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  1. @MarkDH This is great - thank you! @yurei I do agree that a checklist is a good option, but when the entire environment is via hardware control, it's sometimes annoying to have to reach for a mouse. But as you mention if you set and save both as cold n dark it would work.
  2. Hello, Searching for a few days now to figure out how to synchronize HoneyComb switch states (BCN, TAXI, NAV, STROBE, LANDING) to Prepar3dv4 (Any Aircraft). I have latest FSUIPC installed and came across several references of using LUA Scripts to get this done. Simply put, when starting up in any aircraft I'd like for the SIM to read the switch states of the controller so they stay synchronized. This works OK with the LANDING LIGHTS because there is a landing light OFF and ON in FSUIPC, however you have to flip the switch when starting up in order for it to sync. I'm thinking that a LUA Script would work to read the state of the controller, and then set the sim state. I'm just not sure how to get there. With no assignments whatsoever, here is an FSUIPC log output for the above mentioned buttons. Running inside Prepar3D v4 on Windows 10 Module base=7FFC9F5C0000 8249110 **** Restarting traffic scanning due to non-reception **** 8266563 *** Entered Buttons option page *** 8267454 FirstButtonChange res=00000114 (0.1, 20) 8268579 FirstButtonChange res=00000115 (0.1, 21) 8275938 FirstButtonChange res=00000116 (0.1, 22) 8276391 FirstButtonChange res=00000117 (0.1, 23) 8277094 FirstButtonChange res=00000118 (0.1, 24) 8277485 FirstButtonChange res=00000119 (0.1, 25) 8278188 FirstButtonChange res=0000011A (0.1, 26) 8278563 FirstButtonChange res=0000011B (0.1, 27) 8279297 FirstButtonChange res=0000011C (0.1, 28) 8279625 FirstButtonChange res=0000011D (0.1, 29) 8289860 *** Exiting Buttons option page *** Thanks, Robert
  3. Hi All,I have a dual vid card and 3 monitor setup, a 7900 and a 8800 card (see attached screenshot). With this I have a default FSX install with SP1 and everything works fine. However, after adding SP2 - FSX won't start and gives the error "This graphics card does not meet minimum requirements for shader support. This product requires a geForce3/Radeon8500 class or better graphics card. FS will now exit"I am running 2 different driver versions, and this is because nVidia's 8800 drivers that are loaded do not support the 7900, therefore different.Any suggestions on getting FSX to run with SP2? Are there others out there whom have experienced this as well?http://forums.avsim.net/user_files/182088.jpgThanksBob----------------------Intel Core 2 67004G OCZ8800 GT OC7900 GTXVista HP 32bit
  4. You have a couple of options.1. Find an online multiplayer server like www.wspilots.com has and your friend in FS9 can connect to it by default. Read their info in the forum for ip addresses and how-to stuff. To connect FSX to the same server you need the "fshost client" from http://www.chocolatesoftware.com/fshost/fshostclient.html2. Join a network like Vatsim, IVAO, or other and download their software to directly connect to their networks.
  5. I've noticed when I fire up ASV and it goes into the wx write mode that there is a noticeable lag invoked on the sim, as if these writes are taking priority over the fsx core. Is there a way this can be toned down or controlled, if so by whom - MS, ASV, User?Also while using the FSHost Beta 2 client the same sort of behavior is noticed but not as strong because the update data seems to be smaller.Just throwing this out there, seems there should be a work-around or enhancement to be made in this area.Bob
  6. I've been involved in the Vista beta program for quite some time, and have helped submit issue reports when I could. I can say that since RC1 I've been very happy given the limited support for worldwide software that I commonly use.I fired up Vista tonight to test out FSX performance on the same machine (I have a dual boot machine) I run WinXP on. I must say that I'm extremely impressed because it runs better for me on Vista RC1 that it does on WinXP same hardware. Of course I updated to the latest nVidia drivers first http://www.nvidia.com/object/winvista_x64_96.85.htmlThere is only one draw back to running our Games and Sims on Vista, you need to turn off all the fancy stuff that Vista has to offer (at least for RC1 you do). If you don't, the DX9 screen won't even update in window or full screen mode, its simply black or a major slide show.Having figured out what I need to do to fly my favorite Sim, I did it.1. Right Click "My Computer" and Select "Properties"2. Click on "Advanced System Settings"3. Click on "Settings..." of the Advanced tab4. Set Visual Effects to "Adjust for best performance"This disables all googly eye content of Vista and allows FSX to run like a Dream! I'm so impressed that I will be flying FSX from Vista RC1 from now on. I've included a few screenshots below (well.. quite a few) and with the same tweaks I applied to my WinXP/FSX boot I simply can't say Thank you enough to the Ace's team for a job well done. Cannot wait to see what the DX10 combo will bring us!I've only posted one screenshot here for reference, if you would like to see them all go here http://www.wspilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=19507
  7. Please disregard, I found the issue in MissionCreationTutorial.FLTFile=MissionCreationTutorial <--I had a SPACE after this FLT name!
  8. Hello All,I'm pulling my hair out now, and it is probably something I missed. But I cannot seem to get the mission to show up in the missions list no matter what I try. Any suggestions? I'm thinking this is because I have installed FSX to a non-default directory? I've also updated the SDK paths as well by running ConfigSDK.exe.Here is the layout (as outlined by the tutorial)In: D:FSXMissionsMissions in ProgressCreation TutorialMissionCreationTutorial.FLTMissionCreationTutorial.htmlMissionCreationTutorial.WXMissionCreationTutorial.xmlMissionCreationTutorial_c.bmpMissionCreationTutorial_i.bmpXML Contents attached to this message orhttp://forums.avsim.net/user_files/159525.txt
  9. For the doubtful, here is some reading material.http://www.wspilots.com/index.php?page=43
  10. Thanks guys that did the trick - now on to adding a few lakes!
  11. Hello all,I'm new to scenery design and have a very simple question, how the heck can I fix this ugly poly that surrounds this airport?I was able to create 2 files, an Exclude.bgl for all the surrounding buildings etc using SceneGenX. I then created a new LandClass that surrounds the area as well.Now onto the next layer which is this ugly grassy poly, any direction would be helpful, I've been reading until my eyes fall out for the past 3 nights.http://www.wspilots.com/images/SS-0002.jpgThanks
  12. Not sure if many have seen this, WSP is having a movie contest...http://www.wspilots.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6957
  13. Sky's videos are now over here...http://www.wspilots.com/MicrosoftFlightSimulatorVideos.htmlhttp://www.wspilots.com/banners/468x60WSPBanner01.gif
  14. Hi Holger,Those are FSE sound effects, and I downloaded the addons from mistymoornings.com. They guys over there are doing a great job supporting FSAddon's product.http://www.wspilots.com/banners/468x60WSPBanner01.gif
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