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  1. One thing I should have added to my last post is that I don't have any other add-ons running while this is going on. I really like Active Sky, but have discontinued its use until I get to the bottom of this -- it only serves to complicate things by throwing in one more variable.Dave Jones
  2. Thanks for this input!To address what's been mentioned so far:I never use VC, other than entering it momentarily by mistake once in awhile.This is only FS9.I only use the simicons to change 2d panel views, not Shift/whatever.I'll continue to mess with it and if I come up with the answer, I surely let y'all know what it was. Meanwhile, if anyone has any other thoughts...Dave
  3. I've scoured this site's forum and the LDS forum for this problem but it doesn't seem to be affecting anyone else. So help might be tough to get. I'm a big fan of both Radar Contact and the Level D 767, but I'm having a *lot* of trouble using them together. I know it's possible because many people have talked about great results in these forums, and I've had occasional success myself.OK, here goes. Most of the time, but not always, when I take off in the 767 using RCV4, the FMS will not update position. The first place this is seen is on the NAV display in map mode, but it also affects the distances shown on the progress page and presumably every place else where distance or position is shown. On the NAV display, the map DOES rotate as you turn, but no forward -- or lateral -- progress is indicated. The display just pivots about a point. Very wierd.But.... If you pause FS9, the FMC instantly updates to the correct position and adjusts the NAV display accordingly. Until.... you press P again to unpause and resume flying, at which time the position again locks until the next time you pause. Only thing you can do is fly VOR to VOR as the NAV radios are not affected by this problem.Now, a clue. If the F/O does not call out speeds on the takeoff roll, the problem is in effect. Otherwise, as soon as I hear him call out 80 knots, I know I'm on my way for a great flight.This is probably obvious, but I know this relates to the 767 panel and not the 767 itself because I did couple of merges of the panel with the POSKY 757 and 767-200 and the problem followed along to them.If I terminate Radar Contact mid-flight, everything returns to normal.I have not seen this problem with any of the other aircraft I fly.My sense is that it has to do with some circumstance that exists at the time when the panel is loaded or when RCV4 is started, but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.Any ideas? Maybe I'm just overlooking something very basic? Don't know, but I know I'll appreciate any help!Thanks!Dave Jones
  4. I put my vote under Payware/with FMC, but I also enjoy very much the Greatest Airliners/Dreamfleet 727 and fly it quite often. I also fly the Flight1 MD80 from time to time.I have also merged the LDS 767 panel with the (freeware) POSKY 767-200 and 757-200 with good results and also want to create a 737-400 by merging the FFX/SGA model with the superb DreamFleet panel from FS2002, having finally abandoned the Wilco 737-300/400 offering, judging it to be inferior and not worth any more of my time.The point of all this is that it's not easy to choose just one category. I thank you for soliciting user input!Dave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  5. Paul -MANY THANKS for your detailed, informative and clearly-written reply. The examples you included are especially welcome. I think you've given me most or maybe all the information I need.Just two quick questions: By "decabbing" the simicons, do you mean to just unzip them to the correct folder? It may be easier for me to steal & modify other simicons that are already working in other panels, but I'll have to sort that out myself. What's the difference between the 640 and 1024 icons? Just a difference in size for different screen resolutions?Looks like most of my work will be in getting the simicons just to work; the process of making them transparent seems to be just a matter of making them black. I would think that at that point I'd be free to make them as big as I want to, so the "icon" could actually be an area of the screen, for example the whole area above the windscreen could be the area to open the overhead (as long as no other gauges are in that area.)And I guess I'd be able to add another icon to the top of panels opened in this fashion that would close them -- by substituting the word 'close' for 'toggle'. Very convenient if I can do it!The implications are huge if I can figure out how to do this stuff -- I can improve the ease of use of almost ALL of my panels -- not just the CRJ....DaveThanks again, Paul.
  6. I'm new at attempting serious gauge work -- in the past all I've done is to manipulate and substitute various things via the panel.cfg files.But now I've just added the Feelthere CRJ, and as many know one of its many omissions is simicons for switching panels. I started fooling around trying to add these, but realize that I'd rather add hidden click areas like the Flight1 MD80. It works beautifully after you get used to it.But information on adding these click areas is scant, so I'd like to know if anyone can either:1) Describe the various steps for me.or2) Direct me to some previous discussion or tutorial that I can work through.Either way, I'll be obliged!Closely related, does anyone know of a good document that outlines the bare fundmentals of gauge / panel design? There's plenty of stuff around to read but I need to start right at square one. Sometimes the toughest part of a new job is figuring out where to start...Thanks!...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  7. This is a longshot, but does anyone know if this site still exists or how to get to it? The link http://regional-jets.de seems to be dead, responding with a funky (to me anyway) message I don't understand. Something about it being a placeholder for the site, but if you got here maybe you didn't update your http://index.html??????Anyway there are/were a couple of files there I'd really like to have (wingviews and panel click spots for the Wilco/Feelthere CRJ.) Alternately if anyone has the said files and could send them to me it would be most helpful!Thanks! ...Dave
