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  1. Hi, I had the same issue, but in my case it was that I had choosen the Majestic q400 as default aircraft when I started P3D v4 in stead of the F22 Raptor. When I used the MJ aircraft and did not change the livery, everything was fine, but if i did a livery change of the MJ, I lost the audiotest and could not hear anything from PF or anyone from the crew. After going back to the original F22 Raptor as a default startup aircraft in P3D menue, everyhting is just fine. regards Reid
  2. Here is an update;The radio stack is also black and so is the clock on both versions (FS9 and FSX, PAX and Cargo) R
  3. HiI've just purchased the 747 FSX version and after the installation the MCP won't lit up, it's completly black.The same problem is on the FS9 version now.Note, this happens only with the cargo version on both simulators.On PAX version everyhing is working as normal.I have FSX with all updates and I did ran the updater for FS9 after I had installed the Queen of the Skies for FSX.I use Win XP home SP2Does anyone have any idea on whats causing this?ThanksRS
  4. HiEverything is ok now. Was some errors in the simconnect.xml file thats in the SimconnectFile folder.RS
  5. Thanks for the tip Damian.I downloaded and installed ASX SP2 B1106 to no avail.The ASV log is stating this now:14:43:34: Logging Initialized14:43:34: XEngine v1.0.0.329 Copyright
  6. >Hi,>>That looks normal to me unless I am missing something. Does>ASX recognize your current location?>>Thanks,>Jim>>http://www.hifisim.com/banners/hifi-community-sigbanner.jpg>http://www.hifisim.com/hi Jim,To me it looks that ASX is recognising my current location.Reid
  7. Hi and thanks for the answers.I've re-installed everything, including FSX with all servicepacks and ASX still doesn't write the weather to FSXHere is the latest ASX log09:34:34: Logging Initialized09:34:34: XEngine v1.0.0.325 Copyright
  8. HiI am having some major problems to connect the ASX weather engine thats installed on a client to the server PC where i got FSX installed.I have double checked everyting, when I run the AI traffic SDK to test my configuration everyting seems ok.I just cant find the where the problem is.Maybe someone could decode this message I have copied here;20:35:54: Unable to find FSX station list file for backup: Fsserver320gb (e)FSX20:35:54: World Magnetic Model has been loaded...20:35:54: Error loading FSX station database - please make sure FSX is properly installed: Could not find a part of the path 'C:ProgramfilerHiFiXEngineYFSXWeatherwxmapping.bin'.(Error) Source = 20:35:54: Loading additional weather stations...20:35:54: Unable to read in additional stations database from C:ProgramfilerHiFiXEngineASXDownloadStations.dat20:35:54: SimConnect found and initialized20:35:54: Module Found: C:ProgramfilerHiFiXEngineModulesASX.DLL20:35:54: ASX module load commencing...20:35:54: ASX ModuleFolder set to: C:ProgramfilerHiFiXEngineASX20:35:54: ASX settings have been loaded...20:35:55: ASX controls initialized...20:35:55: ASX v0.1.0.1056 Copyright
  9. Problem solved:)I thought I had upgraded GE Pro to v 2.13 but I hadn't.....lolWorks ok now after installing v 2.13
  10. HiI'm setting up a WidsFS PC and I'm having some problems with launching GE Pro on the WideFS PC I have tested AS6 over the network (WideFS) (no flightplan) and it writes the weather on the FS PC with no problems. When I launch a flightplan and AS6 is starting up GE pro I get a Graound environment error as; "no path found" and after accepting the error message twice I get "processing complete, you can now start the flightsim on the server"in the AS6 option menu ; I've enabled GE Pro Submit on new FP, force sky GE Pro, use fetched station for GE Pro AS6 using build 533, and GE Pro v 2.13Any ideas on where the problem is?AS6.INI//ASv6.5 configuration file Build 533[General]WindowPosX = 495WindowPosY = 495DefaultWeatherFolder = Z:FS9Modules (is installed on D drive on PC server, mapped to use letter Z:)SuppressionCeiling = 10000SurfaceWindLimit = 10FS9Path = Z:FS9 (is installed on D drive on PC server, mapped to use letter Z:)PersonalAppDataFolder = Y:Documents and SettingsReid St
  11. I have the same issue after i updated the AS6 with the B479,SU4.After one hour I got up to 6 ASG icons in the sys tray.This is whether I use FSautostart or not.Any news on this subject?Reid
  12. HiI've used the AS6 and ASG since its release with all the latest patches, but in the ASG option menu for cloud sets the option for DXT cloud set is blanked out. In other words, I can't set it on.Render to texture is set on in FS9I thought all cloud sets was wrapped in the installer or is this a separat download file?ThanksReid
  13. I'm in the same position as Greg.Thanks for the information! Great support as usual.ReidENZV
  14. Nice clip.But this time it looks like the frames were really low compare to the Asiana 744 movie.What is the FPS at Frankfurt EDDFReidENZV
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