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  1. I have v4. Use it w/default boeings. After takeoff depature gives me a heading which does not allow me to join the airway. The heading given keeps the aircraft to the left of the proper course to join the airway and thus the approach and landing are not accurate unless I override and get scolded by controller.What am I doing wrong?? Otherwise love the progtam.Frank
  2. largo222

    Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche for FSX

    I dont know Owen Hewitt however I feel this guy makes the most accurate aircraft in all of Flight Simulator. I thought the Columbia 400 was terrific but this light twin is just super. With the reduced price you cannot go wrong. Frank
  3. largo222

    I Quit

    I give up. FSX does not work! It is defective. Microsoft knew it was defective when they put it out. Their update did not fix it. Nothing will fix it. I have had the same problems everyone else has complained of on this forum. If I had a degree in Law rather than Biology I would sue them and try to recover our money in a class action.I feel sorry for the thousands of simmers who still try to tweak it. They are dreamers. Nothing will work. Its back to FS9 for meLargo222
  4. largo222

    FSX UT Setup tool

    Scott, Thanks -- got itFrank
  5. largo222

    FSX UT Setup tool

    I installed UT for FSX. I see the setup tool at the end of the installation. How do I save the tool so I can make subsequent changes. Nothing in the tool saves it etc. There simflt forum is no help.Thanks.Frank
  6. largo222

    FS11: Has development started?

    Enough already!!
  7. largo222

    Best Freeware GA

    Project Fokker
  8. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Sounds great.
  9. This is a very nice model. Strange, but the aircraft sound sounds the same as the Commander 115 which is another of my favorite aircrafts. Do we have any real SARATOGA II TC pilots who could comment on the engine sound? I was also impressed by FSD's new web site and the ease of their new downloads. I am now finding them very helpful and cooperative.
  10. Anyone else seen this happen?? Suddenly without warning all the default bldgs at all the airports suddenly disappeared. I have been getting 30FPS and now no bldgs and lots of studdering. This program and all its faults should be buried until a decent program can be written. I am deleting it after spending far too much time trying to figure it out. Why dont they do the decent thing and refund our money!!! Largo222
  11. largo222

    Project Fokker F28 released!

    Thank you Project Fokker. A truly great aircraft. I am having a ball with it.Largo222
  12. largo222

    Please help with lost A321

    OK --- THANKS for the repair suggestion. It worked great!! Frank
  13. Somehow I lost the A321 in my game. Does anyone know where and how I can recover it and avoid a complete redownload of the program. I looked in the disks but no luck. Maybe a kind soul could send me a copy of that folder. Many thanks in advance. e-mail= franlee@earthlink.netFrank
  14. largo222

    VNAV descent disconnects B 737-700

    Thank you all for your explanations. Just what I needed. Lots to think about. This will definitely help.Best,Frank
  15. Been flying captioned aircraft for 2/3 weeks. Getting vnav disconnects which I believe are coming from high speed descents. Flight plans look good and FMC speeds and ALT looks good. Coming down I start with the disconnects.I can usually get the VNav back. Fellow on this forum told me to control speed with S/B. I assumed I could find S/B in manual. No luck! Can anyone explain the use of S/b and where to find it. I usually go to A/P when it disconnects and control things with V/S, alt and manual spd adjustments. Thanks.Frank