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  1. Cedar

    Granada airport by Akesoft

    Hi Tors In case you are reading this topic again..... Please check your personal messages - I have sent you one. Cedar
  2. Hi GuysThanks for creating this great Boeing 737-200 !!!!With the new v1.1 of the TinMouse project Terry Gaff also released a pack with the models (tinmouse2_b732_modelpack.zip). However this model pack is still carrying the original Gravel Kit model (size 1815394 bytes). I am using a newer PGK model dated July 3rd (size 2075392) which I think was released in one of the patches for v1.0 which is no longer available.I just wanted to bring your attention to this as I already have the new version of the PGK model but others might not have it. Is there any reason for removing the updated PGK model or did just forget to include the new one in tinmouse2_b732_modelpack.zip ?Regards Cedar
  3. HiIt seems impossible to find MRAI flightplans after they closed their website.I am looking for the MRAI flightplans for Wider
  4. I have downloaded and installed a scenery for Boccadifalco at Sicily. Unfortunately a lot of textures were missing. After decompiling the bgl file and looking into it I managed to find most of the missing textures but I am still missing :1airgeo.bmp1airgeoW.bmpWhich I think are used for a couple of static aircraft as these are the only objects left completely white.Is there anybody who has got these texture files or knows where to find them ?Thanks in advance !Ren
  5. Thanks for the explanations - didn't know that such strange planes existed for fire training.RegardsCedar
  6. I need help to identify this aircraft? What is it?The tail looks like something from a DC-10 while the body more looks like a 747 SP.These photos were taken at Heathrow during the weekend by a friend of mine. It is sitting next to a parked Concorde.Is there anybody who knows something about this strange plane ?Cedarhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111624.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111625.jpghttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/111626.jpg
  7. Cedar

    NEED Alaska Scenery

    Hi ChuckHave a look at http://bfu.avsim.net/ and you will find lists of sceneries for Alaska, Washington and British Columbia. Most of the FS2002 sceneries also work fine in FS2004.If you are into bush flying you should visit our forum (Bush Flying Unlimited) here at Avsim (further down the forum list). There are lots of helpful people and good hints for Alaska and BC.Cedar
  8. Hi againAs I was quite curious about this I decided to see if I could find the explanation on the airports homepage:http://www.innsbruck-airport.com/It turns out that the latest departure today is Austrian Airlines 19:20 to Vienna and the latest arrival is Austrian Airlines from Frankfurt arriving at 22:30.I looked in the Umwelterkl
  9. Hi RonaldI am not quite sure about this but I think it may be closing after 11 or 12 pm (I have not seen or heard any planes during night) - not due to the darkness but because of noise restrictions as the approach is right over Innsbruck city.For sure I have seen planes go and arrive after dark in the evenings. Maybe someone living close to Innsbruck can enlighten us on this subject?Cedar
  10. A couple of other difficult approaches:Lebanon - Beiruth Rwy 35There is a freeware scenery and mesh available at AvsimItaly - Reggio Calabria Rwy 33When Alitalia is flying this approach with their MD-80's they have to make a 90 degree turn right before touchdown.LAGO has made a payware scenery for this airport. http://www.lagoonline.comYou should also try Princess Juliana in the Netherlands Antilles. It is not difficult but quite scenic and a funny airport.http://www.airliners.net/open.file/551458/M/http://www.airliners.net/open.file/200087/M/There is also Switzerland - Interlaken. This airport is now closed in real life but still flyable in FS.BTW - Innsbruck is not closed after sunset. During my summer holidays in Austria I have seen planes arrive at late evening - however it has been on the easy Rwy 26 approach through the Inn Valley. It is possible that the Rwy 8 approach is closed after dark - I don't know. Cedar
  11. One is very good plane is missing here...The freeware DHC Dash 7 from http://www.flightsimonline.com/It is fantastic - payware quality but all for free.Their Aero Commanders are also great - however they are smaller twin props.Cedar
  12. Thanks Michael. I had hoped to find a mesh with bigger resolution than this one but I will give it a try !RegardsCedar
  13. Cedar

    Lost ATC Voices

    HiThe same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago after I installed and removed some video and audio codec - so if you have been tampering with this, then this is probably the explaination.Have you only lost ATC? Check if you are missing sounds for the default Lear jet also. (Sound files for other planes may be working because they use another audio codec).If you have no sounds on the Lear then you are probably missing:IMAADP32.ACMMSADP32.ACMThey are supposed to be in the WINDOWSSystem32Just download and copy the *.acm to WINDOWSSystem32You can easyli find the *.acm files on the internet (sorry I don't have a www adress for them). If you are not able to find them contact me and I will e-mail them to you.Hope this solved your problem !Regards Cedar
  14. Hi Guys !I am looking for meshes of Lebanon and Israel. I have searched both avsim.com and flightsim.com but did not find anything. Do any of you know if such a mesh is available from some other site?TIA !Cedar