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  1. I use the 71.84 with a 6600 without any problem..Alain
  2. Sorry,I'v checked and it's 71.89.... I'v found it here :http://www.station-drivers.com/page/nvidia%20forceware.htmHope it helpsAlain
  3. Since I have my Nvidia 6600, 256Mo., I used the old 79.84 driver.. Never had problems...I'v tried to change one time without succes...Alain
  4. Same thing for me here...Really poor FPS...between 10-15 without clouds..
  5. And me...Yesterday I was landing in Montreal (CYUL)....It was suppose to have snow but what was falling was rain....It was -26c.Weird...Alain
  6. Thanks JIm,What a prompt reply..Didn't have the time to finish my coffeeThanks a lotAlain
  7. Sorry,The link is inactive this morning..http://sales.hifisim.com/downloads.htmAlain
  8. Sorry,just disreegard...I'v found my answer...http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho..._id=25247&page=SorryAlain
  9. Good day all.This week I will reformat my HD....Will I have to reinstall ASV5 +ASV6&Graphics or just an installation of ASV6+Graphics will be enough...I thank you for the advice..Alain
  10. Samething happenned to me to day. After 1.5 hours of flight with ASV6 and PMDG744, a CTD; screen became black a few seconds and....FS closed. No error message...I use ASV since many months and PMDG744 since the first day of it's release...First time it happens...and with ASV6Alain
  11. No problem Lefteris,,it's you the specialist.....It was just to inform the guys...I appreciate...
  12. Alex and Jeff,In the RTE page....just type...(let's say)5020N...that's it.....Let's say...Novep..5040NIn the RTE page..Good luckAlain
  13. Note: I am hijacking Alain's post to highlight a couple KEY issues fixed in this version:--6. A long-standing bug is fixed in the wind smoothing algorithm which could occasionally make the actual wind effect at the aircraft 180 degrees opposite to that shown as the ambient wind (e.g. by Shift+Z). Additionally this fix makes the wind direction written to offset 2DE0 have the correct effect at the aircraft.--10. Wind gusts set through the New Weather Interface (NWI) are now limited to prevent outrageous variations. Any gust value specified above 30 knots is limited to 8 times the layer
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