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  1. Hi, I'm stranger to Asobo devops process. But what is "Feedback Snapshot V1"? Feedback is almost clear? But what is a "Snapshot V1"?
  2. And, please, don't miss to watch this special! http://www.youtube.com/embed/nwpvoUYaR9U
  3. Awsome. So, I think that the best is wait the Reboot version (I don't have any FS2Crew PMDG NGX product).
  4. There will be also the Emergency package? And, if not, the Reboot version will be compatible with actual Emergency package? Thanks
  5. Hello, I'm looking for the correct procedure to save the company routes (both on documentation and on forum). But I'm unable to find this. Could someone write the correct official procedure (step-by-step) to save the company routes? Thanks. Alberto A.
  6. I'm not at all alarmed! And it's obvious that there is a good reason. I hope that isn't the holiday, becuase, but this is my personal opinion, it's not a good reason stopping the selling of a digital product!
  7. Very strange, because the purchase is an automatic process. And the tech support could have the holidays also if the purchase is active!
  8. Thank you Riccardo, for your answer. It's enough! Thanks. Regards, Alberto
  9. Hello, I just bought the product from SimMarket. How I can check which version I'm going to install? I need to apply the SP3 that I found on this thread? Alberto A.
  10. Me too, I would like to know the answer! :rolleyes:
  11. Wow, che bello. Avsim in italiano.
  12. Hi simpilots,I forget the shortcut that a friend revealed me some time ago, to show the metar message (the same message that shows when METAR is updated) when I want. I rember is a SHIFT + F6, but this is wrong. Someone knows the shortcut to show the METAR messages?Thank you very much in advance.Alberto
  13. I'm trying to install the Airbus 320/330/340, but I receive the message that I didn't purchased the product. I'm sure that I purchased this products and other that I had able to install (Concorde a Boeing 777LR). Anyone can help me? Why the server don't recognize that I purchased this products?Alberto Astolfialberto.astolfi (at) tiscali.it
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