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  1. I have just installed FSX Steam on my E Drive. My boxed FSX is on my C Drive. I have my Add On and Orbx sceneries on my D drive. Is there anyway I will be able to run the Orbx on both sims and if yes how can I go about setting it up?
  2. I can remember in the 70's and wearly 80's Loganair operated a scheduled service to Broadford,Isle of Skye from Glasgow. I know they operated Trislanders as I used to see them.Does anybody out there know what the flight number and time of the flights were and if any other type of plane was used.Simon
  3. simondix

    Engine Fire

    Sorry about the delay in replying.No it continues but the problem hasn't re-occurred lately. Next time it happens I will let you know.Thanks for getting back.Simon
  4. On a couple of occasions I have had an engine fire in the DC3. It has occurred on a second flight when I have shutdown and then restarted. The first time was on climbout from an airfield. The second was near the end of the flight.I have not programmed any failures into the aircraft.I am obviously doing something wrong but I cannot work out what.Can somebody please let me know what I am doing wrong, or not doing right.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I will try and find a photoSimon
  6. Does anybody know of a Monarch Airways repaint. That is the US Monarch that later became part of Frontier.
  7. >delete advdisplay.dll from the fs modules directory>>fsuipc 3.7 or greater will do the display for you. check the>display multiline checkbox>>right mouse click the green box, and click close window>>i don't know what the problem is with winzip and your winwood>directory. need a little more information.>>>Thanks for reply.When I unzip it shows correct path but when I open folder in RCV4 no folders there except text folder. Not your problem I think could be a Vista or Winzip one.Simon
  8. Running Vista Home PremiumI had initial problems re-installing but now loaded. I CANNOT GET THE LATEST UPDATE TO WORK SO I AM RUNNING ON 4.2. 4.3 will not work on my set.THE GREEN TEXTBOX IS A MESS.Running the AdV Display cuts frame rates.Yesterday Im was trying to fly out of KGCC and it gave me an initial climb altitude of 4000'. This is lower than the airfield altitude.Having to paste the voice sets in as WINZIP will not unzip the to the Winwood folderSimon
  9. simondix

    Commutair B1900D-Where?

    Whenever we ask about the Bigsky repaint it seems to disappear into a black hole somewhere on the ethernet!
  10. simondix

    Commutair B1900D-Where?

    Yes, we keep asking
  11. simondix

    Commutair B1900D-Where?

    Probably the same place as the Big Sky repaint!
  12. simondix


    Had a phonecall from Microsoft today. Interestingly, 80 approx only have reported this problem. Together with this further fault it has set off they have recommended that I reinstall Windows. I have told them this is not going to be done as I do not wish to risk losing anything. I have been in touch with my supplier who will exchange for a standard edition. I hope the re-install problem does not cross over.I don't see why I should have to reinstall XP for a problem caused by a Microsoft programme which it seems was not tested that thoroughly or the problem would have shown.
  13. simondix


    I enclose a copy of my DOS to see if anyone can assistMicrosoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]© Copyright 1985-2001 Microsoft Corp.C:Documents and SettingsUser>c:MicrosoftKB928080resetsldl -AllCleaning up Token Store at: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataMicrosoftSLDLSoftwareLicensingRe-creating clean trusted store...Error -- HRESULT 80070005C:Documents and SettingsUser>
  14. simondix


    >Simon, were you able to search your hard drive(C:) to make>sure that the "Tool"exe. is located where it is supposed to>be. Good luck with this, I hope Microsoft gets back to you>soon. I am not sure if Microsoft will hold everyone to the 45>day limit, considering how much hassle this has caused. I>think you will want to see this running on your machine. It>does have much more going on than FS9.> KenSitting on my C hard drive. If I double click on it the DOS comes up briefly but it still does not work.What is interesting is that it does not afeect the Standard edition.