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  1. Hello! I know this post is a view months old but, any solution found? UPDATE... I think I found a solution. Don't switch frequencies when asked. Wait a few minutes (5 or so) then try switching. This worked for me on my last flight. Try it!
  2. Hello! I just wanted to express my personal praise for MCE. Although I have been a "bit" frustrated with getting the program setup, now that it is, I find it to be an excellent product. The only thing MCE needs now is a pilot who knows how to give it correct commands... and that's on me. Having MCE translate my voice responses to RC4 is a fantastic thing. I have used VocATC for quite a few years, and although it is a good product, I am happier with MCE/RC4. I just wish RC4 would give me a bit more time to respond!!! Thanks MCE and Thanks RC4! Murray
  3. UPDATE: I just now got it to work... by NOT following the MCE guide! I started FSX, "then" MCE. Once that was working, I started RC4. I then clicked on the ATC tab in MCE and it asked me for the path to RC4... it popped that window up a few time, and finally accepted the path! I just spent 3 hours to get this to work. Hope this helps the next guy! Murray
  4. Hello! I searched but did not find a similar issue. I followed the MCE manual which tells you (sort of) how to connect MCE (latest version) to RC4 (latest version "4.3"). I changed 2 lines in the mce.ini (see them below)... ...Roaming \ Multi Crew Experience \ mce.ini UseRadarContact=1 <----- I changed this to 1 (0ne) from 0 (zero) IgnoreRC4Registry=1 <------- I changed this to 1 because (as you all know) when you upgrade to RC4.3, you copy, then rename the copied folder to something else (RC4X in my case). Anyway, RC4X is located at "C:\RC4X. When I start FSX, then RC4, then MCE (as suggested), MCE starts it's splash screen and then, after a bit, minimizes itself to the taskbar. When I double click it to bring up the Control Panel, it is in "Dialog Mode". I click the ATC tab and the "Where is RC4 message" pops up. I point it to the correct path for "rcv4.exe" and I then see the section at the bottom of the ATC tab that says that RC4 is active. But... MCE does not work. If I move to any other tab, and them come back to the ATC tab, it again asks me for the path to RC4... and still it does not work... stuck in Dialog Mode only. I try to close/exit MCE's Control Panel, it again asks me for the path to RC4. I have tried to directly type the path to "RC4X" in the mce.ini file... but, no joy! I have set FSX, RC4, and MCE in "administration mode" thinking that MCE was being prevented from saving the RC4 path in mce.ini. I have completely shut down all my security software... ESET NOD32 and Windows Firewall.... no joy! I hope someone can give me some advice. Thanks! Murray
  5. Thanks for the quick response. All is fine now! Murray
  6. UPDATE 2: Got rid of the chatter!
  7. UPDATE: I found the spot to configure my PTT button under the ATC tab in the main Control Panel. Still not sure why the App Wizard stops when it gets to the spot mentioned below. Hello! I just bought MCE last night and got the key this morning. I played with the demo and found it to be interesting so, I bought it. Today, I have spent about 6 hours trying, in vane, to get even the "simple" IFR flight to work properly. Too much chatter form "Trav" and too many interruptions from "that female voice" in the background. Anyway, for some reason, my "PTT" button is not working (the one I chose in the APP Wizard). When I try to run APP Wizard, it seems to have trouble when it gest to the "Choose sound device" screen. I have a Logitech USB headset and when I choose that, the wizard goes no farther... it simply disappears. If I try to run it again, it disappears in the same spot. I have tried to "Restore to Factory Settings" and then restart the "APP Wizard" but it disappears just after I choose the Logitech USB Headset (for the speaker output). I went even farther and uninstalled and reinstalled the main MCE program from scratch with the same result. So, can anyone suggest how I can get the App Wizard to run through all the sections so I can have my Joystick Button 1 be my PTT button. Also, how do I "turn off" that female voice in the background... permanently if possible! OH BTW, I have used VoxATC for years, so I am aware of the "slight" pitfalls of using a voice activated system to communicate with/to my computer. In other words, I don't expect perfection from any program that relies on "voice recognition". Just want it to work reasonable well since I have invested (like all of you) quite a bit of money. Thanks in advance! Murray
  8. Murray_CHYZ

    Tweaking Trim control sensitivity

    I think this is a good tip as well. But, I have gone back to using <repeat>32.00000</repeat>. I get the trim "close" to where I want it using my "trim" button, than use "Shift-Up/Down" to set it "closer". I've been doing that with FS for years... so I suppose I'm used to it! Good one! That should work for Aileron Trim... I'll check!
  9. Murray_CHYZ

    Tweaking Trim control sensitivity

    Thanks goodness I'm not the only one looking for this... and other fixes!Thanks all!
  10. Murray_CHYZ

    PMDG 747 X off course

    Thanks "rkearnes". It seems to have worked for me... so far!
  11. Thanks Paul for asking this, and thanks Bruce for your answer... much better now!
  12. Murray_CHYZ

    ATR 72-500 released?

    ... or maybe Flight1 payed AVSIM for a little advertisement!?! te-he
  13. Well said Dewey. I think the problem is an age old one... humans, by their very nature, are preditors. We will defend our ideas/ideals to the death... and attack others when we "think" we are being attacked.Yeah, I know... "take a pill Murray!!!" But you all know I'm right!
  14. Murray_CHYZ

    Beyond FSX ?

    Actually... she's ok I guess. LOL!Seriously though. I don't think that anyone is being dishonest about their "personal" experiences with FSX. Let me give you an example.With my system, I can fly any of the included aircraft and get great, consistant framerates (18 to 24), with everything (almost) set to ultra high "as long" as I stay away from major airports "and" I keep traffic at low settings.If I go to a major airport with these settings, I "stutter and cough" along at 6 to 10 FPS. As I takeoff and gain altitude and distance, things speed up again... obviously.When I give my opinion on my personal experience with FSX, I will tell you I am not impressed... because... I need/want/wish/hope for a flight sim that works consitantly across the board. It DOES NOT have to be super fast or be super realistic, just consistant. I would be VERY happy with a "consistant", 20 frames per second... with decent (mid range) graphics. The operative word here is "consistant".I hope I have made my point clear.