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    Why Do You Fly The Airbus?

    >I did have a CFM which I have used on some aircraft which>were by by Mike Maarse.>>This is the file ( that I am using for IAE>(and they are recommended for use with IFDG so cant really go>wrong there).>>Most of the sound sets that I have tried from the library are>good though and would recommend having an airbus one rather>than just the fs default aircraft sounds! >>As far as panels go there are a couple of good freeware ones>that I have found and many people would surely recommend. Ken>Mitchell and Eric Marciano are 2 names to look out for in the>library. There are so many options if you search under FS2004>panels and alot of them realte to the IFDG model so you can>also have cabin window views etc. >>Although I have tried many airbus panels I am using the PSS>A320 panel at the moment (even though I am using the IFDG>model). Dont really like the PSS model and it is a bit>outdated now but the panel is prbably the best anyone can get>at the moment. There are a couple of forethcomming airbus>representations (payware) so will wait and see If anything can>beat my current configuration.>>I presume that you had a download version of the PSS and dont>have access to the files anymmore which is why you cannot get>hold of it?Exactly... Thank you for the good info!Kerke
  2. kerke

    Smoothing image edges...

    >I set it up like that and makes all the difference! No more>jagged edges! Really purrrty!Yeah but if enabling AA on the video driver (instead of on FS9) yields better FPS, I'd prefer to learn how to do that.
  3. kerke

    Smoothing image edges...

    >If you are seeing jagged edges on textures especially>aircraft textures you can adjust the AA (anti aliasing)>settings. You should have AA turned off in FS9 and enabled>in your graphics card settings.Do you know how to enable AA in the GeForce 7900GS? I've always enabled it on FS9 -- do I get better FPS is I enable it on the driver and turn it off on FS9?ThanksKerke
  4. kerke

    Why Do You Fly The Airbus?

    >I am a true airbus fan and fly little else but Airbus>aircraft. I have flown many of the fleet from A319's to A340's>(mainly the new fly-by-wire aircraft). At the moment I am>flying the A320 on European routes. >>The aircraft in the fly-by-wire fleet have such a similar>cockpit it is easy to transfer from one aircraft to another>with just tweeking your knowledge and the aircraft's>procedures. The FMC is designed to fly the aircraft which is a>great cockpit tool. >>I bought the PSS A319/320/321 a while ago and still use the>panel to date but I have merged it with IFDG models and>textures as these are far more detailed and IMO they are the>best modelled airbus aircraft out there (freeware or payware).>I have also modified and downloaded a CFM soundset from the>library which is great and this really does improve the>realism of the aircraft rather than having just the default FS>aircraft sounds. There are a couple of good freeware panels as>well if you are looking to get a better one as the IFDG models>mostly come with the default 737 FS cockpit. >>Love flying with a joystick and IMO - I dont think that it>compromises realism. Nick, do you have the name of the CFM soundset zip file so I can download it from the library?I used to have the PSS Airbuses (and panel) but now they [PSS] are gone and I have a new computer, so I am panel-less ;-) Can you recommend what would be the best A320 freeware panel out there?Thank you,Kerke
  5. >I would like a real 767 pilot's opinon concerning a question I>have about the 767. Here it goes. All the the 767s that I have>ing FS9 seem to bank very slowly. Is this an attribute of the>real 767?Niorga, I am not a real-life 767 driver but a couple of my friends are. One of them flies the LAN 767-300 and the other drives an American Airlines 767-300, so here it goes... If you're referring to the Level-D 767, the bank turns are very accurate. In fact, the Level-D 767 is THE ONLY Flight Simulator aircraft they have tried with smooth bank angle, just like the real thing. Other complex "and excellent" FSim add-on aircraft such as the PSS A320 and the wonderfull F1 ATR 72-500 fail in the bank-speed reality department, with military-aircraft-style bank speed. Now, note that I am not saying "bank angle"; according to an American Eagle ATR driver I know, the F1 ATR 72-500 bank angles (15-LO and 27-HI) are quite accurate, the difference is that the real-life ATR's bank speed is much much slower and smooth, simular to the Level-D 767.My .02 cents...Best regards from KMIA,Kerke
  6. kerke

    FS09 can i install FSX also?

    >OK thanks guys ill go ahead and install it!>Lots of fun since we will be flying with 6 people and would be>practising our RT! (we also have communications lessons and>within 2 months exames so its a nice practice!)Nick, 2 is better than one ;-)Good luck and have fun in the process,Regards from KMIA,Kerke
  7. kerke

