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  1. Roel_Wessels

    FSBUS PIC16F84 + MAX232

    Hi Volkan,The docs in English are on luck,Roel Wessels
  2. Roel_Wessels

    EADI V-Speed Display

    Hi Aaron,This picture shows the configuration of a typical speedtape. It seems that V1, and VR are removed 2 minutes after T/O and the flap speeds are active just 10 seconds after T/O.,Roel Wessels
  3. Actually this is very interesting. We were talking earlier about the automatic switching of the CRT's.Now in relation to the MAG en TRUE compass setting, there is also an automatic switching on the EHSI.The EHSI compass rose is automatically referenced to magnetic north when between 82N and 82S latitude. and to true north when above those latitudes, with the following exception;
  4. Roel_Wessels

    New Flight Deck Solutions 7 segment LEDs

    Accepted, ;-)Roel.
  5. Roel_Wessels

    New Flight Deck Solutions 7 segment LEDs

    Matt,I'm sorry if this caused harm to you or anyone else. It's intent was like PoReKe said, just that I thought that Peter Cos had found the best 7 segments in the world! But because I couldn't believe my eyes I emailed Peter to make sure that my eyes were right. Then when PoReKe explained it couldn't be 7 segment displays I wanted to show the reply of Peter. Well you get the point, I hope.It was not intended to be malicious, in fact I'm really considering buying parts from FDS. That's why I asked if the displays were available in the MCP's.Hope this solves the case,Kind regards,Roel Wessels,The Netherlands.
  6. Roel_Wessels

    I need some help with fsbus

    Norbert,To answer your remark about the router sw says connected: The router software only checks if there is a COM-port installed in the operating system. The router software cannot determine if there is a physical connection between PC and FSBUS hardware. So don't worry about that indication.Maybe check your BIOS too. I remember from some time ago making a IR port for my PC that the BIOS uses some of the COMport. In my BIOS it is called (UART use Infrared) I'm not sure if this affects the COM ports but maybe you should find out about this.Regards,Roel.
  7. Ramon,You're really anxious to get started on the new LDS 767, posting al those questions! I like to now as much as possible beforehand too.Anyway, do you mean CRT switching like Mark mentioned, or are you referring to the Lower and Upper EICAS screens in the real 767?If that's the case I'll explain it further. To ensure that all engine parameters are displayed when a CRT fails, an EICAS Compacted Mode is provided. In the Compacted Mode, N1 and EGT indications are shown in their normal format on the remaining CRT. All other engine parameters are shown in digital format on the same screen. In the event that both EICAS computers, CRTs or primary electrical system fail, the liquid crystal SEI is automaticallyactivated.Furthermore, the EICAS incorporates an automatic call-up feature that displays information automatically when necessary.If the EICAS Secondary Display is not in view and a N2 RPM reaches the Red Line Limit, both N2 indications are automatically displayed on the lower CRT. If Oil Pressure or Oil Temperature reach theAmber Band or Red Line Limit, or if Oil Quantity decreases to the Low Oil Quantity band, all oil parameters for both engines are automatically displayed on the lower CRT. If the status page is displayed and a secondary engine parameter exceedance occurs, the status page is automatically replaced by the engine exceeded parameters. Should status be selected after a secondary engine parameter exceedance has occurred, the status page is displayed and the engine exceeded parameter appears on the upper CRT in a partial compacted mode. Engine Secondary Data Cue A series of blue
  8. Roel_Wessels

    FMC question

    Ramon,I think the minus setting (/-3000) is used when the take-off is commenced at the start of a runway with a displaced threshold.In the picture below you can see one, it is indicated by the arrows. This one is rather short, but there are airports with runway's displaced threshold a lot longer. no need to hang in the PAPI there! ;-)Roel.
  9. Roel_Wessels

    PMGD 737 can

    Clayton,It a shame to see your not really speeding up after an upgrade. I do recall some messages on the VC in other forums that indicate that it's virtually impossible to make the VC in FS run smooth for very complicated (add-on)panels. It's just a limitation in FS itself, not really the designers fault.The issue is that MS sacrificed gauge refresh rate to maintain high frame rates for the outside view in the VC.also read: this helps,Roel.
  10. Roel_Wessels

    FMC question

    Tord,You were quicker! ;-) The answer to your question >To the experts: Does this have anything to do with position updating when setting N1 (if such a thing occur with the 767)?Is explained a bit in my previous post. But it made me wonder about another thing:Will the LDS 767 be equipped with the GPS system? I think not, i.e. the word 'GPS' is not mentioned in the new (pre-release) manual. I think it may be a company option or a upgrade in real-life. What would be the effect of this position update on the LDS 767, or real B767 not equipped with GPS. Is it then taken over from the INS system?Also, if POS entry is actually working on the LDS767, will it also be possible to insert a selected (crossing) runway, like is possible in real life. So is it possible when DEP is from EHAM, one could enter: RWY / POS 18L / 27Furthermore, when setting a new take-off roll position will D-TO be deleted, or does the pilot delete in manually?Can the experts answer this? Ian..?Thanks in advance,Roel.
  11. Roel_Wessels

    FSBUS parts in australia

    Hi Sloany,Maybe you can find some 'partners in crime' on the Cockpit Builders Downunder Forum. luck,Roel.
  12. Roel_Wessels

    I need some help with fsbus

    Norbert,Here are the correct port settings:Of course in your case it can be connected to another COM port, so the name of the screen could be different than mine. it's of any use, cerntainly hope so.Roel.
  13. Roel_Wessels

    New Flight Deck Solutions 7 segment LEDs

    PoReKe,It sad, but..... the display was indeed fake.Reply from Peter Cos:>Those are fake engraved parts for the sake of the prototype.>PCWell, we'll just have to continue looking for the right parts. The best I found was a 5 degrees (as oposed to the 10 degrees) inclined 7 seg displays though, at Kingbright.It is the SC36-11YWA (9mm (0.36INCH) single digit, CC, yellow)Have a look at these: sheet for this series be used perfectly for most hardware panels I think.Roel.
  14. Roel_Wessels

    FMC question

    Ramon,I think you get the idea but it works different.This is what's on the takeoff page: RWY / POS> 05L/---The runway field is filled in according to what was entered in the ACT RTE Page.The Position (the part after the slash) allows entry of planned take-off position in hunderds of meters from the runway threshold.Valid entries would be /-3000 to /3000 in increments of 100 or /runway intersection (for example 27R).It will be used when the THR(N1) P/B on the MCP is pushed during take-off. The distance entry is used to update the FMC position to the planned take-off position, if GPS position update is not available.Generally speaking with this procedure the pilot enters the point at which it will start it's take-off roll, not where it will lift off.Roel Wessels,PS This is how it works in a real 767, I do not know if the system is actually functional in the LDS767. But after what I've read it hard to think it's not ;-)!
  15. Roel_Wessels

    New Flight Deck Solutions 7 segment LEDs

    Hmmmm, that's what I noticed too. But this is the email conversation I had with Peter Cos from FDS before posting it in this forum.-------------------------->Hi Peter,>>I saw your new product on the homepage of your website. It features the new VHF Comm radio with the new LED displays.>>I have been looking for the