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  1. Hi Dai, I'm not sure I understand you. Maybe I could explain a little more. I'm trying to do the following. On my Tristar, if you press IAS, it needs to fix the speed. If the pilot advances the throttles, the pitch increases to hold the speed constant and the aircraft climbs. Likewise, if the throttles are reduced, the aircraft descends with constant speed. I have tried all sorts to get this to work. The ATS is useless to hold speed because this makes the physical throttles useless, that is, you move them but nothing happens as the throttle settings are controlled internally by the ATS. So I need to find a way to hold speed, but allow the throttles to be moved and affect the pitch value.
  2. Hi all, Anyone know if this is possible? I set autothrottle so the speed is controlled. I would then like to move the throttle and be able to read the movement. I know the sim var throttle position will remain fixed. Is there some way to read the throttle movemt so I can get this to control the pitch? Just a thought. Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks guys. I too read the SDK, but as often as not, are non the wiser :mad: I am trying to hold the speed using pitch, so if I increase the throttles, the pitch increases controlling the speed and the aircraft climbs. With the distinct lack of pitch controls I was hoping this event id would add a useful control. I was hoping to feed a pitch value into FSX, but there is no SET event for this. I have AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP and DN used in a G1000 and allows manual control of pitch used with ATT HOLD. I have tried using speed change to access AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP and DN, but feedback loops in my experiece are too slow in FSX, and the aircraft ends up porpoising. Nick
  4. Hi Anyone know how the Event ID, AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT works? I'm using pitch to control speed. Rather annoying I cannot formulate a pitch value and the feed this value into FSX. cheers, Nick
  5. Thanks Roman.I'm still interested in how to use AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT
  6. If I understand you correctly, you could try,(A:Indicated Altitude, feet) 500 / flretc.............
  7. Hi guys,In FSX and XML I'm using AP_ATT_HOLD_OFF and AP_ATT_HOLD_ON, and if on with the AP on, I can use AP_PITCH_REF_INC_DN and AP_PITCH_REF_INC_UP to set the pitch angle. BTW, (>K:AP_PANEL_ALTITUDE_ON)turns this feature off.Anyone know how to set this up so that the AP will still capture the selected altitude?I'm also using SYNC_FLIGHT_DIRECTOR_PITCH which successfully synchronises the FD to the existing pitch.How is AP_PITCH_REF_SELECT used? It says in the SDK, 'Selects pitch reference for use with +/-' ???
  8. Hi Bill, where is the "final solution"Had a search but no luck.I also suppose things are different in FSX now.cheers,nick
  9. The above has faults, so still working on this.cheers,nick
  10. All's well here with FSX plus SP1 plus Acceleration.Do you have a repeating event that might interfere?Do you have a hidden gauge that is shuting the door?Have you tried pulling connections and reconnect, in case spikes or intereference is floating around your system?cheers,nick
  11. I achieved what I wanted with the following code.I'm wondering if it can be simplified or whether the method is too complex.Basically, if the difference is greater than 180
  12. Thanks guys, I'll check your ideas and code.This aircraft does work this way.
  13. Hi Guys,I want to move the HDG bug in, say, the clockwise direction, and have the aircraft turn in the same direction. If the HDG bug is moved more than 180
  14. Sorted, I'd forgotten to save the new flight set-up.cheers,nick
  15. Hi Bill, I added child_3d=1 and all works a treat.Problem, though. When I start FSX or Reset the flight, I get the panel showing in the 3D view (as it's supposed to do) but in the top half of the screen only, as the attached picture. If I do a Reload Aircraft then it fills the screen ok.I have the following in the panel.cfg which will fill the screen.[Default View]X=0Y=0SIZE_X=8192SIZE_Y=6144In other words, I have SIZE_Y= set correctly so the 3D view should fill the screen, but it starts like it was set to a more conventional view for the 3D view.Any ideas for a fix please?cheers,nick