    Butter smooth

    >Hello, >>My name is Spirit Flyer and I am a flight simaholic! It has>been almost a year since I (thought I) broke the addiction of>MS Flight Simulation. I had maxed out fs2004 with nearly every>conceivable add-on and modification possible. It seems,>looking back, that most of my spare time was spent tweeking>and modifying my tweeks and modifications. Flying itself was>no longer fun. I knew that FSX was a dog so I completely>ignored all of the noise coming from its a really excited user, and>eventually even stopped reading all the FSX complaint>threads.>> One day I had a technical problem that threatened to scramble>much of my work, so I simply deleted the entire ms9 program>along with every register record of the same with it's>thousands of addons and adjustments. I threw out my fs CD's>and walked away. Since I am not a kid, I was thankful that I>had the maturity and discipline to do that. I vowed that I>would never "play" thousands of hours with a computer again!>>Well, last week I had a new machine build utilizing Vista 64>bit, an Intel Duo Core (E6750), 4 Gigs of ram, and a Nvidea>GeForce 8800GT 512, amongst a few other select choice goodies.>Within an hour of setting it up at home, my mouth ran dry, my>breath begun to shorten and I began to sweat with my mind>racing. I lost control. Within a few hours I found myself>immersed in a new FSX deluxe program (SP1 and SP2), absolutely>stunned with the beauty and butter smooth flights (locked at>21FPS, most settings far to the right). I now have a big box>of DVD's from Flight 1 on the way here and have already>downloaded GEX and their new landclass.>>So, anyway, I have nothing to complain about yet, and no soap>box to preach from. With this equipment, MS10 seems to operate>as a dream flight machine. It is so far above the most>enhanced fs2004, that it's hard to realize that it is just a>one generation jump. It is a sweet joy to fly again, so much>so that I can hardly leave the cockpit to sleep. For those>that say that there is no point to even try to enjoy the new>simulator, all I say is "Yes we can!" >>Like I said, my name is Spirit Flyer and I am a flight>simaholic, and I'm back.Spirit Flyer, if your new computer runs FSX so well, just imagine how it would run FS9 ;-) I use both.Best regards from KMIAKerke
  8. kerke

    FS9 KMIA Runway 8L/8R & 26L/26R

    >Kerke,>>AISmooth is a nice program, but it's not perfect. Some>arrivals are held in a hold well past their assigned arrival>times and sometimes beyond their departure times. I'd really>like to see Michael Sanger provide an option for "first in,>first out" prioritization.Me too Bruce but, until then, I prefer to use AISmooth than to have FS9/FSX ATC do the annoying go-arounds.Best regards from KMIAKerke
  9. kerke

    FS9 KMIA Runway 8L/8R & 26L/26R

    >Actually there are several AFCADS for KMIA and assorted>sceneries, although I have and am a big Fan of "Fly Tampa's>Miami" I use Jim Viles version of the AFCAD because it uses>multiple Runways for landing and Takeoffs. It seems to prevent>the GoRounds and waiting for runway clearance to takeoff till>they disappear. American Airlines by themselves can keep KMIA>active 24/7.>>Bill :( Thank you for your replies, I will try the freebies first and see how it goes. BTW, on the go-around situation at busy airports, I downloaded and installed AISmooth last night and it works very very well with FS9 and WOAI, not a single go-around at 100% traffic at KMIA, 2 active runways both with planes orderly landing and departing. I think Microsoft should license the AISmooth software and incorporate it into Flight Simulator.Thanks again,Kerke
  10. I realize that FS9 came out before KMIA's runway changes. Is there a [good/free] runway update for FS9's default KMIA?Thank you,Kerke
  11. >Kerke: To remove default AI:>Go to X:Program FilesMicrosoft GamesFlight Simulator>9SceneryWorldscenery>the X: is C: on my computer - then find this file called>traffic030528.bgl.>All u need to do is rename it - renamed mine to :>traffic030528.bgl.ORIG and FS9 will ignore it.Thank you bursco. Now, if I remove the default traffic and install WOAI, will I see much GA traffic? WOAI seems to only have 4 or 5 GA planes.Kerke
  12. I reinstalled FS9 on my computer and it works great. However, years ago I downloaded a file from the library that replaced aircraft position lights and other lights with more realistic looking lights.Does anybody know the name of that download library file?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  13. >As A newbie, are you in for a Surprise. WOAI and similar>addons place actual real scheduled airlines at airports and>they fly their scheduled routes. A whole new world!Question for users of WOAI with FS9. Once I install the WOAI installer and the individual airliner packages, how do I remove FS9's generic default AI?Thank you in advance,Kerke
  14. kerke

    MyTraffic X Ver. 5.1b - A Question

    >MTX's models actualy perform better than FSX's default>traffic, but there is alot more traffic with MTX so some>people see frame rate issues as they get greedy with the>sliders. With 60% commercial / 10% GA AI, MTX had around 500+>aircraft running. I'm at work and I don't remember the exact>figures.>>Another thing some people dont consider, airport vehicles>count towards the budget of active ai aircraft in fsx. It's>not uncommon to have FSX tracking over 200 airport vehicles. >For that reason I have airport ground vehicles disabled so I>can have FSX stuffed to the brim with ai flights. The sky's>are filled and major airports often have aircraft lined up for>departure.>>The new FSX models in MTX look great. Sometimes I just sit on>the taxiway at busy airports and watch the traffic. When you>fire up a flight it takes around 10 minutes for most of the>traffic to wind up, and you can get a pretty big frame rate>hit as all jetways within a 120 mile radius become active. >After that initial hit performance picks back up, to avoid>this I just run the sim at 4 or 8x for a minute. But you can>disable the jetways as stated.Lith1um, how do I disable the jetways on FSX (without MTX)?
  15. kerke

    MyTraffic X Ver. 5.1b - A Question

    I am also considering a couple of add-ons to replace the generic FSX AI traffic with something more realistic.I don't want to compare products or change this thread's topic, but the other product I am considering is "World of AI", which is free and for that reason IMO worth trying. Is "World of AI" software and its models fully compatible with FSX SP2? I don't use Acceleration, I just have FSX with SP2.Thank you in advance and my appologies for asking a question out of the original poster's topic.Kerke