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  1. HiIs it possible in the next version to include a high speed approach request below 10000ft for Europe?Also is it possible that when being advised to descend you are normally asked to be level at 11 or 12 thousand feet within 30 miles to be able to request a lower altitude as I fly mostly with an FMC and sometimes the FMC altitude is lower that what RC assigns you?Many Thanks Jason
  2. Hmmm You are correct. For some reason they have removed it from Avsim. Maybe an email to Contact@RGFlight.com may yield an answer.
  3. Yes there is a Salzburg Scenery by RG as I have it installed in my fs. Fantastic photoscenery installed as well as a very well detailed LOWI Salzburg airport. Well worth the purchase in my opinion.
  4. HiThank you all for your informative replys. I shall bear this in mind next time I fly the NG, :-)
  5. HiI have recently been learning more and more about flying different aircraft, different types of approaches etc. With the PMDG 737 series there are two options when setting the decision height, barometric and Radio. How do I know which one to set for the decision height and what is the difference between the two?Thanks
  6. HiI purchased activsky when it first came out and loved the program straight away, Well, I went and purchased XPAX and have had it a few days and apart from a few known issues with FS9 I again love the program. Very well designed interface. Thanks Team for yet another outstanding product. May I also wish you the very best for the new year, may it be very prosperous.Looking forward to any other programs you may have on the horizon. Regards Jason a very satisfied customer. :-)
  7. HiUnfortunately I didn't have the time to copy the 757 files as a backup. I do however have the pss 757 installed into FS on my external drive. Does n1 know what files I need to copy from FS installed on my external onto my main fs installation on my main drive?Regards Jason
  8. Happy Christmas and a happy new year to all at RC from myself and my family. Hope you have a prosperous new year.
  9. Hi PMDGI was watching Aircrash Investigation last night about Helios flight 522 and the crash they had due to being unconcious and running out of fuel. They had forgotten to check the pressurization panel which was set to manual not auto. This resulted in them recieving a warning sound which they mistook for a Take off Config Alarm as the alarm sounds for both systems were Identical. I recreated the flight last night making sure I left the panel to manual but did not recieve this alarm. Is this alarm not recreated in your 737 series?Regards Jason
  10. Hi BryanJust realised that if they have altered anything in the new service pack that includes any alteration to the panel.cfg you may have to alter the Panel.cfg accordingly, so you may or may not have to release an update.regards
  11. Hi BryanYou need to do a complete reinstall of FSCrew as the new installer replaces everything including the Panel.CFG.Regards Jay
  12. HiCan you send to me to please:-J DOT SHEPHARD3 AT NTLWORLD DOT COMThanksJay
  13. Hi BryanThanks again for another outstanding product, been waiting for you do to an airbus. Many thanks.Warm Regards Jason
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