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    Flight Simulator Round The World Race

    As some of you may or may not be aware, AVSIM competes in an annual race around the world using Microsoft's Platform for Flight Simulation (includes Prepar3D). This event has been ongoing since 2003. Its an exciting event consisting of 2 sometimes 3 teams trying to fly around the world as fast as possible given a ruleset which can vary from year to year (to make things interesting). In recent years however interest in the event has dwindled, we have a team of about 10 members, mostly north americans at the moment but we have had a team as high as 20+ members. My question to all of you is would this be an event that would pique your interest? Basically the teams need members. You do not even have to fly for team AVSIM, you can fly for team Sim-Outhouse or team Flightsim if that is what interests you. Please go and have a look at https://www.fsrtwrace.com and see if it is something you might be interested in. If so, check out the Race forum here at AVSIM and the team can walk you through anything you need to do to get setup. If you want to fly tubeliners / propliners / warbirds / slow planes then there are always legs within the race that will accomodate most of these. Granted the race is mostly flown in warbirds but rules can be changed. Without your support, this race may not continue. In fact 2020's race is up in the air at the moment. Please check it out.. Thank you,
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    Good luck, guys!

    An official announcement will be made soon.
  3. Alright race fans, time to get serious here. 2020, do you want a race ? I know SOH is struggling with members so we need ideas. With Mike and Rob stepping down, I’m it for an executive committee. I know I run the site and make the Duenna but it’s not my race, it’s your race. Evaluate the current setup, current rule structure and perhaps the race needs a shakeup to continue. We need ideas, if you want to continue let’s hear them. I’d like to see a true RTW next year if possible. So 2020, yay or nay?
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    Pics & Pireps RTWR 2019

    FINAL LEG Okay, so today is DC's birthday so the team asked him if he wanted to take the final flight of the race into Phoenix. He declined and we needed a bearcat pilot to fly the final leg, so I volunteered with Travis as my wingman. Now for some setup. We had a couple early setbacks which caused our team to be at a bit of a loss time wise compared to SOH however we were battling back and they had a couple wingman transfers which made us neck and neck. Both teams were flying into KUNU before heading to midway and SOH had an issue going in before us so we were thinking, okay, they have to sit there for 6 minutes so we will close the gap. Next thing, BANG, highmike's P3D decides to take a dump leaving Leon alone flying into the soup. It was very tense having him fly in there as he couldn't see the airport however Roman expertly helped guide him in for a successful landing which saved our bacon however we too had to wait out 6 minutes so there went the possible catchup time. Next leg was C47's to midway which both teams did and both teams completed those legs perfectly. Now comes the dash to the finish. SOH arrived at midway first then took off in bearcats, here is our chance. Our plan was to fly bearcats in the final leg so we took off out of midway in F80's, the winds across the midwest were brutal and with the bearcats having to go high for range they were hammered by headwinds while our F80's hugged the deck and screamed along. Steve in his F80 caught up to SOH and passed them, now was our chance, victory may have been possible, break out our slide rules. SOH landed in Kansas about 10 minutes before we made it to Boise City Oklahoma and Spookster(Martin) took off in an F80 bound for Phoenix however there were 10,000 foot peaks in the way and the F80 does better down low. Steve expertly touched down and myself and Travis took to the skies in our bearcats with the entire team following us, our hope was to light up the tracker in blue and perhaps make Martin sweat. Travis and I flew as fast as bearcats would allow, winds were not great. Winds kept fluctuating between headwind and slight tailwind depending on altitude so as long as we had the range we kept trying to get low to avoid the crazy winds up high. The team was crunching numbers and watching SOH like a hawk, this was it, crunch time. I flogged those horses in my bearcat as hard as I could, all the while watching the tracker to see just how fast Martin was bearing down on me. Martin's ground speed was around 510 knots while mine was hovering between 360 and 390 so he had a 120 - 150 knot advantage. We watched him closely, when he passed our departure airport of Boise City I had flown 140 nm away from it so he was 140nm behind and I had 1 hour left of my flight, this was going to be SOOO close. Now the issue was we didn't have time to do an approach into the airport, so an idea came up to land on Taxiway Kilo as it was almost directly inline with our route of flight. As we got closer, Martin kept getting closer and closer and we weren't sure if he was going to pass right at the end and his winds weren't as bad as we were hoping. The entire leg, I was bombarded with questions of just how far from Phoenix I was so the team could keep track of possible arrival times between Martin and I and each time we knew it was going to be within a minute or two. Around 15nm from Phoenix I was crossing the final ridge before the descent into the airport, by this point, martin was only about 20nm behind me. It was here that I was beginning to think we wouldn't make it, however I put the plane into a nosedive, found the taxiway i needed and planted her as hard as I could, put on the anchors and prayed the plane would stop quickly. Plane stopped with Green duenna and posted and I was told our post was up and SOH hadn't posted yet... VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!! Martin posted only 25 seconds later. Congrats to SOH on a well fought race. That was probably the most nervous I've been of any leg in my entire tenure.
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    Pics & Pireps RTWR 2019

