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  1. >I did have a CFM which I have used on some aircraft which>were by by Mike Maarse.>>This is the file (sound_v2500.zip) that I am using for IAE>(and they are recommended for use with IFDG so cant really go>wrong there).>>Most of the sound sets that I have tried from the library are>good though and would recommend having an airbus one rather>than just the fs default aircraft sounds! >>As far as panels go there are a couple of good freeware ones>that I have found and many people would surely recommend. Ken>Mitchell and Eric Marciano are 2 names to look out for in the>library. There are so many options if you search under FS2004>panels and alot of them realte to the IFDG model so you can>also have cabin window views etc. >>Although I have tried many airbus panels I am using the PSS>A320 panel at the moment (even though I am using the IFDG>model). Dont really like the PSS model and it is a bit>outdated now but the panel is prbably the best anyone can get>at the moment. There are a couple of forethcomming airbus>representations (payware) so will wait and see If anything can>beat my current configuration.>>I presume that you had a download version of the PSS and dont>have access to the files anymmore which is why you cannot get>hold of it?Exactly... Thank you for the good info!Kerke
  2. >I set it up like that and makes all the difference! No more>jagged edges! Really purrrty!Yeah but if enabling AA on the video driver (instead of on FS9) yields better FPS, I'd prefer to learn how to do that.
  3. >If you are seeing jagged edges on textures especially>aircraft textures you can adjust the AA (anti aliasing)>settings. You should have AA turned off in FS9 and enabled>in your graphics card settings.Do you know how to enable AA in the GeForce 7900GS? I've always enabled it on FS9 -- do I get better FPS is I enable it on the driver and turn it off on FS9?ThanksKerke
  4. >I am a true airbus fan and fly little else but Airbus>aircraft. I have flown many of the fleet from A319's to A340's>(mainly the new fly-by-wire aircraft). At the moment I am>flying the A320 on European routes. >>The aircraft in the fly-by-wire fleet have such a similar>cockpit it is easy to transfer from one aircraft to another>with just tweeking your knowledge and the aircraft's>procedures. The FMC is designed to fly the aircraft which is a>great cockpit tool. >>I bought the PSS A319/320/321 a while ago and still use the>panel to date but I have merged it with IFDG models and>textures as these are far more detailed and IMO they are the>best modelled airbus aircraft out there (freeware or payware).>I have also modified and downloaded a CFM soundset from the>library which is great and this really does improve the>realism of the aircraft rather than having just the default FS>aircraft sounds. There are a couple of good freeware panels as>well if you are looking to get a better one as the IFDG models>mostly come with the default 737 FS cockpit. >>Love flying with a joystick and IMO - I dont think that it>compromises realism. Nick, do you have the name of the CFM soundset zip file so I can download it from the library?I used to have the PSS Airbuses (and panel) but now they [PSS] are gone and I have a new computer, so I am panel-less ;-) Can you recommend what would be the best A320 freeware panel out there?Thank you,Kerke
  5. >I would like a real 767 pilot's opinon concerning a question I>have about the 767. Here it goes. All the the 767s that I have>ing FS9 seem to bank very slowly. Is this an attribute of the>real 767?Niorga, I am not a real-life 767 driver but a couple of my friends are. One of them flies the LAN 767-300 and the other drives an American Airlines 767-300, so here it goes... If you're referring to the Level-D 767, the bank turns are very accurate. In fact, the Level-D 767 is THE ONLY Flight Simulator aircraft they have tried with smooth bank angle, just like the real thing. Other complex "and excellent" FSim add-on aircraft such as the PSS A320 and the wonderfull F1 ATR 72-500 fail in the bank-speed reality department, with military-aircraft-style bank speed. Now, note that I am not saying "bank angle"; according to an American Eagle ATR driver I know, the F1 ATR 72-500 bank angles (15-LO and 27-HI) are quite accurate, the difference is that the real-life ATR's bank speed is much much slower and smooth, simular to the Level-D 767.My .02 cents...Best regards from KMIA,Kerke
  6. >OK thanks guys ill go ahead and install it!>Lots of fun since we will be flying with 6 people and would be>practising our RT! (we also have communications lessons and>within 2 months exames so its a nice practice!)Nick, 2 is better than one ;-)Good luck and have fun in the process,Regards from KMIA,Kerke
  7. >Hello, >>My name is Spirit Flyer and I am a flight simaholic! It has>been almost a year since I (thought I) broke the addiction of>MS Flight Simulation. I had maxed out fs2004 with nearly every>conceivable add-on and modification possible. It seems,>looking back, that most of my spare time was spent tweeking>and modifying my tweeks and modifications. Flying itself was>no longer fun. I knew that FSX was a dog so I completely>ignored all of the noise coming from its a really excited user, and>eventually even stopped reading all the FSX complaint>threads.>> One day I had a technical problem that threatened to scramble>much of my work, so I simply deleted the entire ms9 program>along with every register record of the same with it's>thousands of addons and adjustments. I threw out my fs CD's>and walked away. Since I am not a kid, I was thankful that I>had the maturity and discipline to do that. I vowed that I>would never "play" thousands of hours with a computer again!