  8. In a way, I can understand your reluctance to just give up on FSX.But you should also keep in mind that many of us are still using FS9 and are perfectly happy with it. Our hobbies are to be enjoyed, and you are not enjoying FSX. So you seem to be saying that it's more bother than it's worth, at least that's how I read it. One big difference between you and me is that I love the hobby, and you're just plain frustrated and aggravated with it.My suggestion is to just put it up (like I did) for a year or so, and see if future patches and maybe a new PC will turn it into a sim that we enjoy as much as we now enjoy FS9.I share these thoughts only with the intention of trying to help out.Time to fly... ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  9. A Google search located this repaint at FSDome (or some name like that), but the link is dead. I'd really like to have it, so if anyone has it lying around I'd sure appreciate your sending it to me. Or if it's still available somewhere else? Sorry if this post does not belong here. We now have separate forums for FS9 and FSX, making it hard to know where to post a topic that doesn't relate specifically to either one! I decided on this because most of the traffic seems to be here.BTW, this is my first POSKY download, and it it VERY impressive!Thanks very much. ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  10. Specifically, I'd like to try using the FSX CRJ in FS9. Can't find anything posted previously about this "backward" import. The airplane looks to be worthwhile, but my PC is not up to FSX demands.Just thought I'd ask before I attempt the import. I know I'll probably have to bring the gauges in one at a time...Thanks for any replies! ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  11. Thanks very much, Jom Bob. That's exactly the answer I needed. If this important tidbit is documented, it must be in the same section where it tells you to engage TO/GA by clicking the screw head next to the arm switch! Seriously, I appreciate you giving me the information I should have been able to get from WilcoPub.Any comment on that other question about the 'PRE-FLT COMPLETE' message on the takeoff page of the CDU? Has anyone ever seen this?Thanks! Going on vacation for two weeks so I'll not be able to reply to any posts for a little while...Dave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  12. Hi all -To begin with, I know I'm posting this question in the wrong place -- it should be on the WilcoPub 737 discussion forum. But I cannot register there. I tried, but never received the registration e-mail that would have completed to process. An e-mail inquiry to the the host site -- iemit.com -- boucnced, and a followup directly to Wilco Publishing for help remains unanswered after a week. With that background out of the way, I am hoping to find someone here who has experience with this aircraft and may be able to help. When I began this post I thought maybe a registered user could relay my question to the forum, but now I see that the site won't load at all, so maybe it's kappuut at this point. I don't know, but it's frustrating.Anyway, my biggest problem in using this aircraft (really the panel) is that the numbers advance too slowly when making changes on the MCP, especially to the heading. I always fly with Radar Contact ATC, and the length of time it takes to make the changes is greater than the time you have to do it in, especially since you are often given large changes to both heading and altitude at the same time. You just don't have 30 seconds or whatever it may take to make these changes, and I wonder if anyone has come up with a way around this problem. This may not sound like a big deal, but it may be the one problem that keeps me from being able to get any meaningful use out of this add-on.Less important, but I'm also curious about whether or not anyone has seen the 'PRE-FLT COMPLETE' message on the CDU when all steps have been completed. I cannot get that message with this panel. Maybe I'm missing something, but with other Boeing panels it has not been a problem to get to that point.I'm trying to get to like this aircraft and I really want to be able to use it, but with a few technical problems, no useful manual, and now no support, things aren't looking too good at the moment. Perhaps I've been spoiled by the DreamFleet 727 and LDS 767...I'll say thanks very much now for any help anyone can provide. ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  13. Hi Ray,Sometimes it takes a problem to make you realize your ignorance -- I always thought a wav file was a wav file.Anyway, your post highlighted the problem, and set me on the path looking for a sound editor that can handle 8 bit mono .wav files. I found one and can now edit the files without any problem.I'm still having a bit of trouble getting the new files matched to the airline in c4.csv, but I'll look here in the forums where it may well already be explained.In case anyone else comes upon this thread in the future with the same problem, the program I used is called Encounter 2003 (freeware) and can be found at http://freeware.intrastar.net/.Thanks for your help, Ray! ...Dave
  14. Hello all -I've been a happy user or RCV4 for some time and it's now a part of my normal flying.But I'd like to do some minor editing of a few sound files in the Winwood folder, but when I try to open them I get the message "This file is not a valid 16-bit .wav file" (or something very close to that). This editor seems to work fine with all other .wav files.Anybody have any idea what this is all about? All I'm trying to do is remove the last sybable of the callsign 'aircalin' to make it 'AirCal.' Sounded simple, but you have to watch out for these "simple" projects because they always seem to be the ones that get you!Any help with this will be sincerely appreciated. ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
  15. Hi all -I'm trying to get a new PC set up to run FS9, and optimistically, FSX.For now, I'm still working on FS9. The particular combination of going to windowed mode with AA set higher than 2 immediately sends the screen into fits, showing a greatly enlarged but very rapidly flashing view of only the top of the screen. In full screen all is fine, as it is with AA off or set to 2. FPS is good and it looks good.Any thoughts on this? Maybe I should instead ask if anybody knows of a particular older driver that works well with this card in a similar PC that I could try.Particulars of PC: AMD 4200 64 X2, 2GB, 250GB SATA HD, Nvidia 7300GT w/ driver 91.31.I always fly in full screen anyway, but need to window briefly to start RC4.I have a feeling the answer is in this forum somewhere, but I am having trouble searching it out -- probably in large part because different people describe the same problem using different words, making precise searching difficult.Also, everytime the PC boots I get a bubble message saying that "SLI multi-GPU rendering has been disabled." Well, the card is SLI capable, but the motherboard isn't, so there never was any SLI, and it has no reason to think that SLI has been disabled. The original on-board Nvidia 6150 had been disabled and does not appear in the hardware manager, so should not be causing any confusion. Anyone know how to convince the system that SLI never existed on this PC? Perhaps that would cure my other problem? Regardless of that, any answers are certainly most welcome, even if it's just directing me to an existing thread that already covered this subject.Thanks! ...DaveDave JonesFort McCoy, Florida USA
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