing what seems like a lot more covering the 2 Sims.Well I had better leave this issue alone now its just I aren't a regular Internet spender and try hard to be sure that I spent my money well on things in this department. I most probably will be purchasing Instant Scenery though i have discovered Whisplacer at http://lc0277.nerim.net/whisplacer.html and is working in a promising wayPart of my initial anx was that I had to arrange for a friend of mine to make the visa purchase as I don't have one and I don't really like to ask so I feel embarrassed to ask again , The amount of money in this case is not super expensive but I hope and think you all understand where I am coming fromAppreciate all your comments and thanks for listningThanksGreg
  3. Hi there folkIs instant Scenery from Flight1 made by the same folk who made EZ scenery? if so I am a little hot under my collar for making a purchse mistake grrrrrrr I made dumb choice and was unaware of this till 10 minuites ago, I Am a FSX scenery developer and just this evening purchased a downloadable from Abacus EZ scenery without being aware that the product had been upgraded and modified to Instant Scenery which works with both Fs2004 and FSX. I am totaly annoyed with myself for not seeing this earler. I have my serial number invoice and email confirms etc. I rarely buy online because I dont have a visa so my friend purchased it for me this evening .Is there any help to switch to Instant Scenery. I purchased EZ scenery from Abacus at $29 USA or $37 converted to New Zealand currency where I amI see here that I could have brought the updated product for $24 USAAny one can see how I might feel and if you can help me get what I should of I would appreciate it. Maybe a long shotI know its not a lot of money so might have to bite the bullet and just get it as wellThanks for listningI have posted at flight1 forum as well Kind RegardsGreg Bishop
  4. I Tried the Split file level of detailand while I like it for certain things like smaller files I need control over end file name Row and Number which helps me identify which bgl does what in the simI am slicing up My Geotiffs with global mapper so It gives me a logic order of files I can follow the progress then from cut to bgl and see if there are any problems, Once I have established that there are no issues then a final compile with spltfilelod could be the way for deliveryThank you for all the help and hopefuly soon I will have a very good area of photo sceneryThanks guysGreg
  5. Thanks ScottI'm sorry here is where I mentally run into the wall ,I look at the sdk doc and just hassle over parametersMy best guess is SplitFileLOD =17 ????am I rightIf you can put up with my questionsThanksGregRe editedI had a look at tmfwiever and now conclude that SplitFileLOD =11 would be a good size to split it toThoughtsam I on the right trackThanksGreg
  6. Yes Thanks for thatI'll do a small test areaif there is no image quality reduction I think it would be wise to switch to comppresionThanksGreg
  7. Hi Guys I am currently compiling about 3000 sq km of very high rez aerial photosand have cut it up into tiles of about 4 sq kmOne uncompressed geotif is about 145mb and compiles to bgl aprox 6o mbmy inf settings are[source]Type = GeoTIFFSourceDir = "SourceData"SourceFile = "104.TIF"Layer = ImageryVariation = DayNullValue = 255,255,255[Destination]DestDir = "Output"DestBaseFileName = "104"DestFileType = BGLLOD = AutoSince I have done a test run compiling it all I get 242 bgls covering the 3000 sq km and a resulting 12 gigs of bglsI don't mind how many bgls are made but I do want to know if there is a certain size in area that will load optimally ie should I go for tiles that are made up of 30 or 40 sq km and compile that instead of my many 4 sq km tilesMy thoughts are that maybe one big bgl loaded that covers a large area will cause less stuttering on disk access than the same area made up of many smaller bgls requiring more disk reads.Your thoughts are very welcomeI really want an optimal compiling method for this big scenery areaThanksGreg
  8. Thanks thereI think I have found some data I can use srtm or ned data that looks goodI will try it outThanks for your helpKind regardsGregNZ
  9. Howdy allJust trying to workout where I can get the best detailed mesh for this areaSeems to be a favorite place of mine to fly around not that I,ve ever been there being a New ZealanderThe mesh they use in google earth looks nicly detailed, where could I get that from?I have globbal mapper so I don't mind converting and compiling myselfif need beMust be a great spot to live eh?Thanks for any pointersCheers Greg
  10. Giday thereYip what a great invention of software , really enjoying it.I have a idea that would maybe interesting to implementIt consists of using the manifold toolbar cache which saves the aerial imagery of known map servers in 256x256 tile jpgs as you browse an area of your choice in Internet explorerI am thinking you might go something like this1. Using the manifold toolbar search for a map of your choice. (it then saves those maps as 256x256 jpgs in its cache folder in C:Documents and SettingsProfileMy DocumentsManifoldToolbarCacheG??gleMapsSatelliteImage2v890242 Now that the area of your choice is cached the idea would be to somehow configure Tileproxy to see this directory as a virtual proxy and use that as its source for the sim3 The advantage of this is a sort of a pre cache and also it is throttling the area of interest to just what you allow depending on your zoom level in Internet explorer whilst using the manifold toolbarThe idea is adapted from how SBuilder for FSX uses The manifold toolbar in assisting develop scenery for FSXThose of you who use SBuilder for FSX should know what I mean as SBuilder setup configuration wants to know the location of the cachesSo I thought why not extend the idea to TileproxyJust thinking out ideasThanks for listeningCheersGreg
  11. Hi there folkJust wondering if its possible to turn on traffic sounds for AI traffic on the roadsI know the airport ai traffic vehicles make soundany clues, it sort of would be cool to have even ambient traffic noise coming from the highways even if we ca'nt get specific vehicle noiseJust exploringThanks for any tipsCheers Greg
  12. Giday allI just thought I'd post this thought of mineThere seems to be some happy campers out there who are enjoying FSX and in there various flights just get use to adjusting sliders around to suit there desired flight environment and although we can save and load a settings *.cfg at will it is still not a complete Full FSX.cfg ie the main one in "Documents and Settings"What I thought of is a utility like a launcher that reads all our Saved flights and launches a corresponding or user selected cfg to start with ie When I save a Good flight and everything is going well FPS wise etc I often save my settings as well with the same file name as the flight so I can load the 2 together next time manually So you see I think of it as a flight launcher that looks for a matching cfg with the same name as the flightI would envisage this to be very useful . I also think that apart from that it would be great if it could call up on a per flight basis a matching full cfg ie where we have changed other settings that are'nt included in a normal settings save from within FSX ie the Fiber frame stuff Buffer pools widescreen of/on preload /of /onI am definitely not a programmer so this is out of my present ability but I submit the idea to anyone who has got the smarts and can see the potential in a small useful launcher like this .Hope this make sense I'm a bit tired hereHave a good Day Nite wherever you areCheersGreg
  13. Thankyou BobYes you are right I have it working now CheersGreg
  14. Hi there folkI am just wondering if anyone else has had to solve a crashing annotator problem?It loads and then after a few seconds windows reports an error which I allow it to send ofWeird thing is that if I don't close the error message I have been able to use the tool to add autogen to my PhotosceneryI have set everything up right and have all the net frameworks and put the default.xml in the same directory as annotator.exeI tried to attach error report but could'nt find it in the temp dirThanks for any helpGregNew Zealand
  15. Thanks ScottI have that on my list to tryI have a choice in Global mapper to grid cell overlap by a percentage value . I have a set of 18 tiles extracted from a Large sid file each tile is about 20 sq kmWhat is weird is the black lines do not only show where the tiles natural seams are so I tend to think it has more to do with how the tiles is internally compiled through resampler or somethingThanks for your helpGreg
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