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  1. Sorry I just noticed this. I am really the last one to ask. However this may help if you use Nvidia https://nvidia.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2900/~/installing-nvidia-display-drivers-under-windows-7%2C-windows-8%2C-or-windows-10
  2. I have had the aircraft for a while but only done reasonably short flights in it. However today I did a flight of over 600 mikes. To manage the fuel how do I use the tank system. Do I just stick the Auxillary pump switches on auto and it will drain each tank in turn or is there a procedure. If there is I cannot find it in the documentation.
  3. Thanks downloaded again and changed security settings and all OK
  4. Do the X-Chatter files work in P3d4. I downloaded the trial and am having to unblock each wave file and following the Users PDF alter the file structure in P2ATC.
  5. My problem seems to have been caused by installing a new Nvidia driver. I just installed another older one and the problem went away. I installed the older driver for another reason so it was just luck. Hope this helps.
  6. I rolled back my Nvidia driver from the latest one tonight and the Quadrant now seems to have decided to behave. I do not know if the problems h=were connected but it did start after I downloaded the driver. If so computers are truly mysterious things.
  7. I have used the above for several years and recently it started to play up on the above two axes becoming unuseable. They are hyper sensitive and jump around when you move them making it impossible to increase or decrease revs, MP or mixture gradually. I thought it was because the Quadrant was old and had worn out. I purchased a new one and despite uninstalling and reinstalling the new one I have the same problem. I recently installed and the uninstalled the CH Control Manger and I have a sneaky suspicion theat may have caused the problem. I have cleaned the registry and tried to get rid off all references to that. If I use the axes on my yoke to replace the x-and y on the quadrant it works OK. The other axes work fine on the quadrant as do the switches and my CH pedals and Yoke. I use FSUIPC and it is the same on both FSX and P3Dv4.
  8. I have just installed FSX Steam on my E Drive. My boxed FSX is on my C Drive. I have my Add On and Orbx sceneries on my D drive. Is there anyway I will be able to run the Orbx on both sims and if yes how can I go about setting it up?
  9. I can remember in the 70's and wearly 80's Loganair operated a scheduled service to Broadford,Isle of Skye from Glasgow. I know they operated Trislanders as I used to see them.Does anybody out there know what the flight number and time of the flights were and if any other type of plane was used.Simon
  10. Sorry about the delay in replying.No it continues but the problem hasn't re-occurred lately. Next time it happens I will let you know.Thanks for getting back.Simon
  11. On a couple of occasions I have had an engine fire in the DC3. It has occurred on a second flight when I have shutdown and then restarted. The first time was on climbout from an airfield. The second was near the end of the flight.I have not programmed any failures into the aircraft.I am obviously doing something wrong but I cannot work out what.Can somebody please let me know what I am doing wrong, or not doing right.
  12. Thanks for the reply. I will try and find a photoSimon
  13. Does anybody know of a Monarch Airways repaint. That is the US Monarch that later became part of Frontier.
  14. >delete advdisplay.dll from the fs modules directory>>fsuipc 3.7 or greater will do the display for you. check the>display multiline checkbox>>right mouse click the green box, and click close window>>i don't know what the problem is with winzip and your winwood>directory. need a little more information.>>>Thanks for reply.When I unzip it shows correct path but when I open folder in RCV4 no folders there except text folder. Not your problem I think could be a Vista or Winzip one.Simon
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