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  1. Seams that I cannot command the flaps in steps.As wel with the mouse, or with the yoke buttons, or with the F6 and F7 keys, it is impossible to increase/decrease the flaps thru all their steps.With F6 : flaps go from 1+F directly to FULL but not to 1 or 0.With F7 : flaps go from 0 directly to FULL but not to 1.And strange enough, when I repeat the F6 or F7 command immediatly again, then this second time they work fine.On E/WD operation of flaps is displayed and can be followed.On pedestal (e.g. with F7) it seems as if flaps go for a fraction of a second to 1 but then continue to FULL.Everything is on default and mouse flicker patch is installed. FS9 is started with default flight, then A320 is selected.System : P4 2,56 GHz, 768 MB DDR, XP pro +SP1 no SP2, FS9 +Upd1, Geforce 4 Ti4600 128 MB, dual monitor.
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