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  1. fvapres

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Just remember that the very worst only happens to the very best. I wish you the best final days anyone can have and enjoy as much time with your family as you can. I may not ever meet you in person, but I hope that one day we will meet in heaven. Thank you for keeping this hobby alive as without your dedication, perseverance and the team that you have around you here at AVSIM, this market would not be what it is today. Humanity will lose a grand person, but god will have gained a great soul and heaven will be a better place when you arrive. And remember, ANGELS DONT NEED FLIGHT SIMULATOR - they already have wings.
  2. fvapres

    More pix of my weird clouds in V2.4

    the first pictures look like the cloud planes are aligned with the viewport from the forward view, but should be rotated so that they face the camera if it is rotated. Most of them do rotate, but the few that don't stand out. That last picture is nearly the same, but instead of external view, the VC view is rotated and yet the cloud plane seems like it is correctly aligned for a forward view, but since we're not looking forward, we see the odd angled plane. The weather engines only locate the sprites or tell the sim to place X weather at XXXX station or X,X lat/lon. FS/P3D is in charge of creating the sprites, loading the textures onto the sprites and aligning them with the viewport properly. IIRC, I think I read that LM were trying to eliminate the spinning cloud tiles as they passed nearer the edge of the viewscreen, they'd spin to face the center of the camera location. By looking into one, they may end up fixing both as they're somewhat the same issue with sprite rotation versus camera viewport rotation.
  3. Another thing to beware of with motherboards is that many of them only have 1 x16 support unless they have multiple video chipsets. When using multiple cards, sometimes, you'll get x8x8 or x4x4x1 or some variation like that due to the chipset being used. In your case, x16/x8/x16 for 3way SLI and x16/x8/x8/x8 for 4way SLI. One of the cards will not being putting out it's fullest due to the pipeline being limited. But 2way SLI will allow x16 for both cards, so 2way SLI is more cost effective for most people. That being said, holy crapola those SSDs and cards just made my heart sink when I think about my 128gb SSD for my OS, my 256gb SSD for FS and a few other main games I run and a 2TB main program drive (for games that I don't use much or programs that the SSD won't help) and my ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU2 Top...
  4. fvapres

    Boeing 737-800 Taxi Light

    Thats it. Thats my uploaded fixer. I originally uploaded a version that messed up the aircraft.cfg, but found the problem after about 40 ppl downloaded that version. I fixed and uploaded the fixed version you see in the library. Anyone who got the original bad version that messes up the aircraft.cfg, delete the aircraft.cfg and rename the aircraft.cfg.orig to aircraft.cfg to revert back to your original aircraft.cfg, then use the updated fixer to fix the aircraft.cfg.
  5. fvapres

    Where is P3DV2.3 better than FSX Dx 10

    Aircraft in FSX versus aircraft in P3D are nearly identical in performance, especially for those that use an external sim to supplement the failures of the ESP flight modeling engine, (which both use, but LM have modified it for the better, the only part I know of so far is the ground friction/braking, but I'd assume some more tweaks). If you use the default aircraft in your flying, it's actually more whimsical that you're saying FSX is better than P3D when, in most cases they're identical. Crashes to crashes, more people report issues with FSX than P3D as P3D with its advanced graphic features that offload data from the CPU to GPU make memory issues far fewer. If you have issues with P3D crashing, it's probably due to you having mucked with it to the point that it is unstable (as can happen to FSX and did before we figured out what worked and didn't). And FSX versus P3D being educational, only so far as the officially motivated addons, which is becoming a smaller gap, such as cases like A2A. Lol, when I was training, I rented a 152 for $65/hr with $20 for the instructor. When I was 14, I hit my growth spurt and was quickly cramped in front of the yoke and upgraded to the 172 at $95/hr. When I was getting my Commercial Multi Instrument, I was paying $150/hr wet for the PA-34 Seneca and $40/hr. Those are the reasons I couldn't continue with my flying. 400 hours more and I'd be able to fly Commercial PIC, but I mostly needed multi time and $200/hr I coulnd't afford. God bless and keep the blue side up more than the brown (not always, just more :-) )
  6. fvapres

    Where is P3DV2.3 better than FSX Dx 10

    My overclocking is actually due to P3D being a recent (<6 months) investment and still using the same configuration. I could probably go back to 3.8-4gHz and not notice the difference in P3D, but FSX needs all the CPU it can get, so I give it the beans. I still use FSX in the fact that I am writing a suite of software that I may intend to distribute. I'd like to keep it FSX compatible, so I have to use my FS PC to test it against. I have to run my both FSX and P3D, so I keep the Overclock settings.
  7. fvapres

