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  1. It seems that I may not fully understand my CPU. I ran CPU-Z and while it did report that my CPU was an i7-4720HQ @ 2.60Hz. the core speed was showing as 3591.43MHz. I know they are two different applications, but back when I was playing GTA V on the laptop, it ran very smoothly, even with settings set rather high across the board for it. Never used a frame rate counter and it ran smooth, My FSX, I have locked at 30fps and hit that easily and if I remove that, the frame rates are rather high. I will probably go ahead and buy it, the worst that happens is that I would be encouraged to buy a new laptop if the performance is not that good. I've had this once since 2015.
  2. Thank you for the detailed information Ryan.
  3. Actually I do not, if I did, I would not have posted my question. But thanks for trying Nyxx.
  4. So this is probably yet another "will my PC run P3D v4" topic. I have a Gigabyte P37 laptop with an i7 4720HQ CPU running at 2.60GHz with 16GB RAM and a nVidia GTX 970M GPU with 6GB video RAM. My OS, Windows 10, is on a SSD drive and right now I have FSX on a standard laptop drive, but my laptop does have the ability to remove the optical drive, which I never use and install another drive in that bay, which if I do, would be another SSD drive. As of now with mt FSX setup I do not have any add-on aircraft, that is not my thing. Rather I focus on AI setup, with a focus on traffic that makes ports of call in Australia and New Zealand. I do have various ORBX packages, scenery and airport, installed as well as my home airport, Fly Tampa's Sydney package. AI wise I have models from FAIB, TFS, AIG and a few stragglers from AIA and some others. With this basic description of my laptop and current FSX setup, what would I expect to see if I setup P3dv4? I have been toying with the idea of a new laptop (I do not have the space for a desktop) but if I could save a few $$$ and keep on using my laptop, I'd prefer that.
  5. >All,>>Just an update...>>I'm investigating to figure out what is happening. I am trying>to get a hold of our ever so busy IT guys.>>I am pleased to inform you that we have purchased brand new,>top of the line, servers within the next month or so. They are>much larger and much better to not only take over what our>overloaded servers are doing now, but to allow for much>anticipated growth in the future.>>Please bare with us... we are fully aware of the situation.More space for the Photorealistic Chile Scenery and substandard entire fleet repaints for every carrier know to mankind from Bonnie Windsor. I cannot wait to see the flood of files from those two when AVSIM's file library gets back online. They must have gigs ready to upload by now.
  6. A little sarcasm about the never ending flood of the Chile scenery.You might be seeing IE's wonderful security features in use. When you try to download with IE, do you get the little yellow bar at the top of the screen that says "To help protect....." If so, if you click that bar and choose 'Download File' does anything happen? I just downloaded a file no problem with IE6, and I had to do the above to download the file.
  7. It was probably due to the never ending mega upload flood of the FSX Realistic Chile Photoreal Scenery and the hoards of people downloading it. :-roll
  8. The files were removed when an updated model was released. Search for the file djc_a318.zip which is the new model. Make sure to read the included documentation as you will need to do some file renaming to make the textures work with the new version of the model.
  9. I reduced my AA Combined 8XS setting to Combined 4XS and am seeing better performance. I might try lowering my AF to 8X and then 4X to see if it helps anymore.
  10. That seemed to help some, but my fps are suffering though.
  11. I've read how nHancer can help the graphics in FS9, but I cannot seem to figure out what settings I should use. Hopefully somebody with a similar system can share their nHancer settings with me. First of all, here are my PC specs... - 3ghz PentiumD processor - 3gb PC2-4200 ram - evga nVidia 7600gs 512MB with nVidia 94.24 drivers - XP Pro SP2What I would like to know, what graphic/display settings from within FS9 should I use and what settings from within nHancer should I use? I run my AI at 100% and use models from Aardvark, EVAI, TFS, AI Malcontent, PAI and others.Also in my FS9.CFG file I have the following settings..[DISPLAY]UPPER_FRAMERATE_LIMIT=26TEXTURE_BANDWIDTH_MULT=60[TERRAIN]TERRAIN_ERROR_FACTOR=100.000000TERRAIN_MIN_DEM_AREA=10.000000TERRAIN_MAX_DEM_AREA=100.000000TERRAIN_MAX_VERTEX_LEVEL=20TERRAIN_TEXTURE_SIZE_EXP=8TERRAIN_AUTOGEN_DENSITY=2TERRAIN_USE_GRADIENT_MAP=1TERRAIN_EXTENDED_TEXTURES=1TERRAIN_DEFAULT_RADIUS=9.500000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_RADIUS=4.500000TERRAIN_EXTENDED_LEVELS=4Thanks for any help!Craig
  12. Within the past month or so I have uploaded some Winter 2007 plans for jetBlue. Search by my name Craig Sturdivant and you should see them. Within the .zip file is a readme on what repaints you should use, along with the filenames on AVSIM. It may not be as easy as you want, but the plans are fairly spot on with accurate routes, registrations and accurate tail design usage.Also if you do have UT, they should be in there, It might be a matter of downloading the textures for them, assigning them and compiling your traffic file. If you need help with that, head on over to the UT forums where I or the other moderators or the other users can help you with any problems.Craig
  13. Lately I have been having some various CTDs while flying, and it only seems to be when I have my XFire client running. Just in case you do not know, XFire is a client that works like an IM program that shows your friends if you are playing online and what server, IP address and all of that other stuff. These crashes only seem to happen when I am ALT-Tabbing back to FS9 from browsing the web. FS9 will CTD and want to send a report to the XFire team and to MS as well. I've noticed in some of the reports it mentions panel.dll and fe.dll. I know one fix is to not ALT-Tab during the flight and browse the web, but those long flights are boring and I need to pass the time on Airliners.net or browsing the AVSIM file library and forums. This happens with my "normal" XP boot and also with the /3GB switch enabled which I discovered in a topic in this forum about a month ago or so.My system specs are:3Ghz Pentium D3GB PC4200 RAMXP Pro SP2Creative X-Fi audio card (latest drivers)GeForce 7600GS 512MB video card (94.24 drivers, 1400x1050, 4AA, 4AS)
  14. Lately when I have been looking at the new files in the library, my feelings are more of annoyance rather than those of enjoyment (that is not the right word I want to use, but I am not sure of what word to use). I am so glad that I am not paying for the disk space for this site, as most of the new files are a waste of space. Classic examples are the Photo Realistic Chile files...how many gigs is this taking up and when will it end?!? And how many repaints of the same airline can you have, why do painters feel that we need every single registration in the fleet depicted? And on the subject of repaints, why does every repaint include the model? That is a huge waste of space! People that use AVSIM are above average users of flightsim and chances are very good that the model is already installed on their machines....and they do not need an .exe installer to go along with it. I don't know, maybe I am getting cranky in my old age.
  15. Anybody know of the FDE modifications to make the regular iFDG A318 into the ACJ variation?
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