>>Well, last week I had a new machine build utilizing Vista 64>bit, an Intel Duo Core (E6750), 4 Gigs of ram, and a Nvidea>GeForce 8800GT 512, amongst a few other select choice goodies.>Within an hour of setting it up at home, my mouth ran dry, my>breath begun to shorten and I began to sweat with my mind>racing. I lost control. Within a few hours I found myself>immersed in a new FSX deluxe program (SP1 and SP2), absolutely>stunned with the beauty and butter smooth flights (locked at>21FPS, most settings far to the right). I now have a big box>of DVD's from Flight 1 on the way here and have already>downloaded GEX and their new landclass.>>So, anyway, I have nothing to complain about yet, and no soap>box to preach from. With this equipment, MS10 seems to operate>as a dream flight machine. It is so far above the most>enhanced fs2004, that it's hard to realize that it is just a>one generation jump. It is a sweet joy to fly again, so much>so that I can hardly leave the cockpit to sleep. For those>that say that there is no point to even try to enjoy the new>simulator, all I say is "Yes we can!" >>Like I said, my name is Spirit Flyer and I am a flight>simaholic, and I'm back.Spirit Flyer, if your new computer runs FSX so well, just imagine how it would run FS9 ;-) I use both.Best regards from KMIAKerke
  8. >Kerke,>>AISmooth is a nice program, but it's not perfect. Some>arrivals are held in a hold well past their assigned arrival>times and sometimes beyond their departure times. I'd really>like to see Michael Sanger provide an option for "first in,>first out" prioritization.Me too Bruce but, until then, I prefer to use AISmooth than to have FS9/FSX ATC do the annoying go-arounds.Best regards from KMIAKerke
  9. >Actually there are several AFCADS for KMIA and assorted>sceneries, although I have and am a big Fan of "Fly Tampa's>Miami" I use Jim Viles version of the AFCAD because it uses>multiple Runways for landing and Takeoffs. It seems to prevent>the GoRounds and waiting for runway clearance to takeoff till>they disappear. American Airlines by themselves can keep KMIA>active 24/7.>>Bill :( Thank you for your replies, I will try the freebies first and see how it goes. BTW, on the go-around situation at busy airports, I downloaded and installed AISmooth last night and it works very very well with FS9 and WOAI, not a single go-around at 100% traffic at KMIA, 2 active runways both with planes orderly landing and departing. I think Microsoft should license the AISmooth software and incorporate it into Flight Simulator.Thanks again,Kerke
  10. I realize that FS9 came out before KMIA's runway changes. Is there a [good/free] runway update for FS9's default KMIA?Thank you,Kerke
  11. >Kerke: To remove default AI:>Go to X:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator>9SceneryWorldscenery>the X: is C: on my computer - then find this file called>traffic030528.bgl.>All u need to do is rename it - renamed mine to :>traffic030528.bgl.ORIG and FS9 will ignore it.Thank you bursco. Now, if I remove the default traffic and install WOAI, will I see much GA traffic? WOAI seems to only have 4 or 5 GA planes.Kerke
  12. I reinstalled FS9 on my computer and it works great. However, years ago I downloaded a file from the library that replaced aircraft position lights and other lights with more realistic looking lights.Does anybody know the name of that download library file?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  13. >As A newbie, are you in for a Surprise. WOAI and similar>addons place actual real scheduled airlines at airports and>they fly their scheduled routes. A whole new world!Question for users of WOAI with FS9. Once I install the WOAI installer and the individual airliner packages, how do I remove FS9's generic default AI?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  14. >MTX's models actualy perform better than FSX's default>traffic, but there is alot more traffic with MTX so some>people see frame rate issues as they get greedy with the>sliders. With 60% commercial / 10% GA AI, MTX had around 500+>aircraft running. I'm at work and I don't remember the exact>figures.>>Another thing some people dont consider, airport vehicles>count towards the budget of active ai aircraft in fsx. It's>not uncommon to have FSX tracking over 200 airport vehicles. >For that reason I have airport ground vehicles disabled so I>can have FSX stuffed to the brim with ai flights. The sky's>are filled and major airports often have aircraft lined up for>departure.>>The new FSX models in MTX look great. Sometimes I just sit on>the taxiway at busy airports and watch the traffic. When you>fire up a flight it takes around 10 minutes for most of the>traffic to wind up, and you can get a pretty big frame rate>hit as all jetways within a 120 mile radius become active. >After that initial hit performance picks back up, to avoid>this I just run the sim at 4 or 8x for a minute. But you can>disable the jetways as stated.Lith1um, how do I disable the jetways on FSX (without MTX)?
  15. I am also considering a couple of add-ons to replace the generic FSX AI traffic with something more realistic.I don't want to compare products or change this thread's topic, but the other product I am considering is "World of AI", which is free and for that reason IMO worth trying. Is "World of AI" software and its models fully compatible with FSX SP2? I don't use Acceleration, I just have FSX with SP2.Thank you in advance and my appologies for asking a question out of the original poster's topic.Kerke
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