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  1. Brent

    Carenado B58 RXP GTN750 integration?

    Kimchi - I'm really glad to see you take this on....I've looked for a mod as well with no luck. Being a recent convert to XP11 after many years of FSX I wouldn't know where to start with modifying the model. If you need any help with testing please let me know! Cheers Brent
  2. Brent

    Lear dimmer controls - FSX

    I contacted Flysimware support for this issue and it was discovered that there was a mistake with the file posted on their store. The wrong folder names had been used for the install. A new corrected zip file has been posted and I now have full dimmer control for the cockpit lights! Brent
  3. Brent

    Lear dimmer controls - FSX

    Thanks Al and Bjoern. I had dl the dimmer patch, and as I mentioned above I put the two cab files in the correct folders I mentioned above but I'm not seeing any control of the lights other than on/off. Removed the dimmer .cab files; now I have dimmer control on the flood switch but not the other three (still just on/off). Thanks Brent
  4. I'm not getting dimmer controls working for the interior lights on my Lear. I have the "" in both my Panel.main and Panel.gns folders. Do I need to decompress for this to work (expected this to happen automagically)!? The lights do work but there is no control of the brightness. Note that I'm using FSX DX10 (Steve's fixer) and the latest version of the Lear Cheers Brent
  5. Brent

    Mods for the Learjet 35A

    FYI, this also happens without the mod. Cheers Brent
  6. Brent

    AVSIM Prepar3D Guide

    Rob I'm contemplating moving over to Prepar3d v4 from FSXDX10 in the near future and this guide looks exactly what I need to get started and plan my next move. Are there any plans to update your guide to accomodate the changes made to P3D? Cheers Brent
  7. Brent

    L35 SPD Hold

    Think I'll hold off updating from 2.7 then... :wink:
  8. Brent

    If there ever is a Lear 35A - 2.8...

    FlightSim Store still doesn't have it...grrr!
  9. Brent

    How to light up cold and dark cockpit

    I tried it out using the fully functional demo and decided to purchase after playing around with adding lights to the Lear. Despite the nice cockpit lighting that comes with the Lear I always found it difficult to find the switches on the lower panel when getting started at night. Here's a simple result that I'll try and improve once I learn how to work the tools better. Since I'll be able to use this on any of my aircraft it was definitely worth picking up. Scott, I believe that FSL have said in their forum they will be adding an ability to bind 'spotlight' on/off to a keystroke in a future version. You can just make out the small button in the lower left of the screenshot above which brings up a light panel that enables you to turn lights on/off or changing the brightness. Cheers Brent
  10. Brent

    How to light up cold and dark cockpit

    Scott I had a look at the FSL product page and they look quite good. Have you tried them on the Lear or any other aircraft? Cheers Brent
  11. Thanks Steve - seems like a great solution to the minor shortcomings (i.e. <1000' )
  12. Yes, I understand. I didn't phrase my question very well. The Metar option to provide shadows for under 1000' etc. are from what source? Also, if the overcast is partly cloudy where is that read from to provide reduced sunlight or is it binary (on/off)? Brent
  13. Hi Steve, Just curious what is the source of the metars and how many stations are used and frequency read to render the shadows? Regards Brent
  14. Brent

    HD textures for FSX Runways

    Thank you Tim and Happy New Year to you as well!
  15. Brent

    HD textures for FSX Runways

    Are there any issues with conflicts when using UTX2 or GEX2? Cheers Brent