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  1. Hello Dave and other members! I am relatively new to P2A so PLEASE be kind with your responses. 🙂 Here's the thing. I've been trying to use the "CAT" scripts found on PilotEdge with Pilot2ATC but find that the wording (phraseology) does not work with P2A very well. So, the question is, is there a way to change the phraseology in P2A? And, how "realistic" is the P2A phraseology compared to "real world", which I assume is being used by PilotEdge. And yes, I realize that P2A is a computer program and does not have the capacity to "understand" human speech nuances as another human can. Computers work on the "garbage in - garbage out" premise, where humans can work with "garbage in" and usually get things to work out! Thanks in advance for your responses! Murray
  2. Lot's of us miss that one. Lots of places to get lost in there! 😉
  3. Thanks Paul for asking this, and thanks Bruce for your answer... much better now!
  4. ... or maybe Flight1 payed AVSIM for a little advertisement!?! te-he
  5. Well said Dewey. I think the problem is an age old one... humans, by their very nature, are preditors. We will defend our ideas/ideals to the death... and attack others when we "think" we are being attacked.Yeah, I know... "take a pill Murray!!!" But you all know I'm right!
  6. Actually... she's ok I guess. LOL!Seriously though. I don't think that anyone is being dishonest about their "personal" experiences with FSX. Let me give you an example.With my system, I can fly any of the included aircraft and get great, consistant framerates (18 to 24), with everything (almost) set to ultra high "as long" as I stay away from major airports "and" I keep traffic at low settings.If I go to a major airport with these settings, I "stutter and cough" along at 6 to 10 FPS. As I takeoff and gain altitude and distance, things speed up again... obviously.When I give my opinion on my personal experience with FSX, I will tell you I am not impressed... because... I need/want/wish/hope for a flight sim that works consitantly across the board. It DOES NOT have to be super fast or be super realistic, just consistant. I would be VERY happy with a "consistant", 20 frames per second... with decent (mid range) graphics. The operative word here is "consistant".I hope I have made my point clear.
  7. It would be pointless to argue with you about this so let me use an anology...I think my wife is beautiful.Do you?Oh... wait a minute,you're not able to SEE her, are you?Also, you are making an assumtion... don't you think I have tried running this with "one" monitor. I "tweak", remember.
  8. >This may be "tough medicine", but to get good framerates, you>need a fast current generation system. No tweaking>required..>>Sorry... you are wrong. Mine is not "the" fastest system, but it "should" be fast enough. And, I need to tweak it.
  9. Hello David!I followed your original instructions and was waiting to test them for several days before making a post. I just read your last post and I WHOLE heartedly agree with you... especially your point about NOT tweaking fsx.cfg. I came to the same conclusion after getting a few "weird" grahic anomolies. I renamed fsx.cfg, and let the program rebuild it. To my surprise, it set all my sliders to the right... it ran very well like that as well (away from busy aiports that is).Thank you David. I may just start using FSX a little more now. I still prefer my FS9 setup... for now! I have spent "much quid" and time, to get it where it is today.
  10. In the words of a very popular blonde, American female (recently released from prison)..."Ya... That's hot!"
  11. The "jaggies" can be fixed in 10 seconds by using nHancer. I am so impressed with this utility that I sent the developer $20.00.www.nhancer.com
  12. "A bunny??? What's ee gonna do then... nibble me bum?"
  13. >Looks like I'll have to buy this before 2359z 31DEC so I can>pick up that discount before it expires. This may force my>hand with regards to a hardware upgrade :-) >>>>>>>Man, I am really curious as to why you think you "should" have to upgrade your machine. I checked your specs. The average increase in horse power between generations of hardware (cpu, gpu) is not that much. It would take at least two generations to gain any significant increase. By then FS11 will be out I'm not picking on you by the way. Your's is not the only post that makes this statement. Anyway!I have an ASUS PB5, Intel Core Duo 6600, 2x 2GB Dual Channel (4 GB) RAM, nVidia 8800GTX (768MB). I can choose to run FSX at medium to low settings to "enjoy it" (not) or I can (which I do) run FS9 full to the right!I no, I no... who cares, right!
  14. Hi!Same problem here. You and I were in pause because that's what the tutorial says to do. Might want to re-word that part of the tutorial... for those like me that follow instructions blindly! LOLGreat product BTW!Murray
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