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  1. You need to make some registry information modifications to make Config Tool work. Add new key folder to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Lockheed Martin called "Prepar3d v4" and then add 2 new string values into folder. The first string value needs to be renamed License and modify string value, if you have "Academic" version you need to put "Academic" into string value( License - Academic) The second one string value need to be renamed SetupPath and modify string value to ex. "D:\Prepar3d v4", that will cheat Config tool to think that you have Prepar3d v4 installed and it works fine.
  2. Is there any news when this next version of P3D v4 comes out?
  3. Realism shader pack settings are these: Terrain and Shadows: - Terrain brightness: High - Shadow intensity: Medium Autogen: - Enable autogen brightness setting: enabled Clouds: - Enable Cloud shade with alternative popcorn fix: Enabled HDR: - Step 2 enabled P3d v3.2 settings in HDR - Brightness setting is: 1.10 - Bloom: 1.00 - Saturation 1.20 I also have Reshade installed and im using default DX11 settings.
  4. I made some adjustments for my P3D, it's now perfect for me. Not too dark cockpit anymore.
  5. Flying from TAPA to TFFF. Everything looks nice in my P3D now. Thank you for making this addon
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