    Ok, this might be a few posts. 😄 The team getting ready to depart Dubai, I was in a 777 seeing them off. 😄 Getting setup for our 1st p51-H leg into India over sounds rocks. Ohh look, mountains Super wildcard time, Jeff and I ready to fly into Russia in our shiny 777-200's Steve departing Midway on our penultimate leg. The team ready for the final leg with Steve just about to touch down.
  6. Baton is free at KIWA.. Text / Tracking
  7. I have the baton, 17K-KIWA in the ABC Bearcat. Final leg.... Go Go Go!!!!!! This is going to be a photo finish!!!!!!
  8. Wingman finally made it to KINL Text / Tracking
  9. Wingman for Mike in the DCC P38L from CJV8-KINL
  10. Baton is free at UHMM Text / Tracking
  11. I have the baton ZYMD - UHMM in the PMDG 777-200 (Wildcard Leg)
  12. Baton is free at RPLB..... Text / Tracking
  13. I have the baton for RPMR - RPLB in the ABC Bearcat.
  14. Wingman down safe at WADA. Text / Tracking
  15. Wing for highmike WBGG - WADA in the P51-H A2A
  16. Baton is free at VI66 Text / Tracking
  17. Baton was moved to UADD due to Crash.. Served 15 Minute Penalty Crash.. I have the baton UADD - VI66 in the A2A p51H
  18. To all pilots, we are pleased to announce the final running of the Round The World Race. The race will start Feb 15 at approximately 22:00 UTC (subject to change). The route for this race will complete the route started in 2017 from Dubai to Phoenix.
  19. Hola Gentleman, Eamonn flying for Team Avsim Sim: FSX-SE Weather: Active Sky Next
  20. Eamonn Watson

    2019 RTW Special Rules Early Release

    Final Rules have been released, you can find them here: https://www.fsrtwrace.com/
  21. Good Day Racers, The Special Rules have been given out in an early release format. The routing will be given on Wednesday. https://www.fsrtwrace.com/pdf/2019 RTWR Special Rules Early Release v0.95.pdf Thanks,
  22. Good Morning all, It was pointed out to me last night there is an error in the Duenna Manual regarding overspeed. The manual states the limits are 60 seconds for FSX/P3D and 30 for FS9, this is incorrect, it is 90 for FSX/P3D and 60 for FS9. I will be updating the manual and it will appear in the next version of the Duenna however unless an error in the Duenna is discovered there will not be a new one before the Race and I wont issue a new version just for a manual update. Thank you,
  23. There was a rounding error in the Duenna UI display only. I altered the way the overspeed and inverted times are shown and it should prevent that in future.
  24. The AH P47D is legal, all versions as stated in the whitelist so yes that one is legal. The Typhoon is not on the whitelist, now i don't know much about its maximum speed but if its less than 350 KTAS in level flight then it is legal, if its more than that, it would need to be tested and approved and there isn't enough time before the race to do that.
  25. Hey guys, I meant to stop in today, how was the practice? any issues with the Duenna? This is probably the last few days I can make any pre-race updates if needed.