    Where is P3DV2.3 better than FSX Dx 10

    My main computer has the following specs: CPU: Intel i5 3550k @ 4.5gHz HDD: OCZ Vertex 250GB SSD RAM: 16GB G.Skill 1833mHz 9-9-9-24 Vid: ASUS GTX 670 DirectCU II Overclocked I run barely any 3rd party scenery, but have updated AFCADs for the airports I fly to. REX, ASN, Ground Services X, Utltimate Traffic 2 and a modified Default B737-800 are pretty much all I have in the way of addons. I hate taking off at a photo-real airport that its good, getting over the edge of the photo-real section and it just looks BAD sometimes. Or you take off from a so/so airport only to land at an airport from FSDreamTeam or Aerosoft or any other big brand where it's like you're there. Worse is taking off from a splendid airport only to arrive at a barely more than default. I'd rather have a more level environment all around, even if that means using barely more than stock airports. AFCADs and default scenery library objects help keep the environment level for me. That said, between FSX, I get roughly 20-40 FPS in KATL with UT2 at 60%/40% and FS traffic at 10%Airlines/10%GA. The exact same airport in P3D v2.3, same AFCAD and weather, I will get 30-60 FPS, but many more things like cloud shadowing, a slightly more ambient color palette and a much more smooth performance. FSX seems to have an issue where every 2-5 seconds, there is just a SLIGHT pause, but in P3D it's completely smooth sailing. The water coloring is much more realistic than the bright blue or even dim blue oceans (XPlane has always been my favorite in this department, but only so far as the water coloring, the rest is average with FSX, differences balancing out). I love FSX and how various tweaks such as Bojote's tweak site can help out (a fresh install of FSX, this is an absolute must step), but P3D is just a more smooth, higher-performance sim. Recently, I've been mucking about with the default 737-800 in both sims and something I've come to find out is that in P3D, it requires about 20% thrust to rolling with about 8-10% to keep moving, but in FSX, its more like 10% and keep it at idle and you're screaming like a bat out of hell if you don't mind your speed. P3D has some other refinements that I keep discovering that just give me that much more of a good experience. Couple that with the graphical enhancements like higher-resolution texture capability built-in, the newer DX11 capabilities such as tesselation and offloading much of what was on the CPU off to the GPU where it belongs and P3D is just my choice hands down. Addons will look great in either sim. What gets me is what does the base sim provide versus the other base sim? If the foundation is stronger, the building you can lay on top can be more extravagant.
  8. fvapres

    Boeing 737-800 Taxi Light

    That explains it...I've been doing lots of XML-based work for my simpit software....
  9. fvapres

    Boeing 737-800 Taxi Light

    Well, I just found a slight error in my program...it turns out most programs I write, text files are best used in UTF8 format, but Flight Sim likes its Aircraft.Cfg files only in ASCII format, so when the tool writes the new aircraft.cfg, FS wont load it. There was also a slight issue with comments and their equal signs when I parsed the cfg files. It has been corrected and a new version is being uploaded.
  10. fvapres

    Boeing 737-800 Taxi Light

    Well, I just spent the last 8 hours instead of sleeping, making a small program that will install the files easy-peasy, making backups and all. The file is uploaded, so all that is needed is approval by the moderators and you can have at em.
  11. I have recently come to fix an issue with the default Boeing 737-800 where the taxi light was mapped as a landing light and the switches on the overhead were functioning in ways other than intended, as well as the aircraft.cfg has some minor discrepancies such as having a 3rd exit, but being limited to 2 exits (fix enables the 3rd exit) as well as increasing the nosewheel steering angle from its default of 55* to the real 78* of the actual NG. The files in question would be the panel cabinet file with the fixed files inside, the mdl and aircraft.cfg as these are what I have modified. I was wondering if it would be permissable to upload the corrected files for others to download. As these are not entirely my making, I was wondering if it violated any TOS with the file library. I wanted to get your permission before uploading.
  12. fvapres

