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  1. I've been attempting to figure out the CH yoke problem. Using FS9. I am unable to get the yoke to respond to the saved commands. Until I can get it to respond, I'm just clicking with the mouse, and have assigned the left/right arrows from the keyboard. The keyboard keys do respond.I'll keep messing around with it, and should I find a work around, I'll post it here.Chip B.@-@http://fs2crew.com/betateam.jpg
  2. Steven,I've loaded my saved PSS757 Default flight, loaded one of my saved flights and chosen the 757. Upon takeoff, the gear will not retract.I do enjoy this bird, but how do I get a usable aircraft to operate within my saved flights?ThanksChip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  3. Steven,Ok, so just load my "PSS757 Start", and from there go to my "Select a flight", choose the flight, then once there, load the 757, yes?It's all good!ThanksChip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  4. Greg,Worked without a problem. Now I've just gotta figure out how to incorporate the bird into my saved flights.Chip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  5. Greg,The only thing I did differently is that I saved it as PSS757 Start. I'll try restarting to be sure my scenario is working.Chip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  6. Greg,Be sure to use the "Other" flight selection, and use the default flight from there. You should find yourself on the runway at KSEA in the default 172 with the engine running. From there, choose the PSS 757, set the state you'd like her to be in (from the SET option), and save the flight as something you'll recall.From there, I'm a little fuzzy on the details...Chip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  7. Thanks, Steven,Please forgive me for being obtuse. I've saved the flight, confirmed the bird is behaving, and would now like to fly her with my saved flights. How do I properly incorporate the 757 into any of my saved scenarios?Many ThanksChip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  8. GreetingsThe gear refuses to retract. On the panel, the gear lever moves up and down appropriately, but on gear up command, the gear disparity light goes on, and the gear remains down.Is there something I'm doing wrong? Everything else is working just fine. Has anyone else had this problem, or know of a fix?ThanksChip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  9. Thanks Tim,That's what I've been doing, and while it works well, I was thinking perhaps there were other procedures for this type of descent.True, RC4 gives this clearance often, in the form of "I need you in level flight within 30 miles..."Chip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  10. I was recently instructed to descend to 11thousand within 30 miles. I know that on the FIX page, I can create a dotted radius around any given fix or waypoint.Is it possible to create the radius around the airacrafts current position, and not a fix or waypoint?ThanksChip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  11. Hi Vin,The King Air is in the hangar, installed and ready to go. Is there anything else that would account for this?ThanksChip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  12. GreetingsAfter what was supposed to be a successful installation of these birds, I find I have several blank spots on the panels where gauges are supposed to be. For the 'D', I have no gauges at all.Other missing items include the throttle, power and condition handles.Any insight will be greatly appreciated!Chip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  13. Thanks Guys,I got it. I thought it had to go into the FIX page, rather than LEGS. We're up and running.Complicated little booger, isn't it ...CheersChip@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  14. Thanks Mike,That sounds right, but the FMC keeps telling me the "CH" is not in the database, even though it is a waypoint and RC4 issued the crossing. Frustrating!CheersChip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
  15. Hi Frank,Before you begin your descent, are you entering a lower altitude in the CRZ page of the FMC? It should (I think, someone please correct me if I'm wrong) be at or below your assigned "descend to" altitude. Type the new level in the scratchpad and hit LSK1, CRZ ALT. Then hit EXEC. You now ought to be able to return to the VNAV descent.You can use the speedbrake to slow your speed in a descent by deploying them (default "/" key). It is located on the pedestal, to the left of the throttles. I also descend with V/S. If the speed is climbing, I'll slow it down by decreasing my vertical speed. If I'm given a restriction that forces me to descend faster than I'd like, I'll use the speedbrake and adjust the V/S to keep the speed I'd like at the descent rate I need.Hope this helps!Chip B.@-@http://www.jdtllc.com/images/rcv4bannerbeta.jpg
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