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  1. Steve A Mac Fly II user checking in.Regards, Mike
  2. MaxI really do not have a clue as to what the problem is.Can you teleport to another airport with these scenery files loaded and before you start you aircraft?In the fly.ini file make sure that you have:searchpodfilesfirst=0allowdebuginfo=1Mike
  3. Mike Gezing

    Polar Circumnavigation

    DonnyI did not know it was possible to go beyond 85 degrees north or south latitude.Mike
  4. Hi MaxIf I understand you correctly, presently you have no extra model files loaded on Fly II and it launches OK. If you load any of the add-on model files Steve's or Biber's for example Fly II will crash for you as soon as you start up. Is this correct? Do you get any error message when this happens?Mike
  5. Max,The biber pod and Steves models pod work just fine on a Mac. Just make sure that you install them correctly.Mike
  6. Mike Gezing

    New Guy

    Allan,I am using the same joystick as Paul is and also running under OS 10.3.2.However my G4 flatpanel iMac has only 32MB of video memory so my frame rates range between 10 -18 fps most of the time.I had no problems with the setup of the joystick.Mike
  7. Mike Gezing

    A Sad Goodbye

    Steve,Wishing you a very fast recoverey from your illness.We need people of your abilities on this Forum.Regards, Mike
  8. Mike Gezing


    Wayne,I sim Fly II on a flat panel iMac so frame rates are a problem for me. I can put up with on take-offs from a scened airport, but for landings I need to set the scenery setting to sparse. I have some other airports in mind I'll contact you later.Mike
  9. Mike Gezing


    Wayne, thanks for KUGN Waukegan Regl., this really adds to my little corner of the Midwest. If you don't mine the question, how long does it take to scene an airport of this size?Regards, Mike
  10. Mike Gezing

    Seneca V

    My thanks to all involved in bringing this aircraft to the minority of Fly II buffs using Macs. A beautiful aircraft. Thanks for thinking of us.Mike
  11. Mike Gezing

    Loading "FLY2K" on Macintosh

    Libby-PilotYou must restart you computer under OS 9. Go to System Preferences, Start Up Disk and restart under OS 9. Then you should be able to open Fly2K.Mike
  12. Mike Gezing

    Still having problems

    Chris,After you open the download, manually replace each of the files as required in the Fly II folder. Remove the original one and then replace it with the one from the download. This works for me all the time.Mike
  13. Mike Gezing

    Running under OS 10.3

    John,More details on the type of testing that you have in mind. I am willing to help if I can, I have the time.Mike G.
  14. Mike Gezing

    Running under OS 10.3

    Paul, Thanks for the information. I am currently running Fly II under OS 10.1.2 but need to up grade to at least 10.2 for some new software that I want to install. Your information makes me think that I should try and find a copy of 10.2 Jaguar instead of 10.3 Panther and install that instead. I could also do what you are considering, using an external drive or partition the hard drive and install both versions. I will have to check with Mac Tech support and Logitech about future joystick compatibilty with the new operating systems. People at the Mac store have no answer. One more question. How would you compare the frame rate on your new G5 to your old computer for Fly II?Mike G.
  15. Mike Gezing

    Running under OS 10.3

    Paul,OS 10.3 is Panther. Do you mean that Fly II ran OK under OS 10.2.6 which is Jaguar?Mike G.