    Boeing 737-800 Taxi Light

    Actually, after some trial and error, I kind of DID fix the 737 taxi light. If you look at 55A05C thru 55A074, you'll find a line that reads ASCII VISS....LIGHT LANDING#bool.VISCL HEX 00 56 49 53 53 13 00 00 00 4C 49 47 48 54 20 4C 41 4E 44 49 4E 47 23 62 6F 6F 6C 00 56 49 53 43 4C if you change it to ASCII VISS....LIGHT TAXI#bool....VISCL HEX 00 56 49 53 53 13 00 00 00 4C 49 47 48 54 20 54 41 58 49 23 62 6F 6F 6C 00 00 00 00 56 49 53 43 4C it will work fine, you just have to maintain the position in the file of the VISCL by padding the space between the bool with extra 00 characters in the hex code (there was already one there)... Now, if you load up the 737 at night and flick on the taxi light, you'll get the nosewheel light illuminating the ground only. Turn on the landing lights and you'll get the inboard lights too, but independent of the nosewheel light. Another issue that has always annoyed me was the landing lights being reversed what they should be (up when on, down when off instead of down when on and up when off). If you go into the 737-800 panel folder, you'll find a B737_800.cab file. Extract it to the panel folder so you have "FSX/SimObjects/Airplanes/B737_800/panel/B737_800/" and inside that folder you'll have a bunch of .XML and graphic files. Find the "Overhead_Popup.xml" and open with notepad. Search for "landing" and the first entry will be the start of 4 you'll want to look at. <Element id="Left Landing Lights - Retract"> <FloatPosition>29.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(L:Left Landing Lights Retract,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_retract.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_retract.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Right Landing Lights - Retract"> <FloatPosition>64.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(L:Right Landing Lights Retract,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_retrct.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_retrct.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Left Landing Lights"> <FloatPosition>94.000,431.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(A:Light landing:1,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_off.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_off.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Right Landing Lights"> <FloatPosition>124.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(A:Light landing:2,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_off.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_off.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> Notice how with the retractable lights, if the landing lights boolean = 0 (off), use the ON image and landing lights = 1, use the retracted image. And the landing lights shows if the landing lights = 0, use the ON image and landing lights = 1, use the off image. Well, that fix is easy enough, just swap the Image elements so it looks like this: <Element id="Left Landing Lights - Retract"> <FloatPosition>29.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(L:Left Landing Lights Retract,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_retract.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_retract.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_outboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Right Landing Lights - Retract"> <FloatPosition>64.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(L:Right Landing Lights Retract,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_retrct.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_retrct.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_outboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Left Landing Lights"> <FloatPosition>94.000,431.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(A:Light landing:1,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_off.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_off.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_left_inboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> <Element id="Right Landing Lights"> <FloatPosition>124.000,444.000</FloatPosition> <Select id="Select"> <Expression id="Expression"> <Minimum>0.000</Minimum> <Maximum>1.000</Maximum> <Script>(A:Light landing:2,bool)</Script> </Expression> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>0.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_off.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_off.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> <Case id="Case"> <ExpressionResult>1.000</ExpressionResult> <Image id="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_on.bmp" Name="overhead_popup_switch_landing_lights_right_inboard_on.bmp"> <Transparent>True</Transparent> </Image> </Case> </Select> </Element> I would love to upload the modified files for others to download, but as they are originally not made, only modifed by me, I am unsure that AVSIM would allow these files here.
  13. fvapres

    Ground Shake

    The latest nVidia driver has been giving me issues in Battlefield 3 where the textures get completely screwed up and sometimes even 3d geometry, but the most annoying thing is this stuttering even with 120+ fps. This may be partly responsible for the shaking of the ground/flight model as the graphics engine is out of sync slightly with the video driver. The only fix was to roll back to driver 306.97 and I have fluid frames again. Unfortunately, nobody with a 7xx series card can do this as their device is only recognized with the 320 series drivers.
  14. fvapres

    P3d and 64 bit

    They (Lockheed Martin) might be using it or a corporate or government agency using P3D may be using it for their purposes and LM released it so that anyone also using the tool might gain from it. Don't forget, small people and companies that have aged tools aren't necessarily the aim of LM with P3D. They may release tools that benefit the SDK for things they have on hand which may be way out of our pay grade and ability to get so easily. What they see as a minor investment may be the difference between dropping someone off the payroll to afford the licenses for a small business. Not saying we're completely out of the loop, but a tool like 3dSMax 2012 might be a requirement to LM, but we out in the small world may barely afford the old licences we had with older versions, but the export tools or scripts may not work in such an old tool and LM would say that is the cost of advancing technology.
  15. 3-4gHz (no overclocks) with 8-16gb memory and any 6000-7000 series AMD or 6xx series nvidia will make most games run like the wind. Overclocking from the 3-4gHz doesn't add much processing power for most sims I've tried, but FSX, being completely CPU bound does run 10-15fps better at 5gHz than 3.8gHz (from 30FPS over default NYC at max settings up to 45FPS). XP, being more balanced among the hardware, doesn't seem to get much from overclocking and isn't worth the risk of frying the CPU or bricking the system from a bad timing.