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  1. roarkv

    AIRAC 0612

    >Yes it can do, try one or all of the following:>>1) in XP:->start, control panel, regional and language options>click 'languages' tab and>make sure both options are 'unchecked'>>2) The font file is glassga.ttf, and can be found in the>/flight simulator 9/Fonts directory. It will be listed as>"Glass Gauges (True Type). Simply move the file to any other>directory, then back to the ..Fonts folder and WinXP should>reregister the font for you. >>>Rob Elliott, EGPE Inverness>PSS Airbus Support and>Airbus Fleet Training Captain, British Airways Virtual >airbus@speedbirdonline.co.uk>http://www.speedbirdonline.co.uk/airbus.html>http://www.bavirtual.co.ukThank you!It worked!regards Roar
  2. roarkv

    AIRAC 0612

    >This is a fonts issue: have you installed any other fonts>recently? Or have you re-sized the MCDU: if so try re-sizing>it back to what it was.>>Rob Elliott, EGPE Inverness>PSS Airbus Support and>Airbus Fleet Training Captain, British Airways Virtual >airbus@speedbirdonline.co.uk>http://www.speedbirdonline.co.uk/airbus.html>http://www.bavirtual.co.ukYes I have installed new fonts recently. Does this influence on PSS products and its FMS working?Thanksregards Roar
  3. Why do I have this (rrrr/rrrr in FROM/TO and rrrrr,rr in COROUTE) in my FMS after installing AIRAC 0612 adn AIO from www.navdata.at?seet att.Regards Roar.
  4. roarkv


    I also have this bug. When the message appear on the PFD, I switch the TCAS from TA/RA to XPDR - and RUNTIME ERROR. Roar
  5. >Same here - no autobrakes with the PSS panel and POSKY 340.>Now the latest fde docs warn of this on 'some freeware panels'>so I thought that PSS payware panel would be cool - not so.>>The problem is the new contact points in the aircraft.cfg - I>posted in the POSKY forum asking for any possible solution but>no joy - I've reverted to the less realistic contact points>from an earlier fde>>regards,>Mark...thanks for your answer...do the spoilers work now? If so could you send me the contact points. Roar
  6. With PSS panel in the Posky A340-300, spoilers armed , autobrakes set, full flap - I have no autobrakes at T/D. Why?
  7. >The search button is a wonderful thing...pity nobody seems>wanting to use it.>>http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=32265&page=2>>Bob...but DID anyone come up with a solution on this one? My question is still not answered....months ago!. What happened dear PSS-team?
  8. This has something to do with your AFCAD files. some of them are corrupted for your FS9 and you should delete them.
  9. No, it has nothing to do with your PC. A320 is different from the A330/340, and the A330/340 doesnt have this trim-behaviour. The A320-trim is completely different from what it was in FS2002,and if you read this forum it has a lot of comments/questions on just this fenomen.
  10. >The 320 and 330 use the same trim program, so it shouldnt>make a difference.>>But I see a difference in the airfiles, but cannot remember>why I did that.>>Will you mail me your 330 and 320 aifile to be sure we are>working on the same version?>>Johan>>[A HREF=http://www.phoenix-simulation.co.uk]Phoenix>Simulation Software[/A]>----->http://www.people.zeelandnet.nl/johd>Unofficial PSS Website...did you find out what the difference from the airfiles are?
  11. >what is wrong with the trim in A320? It is impossible to>stabilize the aircraft after positive rate during T/O....dear PSS team, - its alot of comments on this - do you have a solution?
  12. roarkv


    ...doesnt it provide ATC clearences too?Roar
  13. Thank you , you explained it exactly the way I meant. Is this correct, cause it isnt a problem with the A330/340?
  14. what is wrong with the trim in A320? It is impossible to stabilize the aircraft after positive rate during T/O.
  15. >> It's the weather-vane effect. Wind pushes against the side or>tail of the aircraft causing the nose of the aircraft to drift>toward the wind....yes, but in my case the wind is pushing the nose away and drags the tail towards it - opposite from what I experience in a small aircraft (Cessna) in real life....Roar
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