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  1. I periodically have the same problem and it's directly linked back to my peripherals. Not sure why but joysticks and yokes that have throttle control sometimes do not go to 0% when putting the throttle in the idle position but will hover around 1-2%. This causes the reverse to not work properly, as you stated in your post. The quick solution I've found is to unplug the joystick/yoke and plug it back in in-game.- Tim Schaff
  2. Thanks for the response, exactly what I was looking for. She's coming along nice and I'll definitely buy her once she's ready.- Tim Schaff
  3. I just saw the new screens of the MD11 and they look great. From what I can tell the plane doesn't seem to have its wings flexing. I'm FULLY aware that the plane is still under development and that the screen shots don't represent the final product but as far as those pictures are concerned are the wings flexing?- Tim Schaff
  4. What kind of monitor do you have? It sounds like your monitor has burn-in problems where images stay on your screen after you've viewed them. When you turn your monitor off can you see outlines of any images? If not, another possible problem may be with your video card overheating or malfunctioning in some sort but it's very hard to tell when you don't give any details of your computer...- Tim Schaff
  5. I have tried installing the singapore megatop 744 paint scheme twice, incurring the same problem both times. The virtual cockpit textures and wheel textures are not loading for some reason. These textures load fine on all my other liveries but this is the only one it will not. Is it my fault or the installer?http://img324.imageshack.us/img324/4972/e1yb0.jpghttp://img324.imageshack.us/img324/2453/e2xl1.jpg
  6. >Thanks a bunch Tim - you must have been sitting there>refreshing the page lol, we haven't even made the announcment>yet! ;)Actually, I was just browsing through a set of websites, which I check several times a day with PMDG being one of them, and I noticed on the front page "PMDG 747-400/400F Sound Update Released" so I got it. :-)- Tim Schaff
  7. Wow... That about sums up what I was thinking when I landed after a test flight from KLAX to KSFO using the new sound update. The thrust rev sounds are PERFECT and I've yet to see any sound package deliver that kind of rumble on my subs.The update is absolutely amazing and has given the 744 a new dimension of realism.Can't wait for the MD11!- Tim Schaff
  8. >>you're "overclocking" the processor voiding the warranty and>many>>users aren't comfortable with that. >>You're only voiding the warranty if the company knows you did>it. ;)They have ways of checking for overclocking... So they will know you overclocked it and will not validate your warranty if you accidently damage the cpu and need a replacement.- Tim Schaff
  9. Sam, in response to your comment I suggested the 6800 if you have the cash to drop. The current price/performance leader is the E6600 for the high-end market, check the attachment (typo on my original post - not E6700). Although the E6300 may be able to overclock up to and past the 66/6800 you're "overclocking" the processor voiding the warranty and many users aren't comfortable with that. As for the kentsfield, there is a significant boost in performance with it's architecture. THG just released early benchmarks of a test model and in certain areas the kentsfield excelled past all other competitors by a significant margin. The reason FSX and other programs you have don't see a significant performance leap from single to dual/quad is within the program itself. Many games/programs have not been optimzed to take advantage of threading itself on dual cores and thus can cause single cores to outperform dual cores in some instances.Volker, as of right now Intel has reclaimed crown as performance leader in the cpu market. http://www23.tomshardware.com/cpu.html is a chart comparing many of intel's and AMD's cpus. On another note, dual graphics is a great solution but I was specifically referring to quad-SLI being bad under 1600x1200. Benchmarks are clearly showing that the quad-SLI setup performs quite bad on lower resolutions. In most cases dual and single graphic solutions of upper-end cards will outperform the quad at resolutions below 1600x1200. When you get into 1920x1200 and higher the quad-SLI claims the lead by a large margin. Just something I noticed aswell in your response, I was merely saying SDSL is techincally maxed at 2.3Mbits/sec. What you have is xDSL which I assume, from your description, is two dsl lines bridged together.
  10. If you're looking for a high-end pc while maintaining a decent price/performance ratio then I'd recommend the followingCore2 Duo E6700Asus P5N32-SLI nForce4 Mobo4x512MB Corsair XMS27900GTX 512MB (2 for SLI setup)Sound Blaster Audigy 2ZSIf you've got money to burn then you could even go higherCore2 Duo EX6800same mobo4x1024 Corsair XMS27950GX2 (2 for quad-SLI) <<< Only if one is intending to run higher than 1600x1200 resolutionSound Blaster X-FiVolker, by the way, SDSL is maxed at 2.3Mbits/sec. Only way you could acheive 4Gbits/sec is if you were running an OC-48 line...- Tim Schaff
  11. This problem has occured several times during the decent of my flight. After passing through 10,000 I usually open up vnav pg3 to adjust the speed from 240 to one that is lower depending on conditions. After pushing the exec button the speed usually doesn't change for a couple minutes. If I push DES DIR fs9 completely locks up. I'm unable to minimize out and the screen is frozen with fs9. If anyone knows what I'm doing wrong or what I can do to fix it let me know. Thank you!- Tim Schaff
  12. >Boy if this is all you can contribute don't reply at all...>He asked just a question and to share some>knowledge/experience with FS nothing wrong there....>>So be polite and don't reply ;-)>>As for the question we need to know your system details>specific...>>Have fun,>>Andr
  13. This question hasn't been asked much since most people are able to find the answer, since it is neatly posted in a sticky.http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...id=109900&page=Next time please take some time to look through the forums before asking. Most of the time, the answers are right infront of you.- Tim Schaff
  14. Instead of asking this question, which has probably been asked over a billion times throughout forums, do some research...http://www23.tomshardware.com/graphics.htmlThat's a good place to start, they have a comprehensive list of video cards and their benchmarks on different games. The "latest" aren't on there yet but the charts are updated regularly.- Tim Schaff
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