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  1. Sorry but I had 2 issues going on at the same time! Doh! Still a little confused about my missing line?
  2. Odd, Cause they sure as hell look like there is no texture where there should be! Also your screen shot has a line, which looks better, where the taxiway signs side meets the back! Mine does not????
  3. Well that's just plain weird. Could you post a screenshot some taxisigns at Sion Please? Also, Is it safe to reinstall FTX Global over itself? Are there any settings I should check for?
  4. With respect DX10 preview is definitely off. The back of the sign definitely seem to be missing a texture as the black is too uniform. Is it worth deleting & rebuilding the Shaders directory? I agree that the non uninstall of Gex is not the issue.
  5. Turning off DX10 preview help many of the textures. (This is known in FTX Global.) However some airport taxi signs have black rears ie. no texture. Texture is only apparent on one side. Suggestions?
  6. I may have cocked up my fsx. I did have GEX Europe installed. I did not uninstall this as I assumed & read somewhere that FTX Global would overwrite the textures. I therefore installed FTX Global. It all seems fine except black squares in scenery. I enclose 2 x screenshots to demonstrate my problem.... 1. Taken @ Innsbruck 2. Taken @ Jahalabad in Afghanistan Many black squares... Turning off DX10 preview does not help. Seems to be a missing a texture file? Any help would be very welcome!! Thanks. I have FTX Global selected with Orbx tress & Hybrid mode selected.
  7. This topic has been moved by the moderator of this forum. It can be found at:http://forums.avsim.net/dcboard.php?az=sho...&topic_id=22604
  8. I know everyone is probably getting pretty sick of these questions but after much searching I am unable to find out whether it is worth getting FSX for use on the following system:-Athlon 3000+XP (333)2 x 512MB PC3200 RAM (U/C - 333)XFX 7600GT 256MB AGPSB Audigy 2I have just upgraded GFX card from 6600GT 128mb which has helped in loads of games although not a huge difference in FS 2004 which runs OKish with tons of addons such as FSG mesh, Ultimate Terrain, Active Sky etc etc. Would I get better visuals & similar performance if I install FSX or not?
  9. When I start FS2004 it takes ages for the program to load. It shows the Daplsh screen & then waits & waits. What is this wait mainly caused by. Is it amount of scenery or Mesh or amount of planes? I have loads of all of them. Would removing some help?
  10. I have an AMD 3000XP Pro1024 mb RAM128mb AGP GF6600gtWhat would be better performance!. Higher Res with No AA (1280 x 1024)2. Lower Res with AA (1024 x768)
  11. TOTP was great in the 70's but went downhill after mid 80s but then again so did the music! (Except for the Led Zeppelin WLL Theme tune!)
  12. >I only use it to d/l Led Zeppelin live gigs from one site. So>I think I'm fairly safe!I DO NOT USE IT FOR PIRACY! Downloading live gigs is perfectly legal. Selling them is NOT! AND Yes It is a myth that torrents are full of Virii & Trojans. Not got one yet but then I'd have to be a silly so & so not to be protected up to the hilt!
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